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Deal With the Devil is a vignette about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The second vignette in the Gulp-Ninja Series)

How does Andy turn evil?


Story Development

Evergreen · Chess configuration



Walking home from work one day, Andy saw a truck pull out of his drive way and race away. He took no notice of it other than that it was speeding, until he reached his front step. The door was open and the light on the front porch was flickering. When he went inside, no other electricity would work. He stepped back onto the porch and the light was still twitching. Andy liked his porch to be perfect; no loose nails, or boards, or anything. He noticed that the board he was standing on, was wobbly. He took it off and noticed a package underneath his porch. He pulled it up and it was very heavy. Sliding it inside, he slowly opened the package. There was a body inside it and he jumped back and tripped over the foot stool behind him. The man stood up, stretched, and helped Andy up. "My name is the Lighter."

"And mine's Andy Lewis. Why were you in that box?"

"I'm not sure. Last I remember, this man, Seasion Caramine beat me up..." The Lighter has short flashbacks of Seasion's fist hurtling toward his face. "Now, I'm here. Fate must've brought us together for a reason." They heard a noise outside and a horse's hoof clack. They step out onto the front lawn and saw a man. To his left and right, it was symetrical. One horse on each side and a castle-type house outside of the horses. The Lighter, standing directly accross from this man and tried to step forward, but he couldn't.

"Are you Andy Lewis?" the man asked in a very deep voice. He noticed the Lighter trying to move. "It is not your turn yet."

"I am Andy," Andy blurted out . The man's eyes turned red and black, he looked down on the ground and saw red and black squares. He hoped to the next square diagonally to his right. "Please tell us who you are."

"My name is Evergreen and you are now playing my game. My father and I had the same ability. The doctor called is chess configuration. I see a chess board in front of me and can only move in turn. I am the king. My sister, Snowflake, is the queen. We used to be bishops until out parent's recent death. The rooks are our houses and our horses are horses. On them, we are knights in shining armor. The pawns are with my sister; most of them. Snowflake is looking for two bishops and two pawns. The other two pawns just, weren't right. You are my current opponents and I was sent to kill Andy Lewis for personal gain. It is now your turn."

The Lighter moved one step ahead and zapped Evergreen. "This man is my friend. Back off, Bud."

Evergreen fell to the floor yelling in pain, "We could use a probability manipulater!" He moved his hands such that his house on the left moved into the row Andy was on. Evergreen humphed and the rooks crumpled. The horses nayed and the whole chess board disappeared. They looked around seeing if he was finally gone.

When Andy finally turned around, the Lighter had his hand outstretched towards him. The Lighter was looking at Andy and when he shook his hand, the Lighter had a sinister look on his face.

The End.

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