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User:Gulp-Ninja Series/Novel Three/A Solitary Journey

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A Solitary Journey is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The thirteenth story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

Evergreen · Chess Configuration · X-ray vision · Perry Adams · Bromwin Meyer · The Trio's fortress


THE YEAR IS 2006, March.

“You have three weeks, Caramine!” Evergreen shouted at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. “Three weeks to have a fair army! I will be back here with. Or without a fair army! If you aren’t here, we won’t play. You’ll just be dead!”

Seasion peered above the rock he was standing on. He could barely see because of the heavy fog. He saw the rooks crumble and he heard the horses neigh. And then the whole chess board disappeared.

He stood up and so did Gulp. “We need some good, strategic players.”

“I can be a bishop,” Gulp said.

“I’m going to have you be the left bishop and I’ll be the king. Too bad Jamie isn’t here. She was excellent at chess. She could’ve been the queen…” Seasion thought. “There was a guy I met a couple years ago who could manipulate the probability that something could happen.”

“Well let’s go find him! He would be perfect!” Gulp said.

“There’s just one problem. He was working with the Lighter,” Seasion grunted.

“Crap.” Gulp said.

Elsewhere, in an unknown location, Lilly is running through halls with a back pack on her back. Gun shots are firing in the back ground, and she runs into a closet as men turn a corner trying to catch her. She pulls out her map and it shows her twelve different ways to escape the building she is in. She finds where she is and opens the door to run to that exit. But as she opens the door, a big man points a gun at her and cocks it.

“Get one of those nail guns,” Steve was ordering T.J. He handed Steve the nail gun off the shelf. They are at a hardware store.

“I really think that we need to focus on other things,” T.J. told him.

“Do you want these weird groups splitting us apart?” Steve asked.

“Not really, but -” T.J. started.

“Then quit complaining. This is for your safety and Candace’s.” Steve pushed the cart away and turned into another aisle. T.J. followed but then turned around wondering where Candace went. He saw a man with a gun frozen on the floor. T.J. was startled and knew that Candace wouldn’t do that.

Sirens in the air, feet pounding on the ground. One man was running from the cops. He turned into an alley. He closed his eyes and opened them. He could now see through the building. He saw cop cars going all around, looking for him. When they turned a different corner, he took his eyes off of the wall. He then just looked at a wall and saw a poster that read, “Wanted! Perry Adams for bomb threat.” The man gulped, realizing that this was for him. He walked away, without any direction to go in.

“So who else will be a good match against them?” Gulp asked.

“Who is that guy you know? The one that can hear really well?” Seasion asked.

Jordan? Great idea! I will go and get him now. I’m sure he will say yes!” Gulp said. He prepared to leave.

“What am I supposed to do?” Seasion asked as he stopped Gulp.

“Go to your buddy at that company! He might help!” Gulp said. They said their goodbyes and both took off.

Walking in a field stranded someplace, Robert sees mountains way far ahead. He walks out to them. He practices his shot at daises, throwing water at them knocking the pedals right off of them. He just keeps doing this same thing. Walking, throwing. He spots a cottage two miles ahead. Right below the mountains. He runs now, trying to get there faster.

T.J. looks around frantically. “I had to kill him! He was gonna kill you!!” someone said behind him. It was Candace. She burst into tears.

“Hey, it’s okay! I understand! Steve! We need your help!” T.J. whispered to the next aisle over.

“What do you need now?” Steve almost yelled as he came to the aisle they were standing in. “Oh my gosh! What did you do to him, Candace?!”

“She was protecting me! Like you are doing for us! Shut your mouth and make him invisible.” T.J. said. Steve walked over to the body and mumbled to himself. He touched it and it turned invisible. “Now we will drag him out while you pay. And we will put him in the bed of the truck and dump him outside at the site.”

Steve nodded and rolled the cart over to the counter. T.J. steadied the body in the air over their heads. They step outside and he gently puts the body in the truck. He reappears as ice chunks fly everywhere. They get in the car. Steve comes out and puts the bags on the frozen body and starts the car. They drive away into the desert.

Perry is walking again, headed into a bar to buy beer. He sits down at a bar stool and orders Bud Light. The TV is on showing the news. The lady is talking about how Perry escaped jail with a fake lawyer. But Perry wasn’t paying attention to what the large breasted newscaster was talking about. He was too busy looking through her shirt. The waitress saw him smiling at the TV. She looked at it and realized that it was him on the TV and she thought he was proud of what he did. She called the police and told them where he’s at. When he heard the sirens he ran outside saying to himself, “Here we go again!”

Lilly swings her leg up at the man and kicks his head making him fly through the air. She follows where the map told her, but that only took her to another room. She looks at the map again. She can now hear the sounds of a casino. She knows that they wouldn’t find her in there so she ran to the door and flew in it but found herself in a backstage room. The door slammed shut.

“Be quiet or they will find you!” The man who shut the door told her. Lilly looks at him confused. “The name’s Bromwin.” He sticks out his hand and Lilly shakes it.

The Trio arrives in their truck at a place far away in the desert. “And you are sure you can build a shelter for us here?” Candace asks the boys as they are getting out of the truck.

“Yes Candace,” Steve says reaching into the bed to grab his supplies. A hand grabs his arm and throws him down on the ground. The gunman in the back of the truck stood up dripping with water.

“Now I have three targets instead of one,” the man says as he looks at his gun. The Trio stands in shock, wondering what he’s going to do. “Well, you got my gunpowder wet.” He reaches down and grabs the nail gun out of the sack. He raises it into the air and says, “Now who wants to die first?”

Robert has now reached the door and knocked. A woman answers the door. “Hello Mother.”

To be continued...

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