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The Dance of Death is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The sixth story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

Adam Monroe · Peter Petrelli · Ando Masahashi · Sound manipulation · Space-time manipulation · Rapid cellular regeneration


THE YEAR IS 2005/2007.

Both nights are quiet nights. But one lonely night, there is not. On both of these nights, heroes will fall but others will have lived long enough to see themselves become a villain.

The story opens in 2005, earlier that day. Gulp looks at his reflection in the lake called Lake Ontario. His mind busy with thoughts. His mind on one note; stalkers. He hated people knowing about him, who he was, what he could do, anything. He thought about how many people know his true name. He thought back of how when he was in the UNC, that Lilly was at every corner he turned to. He thought of every moment he had ever shared with people. He thought of who he wanted to know of him, and how he could stop the ones who know too much.

The story then flips over to a man. A good looking man in a store, buying a dark gray hoodie. It is the 2007 afternoon and this man has murder in his eyes. He doesn't even buy the sweatshirt and goes strait to a warehouse with a bunch of stuff all over. He writes a note to a man named Peter and sticks it on a mirror. He grabs a gun and heads out to New York City.

Back with Gulp, he is still thinking. Every thought had something to with his grandfather and Carl. Carl. That was it! That was the answer to his problem! He stood up and dived into the Lake and into a cave; his cave. He went over to a table, pressed the "CARL" button, and ran into another room. He grabbed his sword and his ninja mask that was lying on a table. He went back to the monitor and saw that Carl was in San Francisco, California. He puts on the mask, puts his sword around his body, leaning on his back, and flew out of the cave.

The man is now in an office. He puts a picture (with blood on it) of Kaito Nakamura in a news paper that is on a desk. He hears a man that is whistling coming down the hallway. The murder man hides behind a plant and watches as the whistler takes the news paper and walks away. He swiftly follows the man to a rooftop where the murder man hides on top of a building and takes a nap.

Gulp reaches San Francisco and lands on the Golden Gate Bridge. He is on top and didn't expect to see anyone up there, but there was a man, in a business suit, about to jump off. Gulp walks over to the man and asks him what he's doing and the man turns around frightened. The man said that he realized he had this ability that he couldn't control; and for that, he wanted to die. Gulp asked what it was and the man said that he could yell really loud and make things pierced. Gulp said, "What if you can help me and then kill yourself?" The man said alright and Gulp layed down to take a nap.

Five hours later.

When Gulp wakes up, the man is still standing there looking out at the sea. He turns around and sees that Gulp is awake. He asked Gulp what he needed to do to become a hero. Gulp said, "Around 11:30, a car will be heading that way," he pointed to a certain direction, "for his hotel room. I need you to stand by the edge of the road and yell loud enough that you knock the car off the bridge. Then you can kill yourself." The man nods and says that it is 9:30 now. Gulp nodded yes and said that they need to get in places at about 11.

The man in 2007 wakes up and sees Kaito talking to a fellow the man remembers. And then that man disappears. The man watches Kaito. He just looks out at the city and after two hours, the man gives up and jumps down to the platform. Kaito hears the thump on the ground and turns around.

The suicidal man is on the edge of the road now, waiting for the car Gulp had described. When he saw it, he yelled to the top of his ability to make the car fling off the road. When it went over the edge, the other cars had stopped, so the man jumped into the lane behind him, where a car ran over him with a splattery death. As the car goes over the edge, Gulp sitting on a ledge below the bridge jumps up and onto the car. He punched the front window out, grabbed Carl, and flew to the top of the bridge with a landing.

Carl, catching his breath said, thanks for saving me. Gulp pulled out his sword and said, "I'm not here to save you." Carl sees the sword with a sparkle from headlights below and looks confused. Gulp motions down below Carl, "There is your weapon. Fight 'till death." Carl picks up the sword and they have a dual.

Kaito says to the man, "Out of all of them, I never expected it to be you." The man runs at Kaito and he stands his ground, ready for a fight.

The fight continues and Carl asks a one word question; why? Gulp replies with, "You know too much; I can't trust you."

"You can always trust me. You have before, you always have."

"Have I? Or have you just been so blind to see that I have disliked your nosiness from the day I met you."

"Well you can trust me. I have never lied to you, never talked bad behind your back. Nothing!" They hear a ding saying that it is midnight; twilight.

"You know too much." Gulp takes his sword, moves closer to Carl, stabs the sword through his chest in a swinging motion and throws the body off the Golden Gate Bridge. Blood covered Gulp's mask and blood was all over his sword; including Carl's head. Apparently he had ripped it off while tossing him away. He throws the head over and then cleans off his sword with water. He looks over the ledge into the water at the blood stain spread around.

The man rams into Kaito, knocks him down off the rooftop. They struggle and toss each other back and forth while falling. The whistling man yells "NO!" while trying to stop Kaito from being pushed. Both the bodies lay there on the ground, Kaito on bottom. The man stands up and kicks Kaito's head. He then runs away, covered in blood; Kaito's blood. The whistler looks over the ledge in the road below at the blood stain spread around Kaito's corpse.

Both blood stained men, walk away without a fingerprint of proof. Whitnesses, stained forever with the memories. The three dead men, drawn by the rumor of the dance of death.

End of Novel One.

Charatcer Appearances

Scrcrambled Eggs Nominations

  • Sylar is this story's Scrambled Egg. Sylar gets this award because he is the master of death; he deals with death almost daily.


  • This story is named after the poem by Charles Baudelaire, also called "The Dance of Death." ([1][2])
    • In fact, "drawn by the rumor of the dance of death" is used in the poem.
  • This is the first story that follows the events of an actual Heroes episode, Four Months Later....

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