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Fate's Everlasting Truth is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The sixteenth story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

Silencing touch


THE YEAR IS 2006, March.

Jordan hears a knock on his door. He goes to open it and Gulp is there. "Gulp! Hey, how are you?"

"Well Jordan, I'm not doing so hot."

"What's the matter?"

"My grandpa needs some assistance because this crazy guy is going to kill him if he doesn't get an army in three weeks."

"So you want me to help?"

"Precisely." They hear and loud bang outside. It sounds like someone threw a heavy object onto a car. Jordan looks out the window and sees something.

Stranded in the middle of no where, the Trio is being held hostage by a gunman prepared to kill them all. "Now who wants to die first?"

T.J. takes a step forward. "I will die first. For the safety of all members in the Trio," Candace and Steve were about to speak up. "For not one bullet or nail will reach my chest." the other two quieted because they knew that he was talking about stopping the nail with his telekinesis before it hits. "But at that moment when you fire the nail, all coldness shall leave and the others shall disappear." Candace realized that she is the coldness as Steve realizes that he must disappear.

"Quit jabbering on." The gunman said and he shot TJ. Candace ran off into the bushes by where they were standing. However, the nail did hit him and Steve wasn't going to disappear. "Hey! Come back here!" Steve leaned over to T.J.'s body. "Don't touch him!" the gunman shouted and he fired again. But T.J. stopped that nail and made the one in him come out. He hovered them in the air and stood up. The gunman was shocked.

Snowflake and Carl were walking as the other blue figures followed. "Explain to me the whole story please."

"Me and my brother have this family. He possesses the ability to create a life-size chess board and play against opponents. However, if we lose a match, the rooks crumble and the horses neigh. And all full living creatures die. If the opponent loses, the same thing happens. In order to keep a good army, we use my ability to bring people to life. So all the pawns, like yourself, have been dead before and are not full living. I am the queen and he is the king. The bishops are creatures that can die. In three weeks, we are going to compete against Seasion Caramine and his army. Because of our parent's death, we are no short borth bishops and two, well now one, pawns. One of the closest pawns to me and my brother went rogue and tried to kill us and the first pawn just got too old. You will now take the spot of the rogue pawn."

"So what happened to the rogue pawn?"

"Well he escaped before I could put him down. And now we haven't heard from him. Although since I am not near Evergreen, this is the perfect chance for him to go after my brother."

Jordan heard another knock and opened the door again. This time it was Ken. Ken smiled a maniachal smile. "Jordan Hayes?"

"Yes, this is me. Can I help you?" Jordan answered.

"Ken Richey?!" Gulp stood up and shouted.

"You! What are you doing here?" Ken shouted.

"Jordan is my friend and I can't believe you and John would bag and tag him!" Gulp said.

"Bag and tag me??" Jordan asked.

"Well he is my assignment and John wouldn't go for it!" Ken was know fired up, his hands turning red.

"You stay away from him!!!!" Gulp cried as he shot water at him. Ken flew out the door way and off the balcony. He landed on an old lady and then stood up. "Jordan, I want you to hide from him. He is here to take you to the Company."

"What did you say about John?"

"Ken is John's company partner and they always travel with their partner. He has to be here somewhere."

Gulp went out side and red beams of light smacked him in the face.

T.J. positioned the two nails at the gunman's heart and brain. He moved the nail gun out of the gunman's hands and made it point to groin.

"P..p..please don't do that." The gunman cried. "I'll do anything!!"

Steve whispered something in T.J.'s ear. "Yeah, that sounds good. Tell him."

"We want you to help us build our fortress. If you try to kill us, we will make sure your death is slow and painful. If you mess up part of our fortress, we will mess up part of your body. You don't mess with the Trio and the Trio won't mess with you." Steve said. The gunman nodded immediately and T.J. let him go.

John had now freed himself from the ropes and grabbed a gun. He got out of the car. "KEN!" he shouted. Ken turned around. "You don't go near my brother!" He shouted and fired the gun. Ken jumped out of the way and the bullet clinked on the stairs. Ken shot beams at John and he went flying. Gulp shot water at Ken as Jordan ran out of the motel room. He ran down to Ken and John's car and over to John's body quenching on the ground. "I tried to stop him. I really did."

"I know. Thank you. And thank you for everthing you have ever done for me in the past, all I can ask for is that you keep it up, brother." A tear rolled down Jordan's face.

"He's just way too powerful and I'd hate to see this be the end."

Gulp ran over to them. "We have to get you all out of here! Jordan get on my back!" Jordan climbed on to Gulp's back and Gulp grabbed John up from the ground. He took off and they started to fly away.

Ken shot a beam at them and they all three fell down. 200 feet. Ken shoved Jordan in the back seat and drugged John. He drove back to the Company leaving Gulp on the ground outside the motel, unconcious.

Candace kept running and running until she arrived in Los Angeles. She ran into a utility store. She saw a familiar face from when the Trio escaped the UNC. She walked over to him and asked if he could help her.

"Well I would love to help yo--I think I know you." He said.

"Probably, but we didn't get off on a good hand. I escaped where you work."

"I knew it. Part of the Trio. My name is Wind. But you won't need to know that." He grabbed her wrist and she tried to scream. Her voice wasn't working. "You can't use your voice when I'm in contact, silly girl." Her eyes widened knowing she should not have asked him for help.

The End.

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