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Lake Ontario
Lake Ontario.jpg
Language(s) Spoken: English
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Lake Ontario is a lake that Gulp lives at.

Notable Locations

  • Bank
  • Elementary and High School
  • Gulp's Underwater Secret Base
  • Court House/Prison/Interrogation Building
  • Pizza Mejor
  • Subway

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors



Gulp and Carl fly back to Lake Ontario and part their ways.


Gulp and Denise sit in his house and he has to tell her that his grandpa has to transfer him to a "military school" and he won't be there often. Seasion barges in and takes him away making Denise cry. Denise is then seen at school. She completely changed the way she looked and the prissiest girl in school, Mary Wolff, took her into the janitor's closet and changed Denise's clothes. She then became the most popular kid in school.


At Lake Ontario, Carl and Gulp talk about a bank robbery and how Martin and Colton have it under control. They hop on a bus and see some ninja-outfited person jumping from a building, on to the bus, and then on to another rooftop and Lilly Ninja chasing after him in a ninja outfit. Gulp uses his ability to melt a hole in the roof of the bus, he flies out of the bus puting holes in the ground and popping the tires; the bus swings out of control, and crashes into a bank. Seasion is seen at a pizza shop selling pizza. The Lighter and Robert Booth come in and go to Seasion's cash register. He looks at them and recognizes them. He asks them what they want and they look at each other and smile. They bag Seasion and yell that the place is on lockdown. Carl tries to calm down the people around the bus crash scene and get rid of the news people. He turns to Martin, and asks if he can control it while he goes after the ninjas. Martin nods and Carl runs away only to be stopped by Crew Member Two. He punches Carl and he falls to the ground. Gulp catches up with Lilly and he stops her. They catch up and swim down to the cave underneath Lake Ontario and she says that it's really neat! They walk into the Information Room and he sees four signals flashing red. He looks at them all and makes one for Lilly. They jump down in front of Martin and tell everybody to move away. Later, at the pizza shop, Seasion is hanging upside down while the others shiver in fear. Crew Member Two shows up and says that he captured one target and he sees Seasion and says that he'll take him to the boss too. After he leaves, Gulp and Lilly prepare to invade. One of the bank robbers creep up behind them. When Gulp says let's go, He jumps down and Lilly starts to before she is grabbed and bagged. Robert Booth smiles and says welcome to Gulp. He asks how he escaped prison and Robert smiles and says him. Gulp turns around sees the Lighter and gets zapped, rendering him unconcious.


Gulp and Denise sit on a hill when Carl calls for an interrogation. Carl and Gulp interrogate a man while Seasion and Maxwell free Jamie. They barge into the interrogation room and carry the man to the Cave Below the UNC leaving Carl and Gulp in awe of where everyone went.

The Dance of Death

Gulp thinks about all of the people who have stalked him in his life time while looking at his reflection in Lake Ontario and he remembers Carl. He goes to his underwater cave and sees that Carl is in San Francisco; so Gulp follows him there.

Cold Rain

Gulp writes his death note as she comes to freeze Lake Ontario, killing Gulp. Crime scene investigators find his not and give it to Seasion and he turns crazy and suicidal.

Knock Out

At Pizza Mejor, Hank Gordman finds that Seasion left a UNC card at Pizza Mejor, he picks it up and has weird dreams about an eye breaking into the restaurant.

At the elementary school, Gulp, Carl, and Jordan help arrest kidnappers.

Treachery and Innocence

Jamie comes to tell Seasion that Kaito refuses to renew the contract and that he will capture them. A man comes to take them, Denise, and Sakamito somewhere safe. He then takes them there.

Vignette:The Heard

Gulp and Jordan meet each other at the subway and later, Vincent Thomas trains Jordan to control his ability and learn how to fight.

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