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"The Lighter"
Walls Part 1-Electric Man.jpg
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance Lighters
In-story stats
Known ability Electric manipulation
Nickname The Lighter
Occupation LCK member

The Lighter is a person who lights people on fire to take their lives.

Character History


The Lighter tries to kill Carl, but Seasion saves him and beats up the Lighter.


The Lighter and Robert Booth are in jail and they use their abilities to escape. Later, at Seasion's pizza shop, they bag Seasion and hold up guns yelling that the place is on lockdown. Lighter zaps the lightning and kills all electronical equipment in the pizza shop including cell phones. Robert says that he's going to gather everybody up and tells the Lighter to stay here with them. Gulp then sees them holding the place hostage on his security camera.

Later, at the pizza shop, Seasion is hanging upside down while the others shiver in fear. The Lighter and Robert talk about how Gulp should be here any minute and that the boss will be anxious to see him. Crew Member Two shows up and says that he captured one target and he sees Seasion and says that he'll take him to the boss too. Gulp barges in and Robert smiles and says welcome to Gulp. He asks how he escaped prison and Robert smiles and says him. Gulp turns around sees the Lighter and gets zapped, rendering him unconcious.

After Gulp wakes up, the Lighter is at the LCK warehouse under the command of King Rosko and Rosko sends them all to fight. He tries to zap Gulp but misses and accidentally hits Robert. Gulp jumps up behind the Lighter, who is remembering Carl while standing over him and Gulp uses all ten fingers and shoots water at Lighter. Lighter falls to the floor. Later, when King Rosko escapes, he uses his ability to transport the Lighter to an unknown location.

Knock Out

Seasion and Maxwell go to England, after recieving news that the Lighter was there. They see a motel on fire and Seasion jumps up to the top floor to find the Lighter, while Maxwell goes to help people out of the motel. On the top floor, Seaion sees the Lighter lighting kerosene that he spread around the room. Seasion and the Lighter fight until Maxwell tackles Andy through a wall into the room. Andy and Seasion fight while Maxwell and the Lighter fight. When the Lighter pushes Maxwell out of the window, Seasion knocks the Lighter and Andy out going to get him. When they return, Andy is gone; so they take the Lighter to prison, where he meets Robert.

Vignette:Deal With the Devil

When Andy comes home from work, his porch is squeaky and only the electricity on his porch works. Andy looks underneath his porch and finds a box. When he opens the box, the Lighter comes out. Once they exchange names, a man comes to kill Andy for his own personal gain. The Lighter defends Andy and makes the man disappear after a good chess match. Andy and the Lighter shake hands, but the Lighter has a maniachal look on his face.

A Solitary Journey

Seasion says to Gulp that he knows a manipulator of probability and he would be a good match against Evergreen. But the last time he saw him, he was working with the Lighter.

Evolved Human Abilities

  • Electric manipulation~He uses his ability to turn electronics off, to shoot lightning blasts, and to light people and things on fire with.
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