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X-ray vision
Perry Adams sees the skeleton of an inmate.
Held by: Perry Adams
Ability to: see through solid matter

X-ray vision is the ability to see through solid matter.


  • Perry Adams is the only character known to have this ability.


With this ability, one can see behind walls or doors or through clothes. The user can decide how much they can see past. They can choose to see through one floor, or a whole building (ie. the bottom floor from fifteen floors up). One other example of this, regarding clothes, is that the user can see past a jacket to see a shirt, they can see their skeletal system (passive), and with much concentration, they can see the muscles.

When in use, the user can zoom in their vision a bit to see past objects that are farther away.


  • Each time the power is in use, the user always sees the body as a skeleton. But with concentration, they can see muscles.
  • The user can not zoom in their vision when they are not x-raying.

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