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Candace Blaine
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance Cold Rain
In-story stats
Known ability Freezing
Formal name Candace Blaine
Nickname She
Age 30 (2010)
Date of birth March 24, 1980
Occupation The Trio member
Significant other T.J. Luther

Candace Blaine was a prisoner of the Cave Below in the UNC that promises to kill Gulp. Now she is an active membor of the Trio.

Character History

Cold Rain

Known as she, she comes and freezes Lake Ontario, killing Gulp.


Agent 147 frees Candace and two others from the Cave Below. They form the Trio and attack on both the UNC and Yamagato Industries. Candace swears that she will kill Gulp after he injures her. They are later asked to join the LCK, but Candace and T.J. say that they will get back to King Rosko on it.

Time We Share

Candace and T.J. take a captive time turner and travel to different places in the world. They see Candace when her ability manifested. When she was born, she froze the whole hospital and killed everyone in the building including her mom. Her dad came later and somehow knew that this would happen. After hearing Jamie in love, T.J. and Candace stared into each other's eyes until T.J. leaned over and kissed her. She smiled and they kissed again. After about five kisses, the captive man got errogant. When they return back to present time, they kill the captive man and Steve comes to them saying he quit the LCK because he likes the Trio better. The three hug and Steve finds out that Candace and T.J. are together.


Teiresias tells Sakamito in the Underworld, that she will come to kill him. And the fire motions the shape of Candace. He repeats "She will murder me in my place that I reside" until it takes him back to Earth.

Vignette:Baking Lessons, Session 1

Candace is out getting grocceries for their fortress.

A Solitary Journey

Candace, Steve, and T.J. are at a hardware store buying supplies for building the fortress when Candace froze a gunman trying to kill TJ. They manage to get him out with no one noticing and throws him in the back of their trunk. When they reach the site of the future fortress, the gunman aims a nail gun at all three asking who wants to die first.

Evolved Human Ability

Freezing~She can freeze things to the point of death.


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