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Vincent Thomas
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Portrayed by Jared Padelacki (Iheartheroes)
First appearance The Heard
In-story stats
Known ability Friction Diminishment
Formal name Vincent Thomas
Age 25 (2009)
Date of birth 1984
Occupation Teacher of Kung Fu.
Parent Maxwell Wakes (adopted)

Vincent Thomas is Jordan's training master.

Character History

Born and raised in the UNC, Maxwell's adopted son revolted at the age of 16 and broke into Seasion's office.He found information on the UNC's past, the LCK, the Company, and Pinehearst. Seasion barged in and threw Vincent away from the files. Maxwell disowned him and Vincent went underground training many people to control thier abilities. He never got caught until his latest apprentice, Jordan Hayes.

Vignette:The Heard

Jordan is being taught by Vincent and he demonstrates his ability by having Jordan throw him across the room and him being impervious to friction.

Evolved Human Abilities

Friction Diminishment~Vincent is impervious to friction. It is unknown, however, if his ability stretches through clothes

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