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Mortal Detection
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The detecting of conciousness
Held by: King Rosko, Hank Gordman
Ability to: Detect the counciousness of live organisms

With Mortal Detection , the holder can detect live or concious organisims. They can detect a change in concious to unconcious or vice versa. A sparkling ray can come from his fingers and they can transport organisms places or make dead organisms come back to life.

Ability development

Whether you were born or injected with Mortal Detection, you grow with your ability through stages.

Stage 1

At stage one, you can detect the number of concious and unconcious people within a range (whatever range you start with, as you grow, it multiplies exponentially).

Stage 2

At stage two, you can use a little spark for the silver sparkling ray and still be at stage one in a sense.

Stage 3

At this stage, the spark turns into a ray in which can travel as far as the range of your concious count. But the ray can now be used for transporting live organisms places of your choice.

Stage 4

Stage Four is the rarest of all the stages. Hardly anyone lives to see thir stage four. Stage four allows you to bring dead organisms to life with your sparkling ray. But you must study and practice for a good two years before you can use your stage four and not have it backfire and kill you.

Ability extension

The only use of extension is when you can use the sparkling ray to make dead organisms come back to life. That is not ability extension, but it is the closest thing to it.

Ability immunity

There is no one immune from the effects of Mortal Detection except the beholder. If two people with this ability were in the same room, they couldn't detect one another.

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