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Time We Share is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The ninth story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


  • Members of the Trio travel to find things out about the Company, the UNC, and the LCK.
  • Dead generations, arise.
  • Unlikely people are family.
  • Siblings fight over an accident.

Story Development

Rosko's disease · Suzan Hayes middot; Bag and tag · Denise's necklace



"Friends, family, loved ones. We all have alot of things. Organs, love, secrets, deception, charm. But there is one thing that most people don't think of," This man was on a stage talking to a crowd of people. It looks like a concert. With the lead singer speaking, "Time. We all share time."

"Where does it happen?" asked someone hiding in the rafters.
"In a little bit," said another. They looked over at the man tied up right behind them and then turned their eyes back to the stage.

"So, sharing time is important. We don't get enough time for each and every one of you, so let's get an audiance member," He pointed at a man and said, "You! Come forth to the stage!" But as he motioned his hand back towards the stage, the man flew into the air and straight into the lights, where the man burst into sparks. His body fell to the ground as everyone screamed and ran. The singer looked at his hands. He knew he had done it, but how had he done it? Some agents ran onto the stage shooting tasers at him, making him unconcious.

"Wow! So that's how your ability manifested?" the woman asked.

"Yes. And see those agents there? They take me to the UNC." the man replied. "How did yours manifest, Candace?"

"Well, I'll just show you." she said. They walked over to the tied up man and she told him, "11:36 P.M. on March 24, 1980, please. Mercy Heights Hospital. The old one." The man grunted and everywhere around them turned white and it went to total darkness. Then, they saw busy street lights and a small building. They went and looked in the window.


There were nurses huddled around a mom and a birth was taking place. "It's a girl!" said the doctor handing a baby to the mother. The mom's eyes just froze over after holding the baby. Her hair started to turn into snowflakes. The body froze over and then the doctors. Then the nurses. One by one every one froze. Just froze there. The machines quit working, and soon, the whole building froze over. After a couple hours, a man walks up to the hosital and walks in it. "Candace. I knew this was going to happen the day you were born." He picks the baby up and she starts to cry. The man walks over to the mom and said, "I would've told you if I thought it wouldn't hurt you. I love you Carry." He looked at his left hand. "I will always wear our wedding ring."

"I'm sorry Candace," sid the man.

"It's okay T.J." she said. "Now, let's find out about this LCK thing."

"I agree." They turned to the man and said, "Take us to the very first thought of the LCK. That leader. Uh, King Rosko?" The man grunted again and after the transitions, they were now at a park.


"Hey guys what are you doing?" A little kid said, walking over to a group of people. They were the popular people. The mean popular people. Ruled by Greg Greenbark.

"What do you want, asian?" Greg said to the kid.

"I want to play with you guys!" He replied. A little kid walked over to him.

"Come on, Seasion. They are being mean," said the other kid. Then Seasion's eyes got really wide, hearing his brother's voice and the popular people laughing in the back ground.

"Hey, Greg. You wanna hear something funny? My brother can't say the word 'I'!! He can only speak in third person!!" Seasion said.

"That is funny! Speak little man!" Greg barked.

"Stop it! Just because Rosko has a curse on him to only talk in third person doesn't make him stupid!" Rosko said, his eyes tearing up. The kids kept making fun of him until Rosko ran away. He ran right by a lightpost and said "Rosko promises he will start an organization to destroy Seasion. And then Rosko can be king!"

"Ouch, that's harsh," said Candace leaning on the light post Rosko had ran by. "That Seasion is a real jerk."

"All of the UNC people are jerks. I wonder if they were ever kind. Or ever realized that what they did to us was wrong?" said T.J.

"Hey," Candace said throwing a twig at the guy tied up. Take us to that moment." The man tried to scream but he couldn't get enough breath. He strangled and then it transitioned to a small deserted island. They were in a forest and they saw a girl walking out to the beach.

THE YEAR IS 2004. (Respectively a week after the UNC explosion)

The girl was shouting until she saw that the person she was yelling to was growing out of the ocean. She tried to scream but then thought that it looked familiar. The person coming out of the ocean was a woman. It took the girl a little bit but she eventually ran to her screaming "MOM!!" and the woman replied back screaming, "DENISE!!" They hugged forever and Jamie said that she thought she died a couple years ago.

Denise explains that some guy came to their house and tried to do something to her. She said that it wasn't rape or murder, more like an abduction and he had pulled off her necklace. He had apparently lit a match and threw it down, burning the place. Then, they boarded an airplane and the man pushed her out with a parachute. Jamie was telling her that Gulp wore her necklace every day; that the UNC had exploded and they probably think that she is dead; and that she has an ability. Denise was confused and Jamie said that she can transform into things and that when it was exploding, Gulp accidentally shot her making her unconcious. So she doesn't know if Gulp is still alive. But Jamie had subconciously transformed into a fish, and got washed up on this shore.

They say that both of their lives could've been amazing. And they both exchange that if it weren't for the UNC, none of this would've ever happened. They laugh and say that the man bringing her to this island could've still happened! Jamie asks how he came to her. If it was a creepy one, friendly, sexual, and she makes a list. Denise kind of cowers and says that it was a sexual come-on. She said that he said "Hey baby, my name is John Millard. You wanna go do somethin'?"

They both gasped and looked at each other. "John Millard! That's the guy who was chasing us in Tokyo!" T.J. said.

"Yeah! I wonder what he wanted and who he was working for. Hey," Candace kicked the guy and he fell out of the tree they were in. They jumped down and looked over at Denise and Jamie. They were walking over kind of creeped out. "Hurry, take us anywhere in John Millard's life! We need to know who he is!" The bright light flashed and it blinded the mom and daughter. T.J. and Candace looked at each other. They were both in wedding clothes and the guy they had tied up was standing right next to them.

"You guys needed a disguise!" he said smiling! They grabbed rope and tied him up again as he grunted really loudly.


Someone knocked on their door and said "Hey you two! Wait until the honeymoon you love birds!" They walked out into the wedding. It was about to start and the husband was up talking to the preacher. One of his best men were too. After about thirty minutes, the preacher said "We are gathered here today for the marriage of Suzan Hayes and John Millard. Who will be giving her away?"

The man she walked with said, "I, her twin brother, Jordan am here to give her away." After the ceremony, Jordan and John were talking. They heard screaming coming from the entrance of the chapel. Then some five or six people in jumpsuits were coming after Jordan. He ran and John ran with him.

"Why are they chasing after you?" He asked.

"I'm not sure, but I know it's me," Jordan replied. He ran out a door and John stopped.

"I'll stop them!" He said shutting the door. The people came running in and John yells, "What do you want with my brother-in-law?"

"We have to bag and tag him!" one replied.

"What?" he asked.

"He has an ability!" they shouted.

"An ab-ability?" John stuttered. They shot him with a tranquilizer and they took him instead because Jordan was off the charts. He was hiding undeground.

They were watching this whole time and they knew that that wasn't the UNC nor the LCK. They wanted to know what it was. But they couldn't, so they told the man to take them where ever. The man took them to a sunset. There, they saw a man and a woman.


The man and the woman were laying on a beach, on top of a blanket watching the sunset. They sat and talked about how much they loved each other and that they were about to get married. The man rolled over on top of the woman and started to kiss her. He said that they should have a kid. She smiled and told him, "Okay, right here, right now! And we'll name her Denise!"

"How do you know it's a her?" he asked.

"I just do. Now kiss me darling."

Candace was smiling after hearing this and she looked at T.J. They stared into each other's eyes until T.J. leaned over and kissed her. She smiled and they kissed again. After about five kisses, the captive man got errogant. "Please, let's go somewhere else. He said. I didn't mean to bring you here." They gave him a weird glance.

"Fine then, take us somewhere else. Anywhere!" Candace replied. The man juped up and freed himself from the ropes. When they landed in a spot, they were in an alley. "Just kill me here," the man said, "I was born on this spot in about five minutes, just kill me now. We are in present time, and I am from the future. Just kill me here, move my body, and then you are free to do what ever in this time period," they shrugged and T.J. held him down choking him, while Candace froze him.
"Wow, you killed him," said a voice at the end of the alley.
"Steve!" Candace cried.
"We don't want to join the LCK. Sorry." T.J. told him.

"That's okay! I want the Trio instead!" Steve said. They hugged and shook hands. T.J. and Candace smiled at each other and held hands. Steve smiled at the sight of this.

The End.

Charatcer Appearances

  • T.J. (2)
  • Candace (3)
  • Captive Time Turner (1)
  • Audiance Member (1)
  • Doctor (1)
  • Carry Blaine (1)

Scrcrambled Eggs Nominations

  • Samuel Sullivan is this story's Scrambled Egg. Samuel Sullivan gets this award because he tells Arnold where to go alot much like T.J. and Candace did with the captive time turner.

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