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Jamie Black
So Ronery.JPG
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance 90lbs
In-story stats
Known ability Transforming
Formal name Jamie Carlie Black
Nickname JB
Age 47 (2010)
Date of birth 1963
Date of marriage Unnamed husband (Deceased)
Home Philadelphia
Residence Philadelphia
Occupation Formerly an Underwater Ninja for The UNC
Child Denise Black

Jamie Black was a founder of the UNC.

Character History

Her and Seasion met in high school and became best friends quickly. They later constucted the UNC together with five other people. Each member decided that they had to live in six different places in the world and not make contact with each other outside of work to keep each other safe. When she lost her husband, she got emotional. Her and her daughter were so sad and she kept going to the UNC and left Denise home by herself. Jamie trained a man whom later went back and tried to kill her in 2004. He was killing every founder one by one. Her daughter's boyfriend then saved her but then accidentaly made her unconcious and the UNC exploded and filled with water. No one has heard from her since.


Seasion is seen telling Jamie that two more recruitees came and that he can't train them today becuase he has to renew the contract with Kaito. Jamie says that she will train them and two children of age 17 and 24 come in. Seasion says that the 17 year old is Gomer A and that the 24 year old refuses to have a "trainee" name so he said they named him Agent 147 and that he still is a trainee, but with an agent name.

Jamie tries to train the two trainees. Gomer A was working well with tasks, and Agent 147 was too, but he was taking things too far. He wasn't listening to directions at all. After a long day of training and not listening, Jamie then calls Seasion to see how its going. Seasion answers and says that he just got in the building and is heading up to Kaito's office.

Jamie noticed that Agent 147 had accelerated probability and thats why he was so fast. Jamie told Gomer A to go to his quarters because he needed to talk to Agent 147. She told him that he wasn't following directions. She said that she now knows why. Agent 147 was shocked when he heard he had an ability. She said that there's a company that helps keep this place running that can help him control his ability. She handed him a Primatech Company card.

The Mirror

Seasion reads a letter saying that the UNC is in trouble and to shut down any further progress until it is safe. Seasion goes to talk to Jamie. He shows her the letter and she says that she must go undercover and see what they are planing to do. She transforms into a different person and runs down the hall to the exit of the cave.

Later, Robert Booth's crew of 4 comes out and the man motions to one and that one ties up Carl to a tree. Carl looks around helplessly and sees five more cop cars coming. Each car had two men. They start firing at the five people and the man moves his nose from side to side and hits every cop dead in a circle with water. He turns to Carl and says "Nobody fires at Robert Booth."

Gulp sees this little fight and flies down in front of Robert. Gulp asks them what they're doing. Robert replies with preparing to bomb America, then North Korea, then Japan, and then finally, Canada. Gulp tells him that he won't let it happen. One of the crew members(Jamie)'s eyes get wide and she starts to back off. She gets ten feet away and starts to run. Gulp looks over and sees her. He shoots the runaway member and she falls to the ground.

Seasion reaches the control room and locks the door behind him, letting no one in. He gets a call saying that it is safe to unlock the doors. The caller says that she won't be home, for she got into a sticky situation. Meanwhile, in a jail house, the female crew member hangs up the phone after calling someone. She gets shoved back in her cell and she lays down on the bed. She transforms into Jamie Black. She says to herself "Yes Seasion, I got myself into a very stick situation."


At the UNC, Jamie is shown talking to someone who is very upset and crying alot. They say goodbye and they hang up. She turns around and sees Seasion. She asks, did you have to break my baby's heart? He replies saying that his grandson's ability was manifesting and didn't want her to get hurt, or possibly die. She says that taking Sakamito away from her hurt her more. They part ways as a tear rolls down Jamie's face. She then tells him that she's sorry for the way she acted, but a man who is prophesized about in Sakamito's life, is in trouble. Seasion's eyes are widened and asks if its the geek and she says yes. He takes off and leaves.


Seasion and Maxwell free Jamie from her jail cell and have her transform into a demanding person to interrogate a man. But when he becomes invisible, Jamie gets knocked out and then Seasion carries her back to the UNC.

Cold Rain

In Gulp's death note, he thinks that things maybe happen for a reason. Like that Jamie's husband and Gulp's parents were supposed to die in the OKC Bombing. And that his grand father and her were meant to start an organization together.

Time We Share

After surviving the UNC explosion, Jamie arrives on a deserted island, where she finds her assumed dead daughter. They talk about how none of this would've happened if it weren't for the UNC. They say that Gulp is fine.

Later, on a beach in the sunset, Jamie is seen with Denise's Dad, and they conceive a child, naming her Denise.


After receiving Gulp's future, Seasion tells it to Jamie and they go to eat dinner. When he catches on fire, Jamie puts her hand over the fire and puts it out by transforming her hand into water. Teiresias and The Haitian walk over to them and wiped their memories of Gulp's prophecy.

Knock Out

Jamie tells Wind that Lilly is commiting treason against the UNC. They abduct her and search her room for anything suspicious. When she escapes, Wind shoots her and they both take her to the Cave Below. Seasion then frees Lilly and tells Jamie that there are more suspicious people in the UNC than loyal Lilly. He gives her back the map and tells Jamie that she will need it in her future.

Treachery and Innocence

Jamie goes to Lake Ontario to tell Seasion that Kaito refuses to renew the contract with the UNC. Samuel Sullivan tells them that he can take them to a place to live by themselves. They go and get Denise and Sakamito and he takes them to a carnival. But Kaito is there and they try to run away. Ken and John stop them and Ken takes Seasion down as Jamie runs with the kids. John tackles Jamie and then Ken throws Denise in the air. Jamie runs to help her but John trips her and Samuel catches her with a tree. Kaito, Ken, and John then take all five back to the Company and they bag and tag them. The Haitian wipes their memory and puts them back where they started, only with a renewed contract.

A Solitary Journey

Seasion says to Gulp that if Jamie was still alive, he would make her the Queen in the army they are building against Evergreen.

Evolved Human Abilities

Transforming~Jamie can transform into other creatures and other people. She can also transform into inanimate objects, such as water. (Teiresias)

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