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Maxwell Wakes
Howard lemay.jpg
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance Lighters
In-story stats
Formal name Maxwell Wakes
Date of death 2004
Occupation UNC founder

Maxwell Wakes is a founder of the UNC.

Character History


Maxwell is seen talking to Seasion.


Maxwell and Seasion sit in a bar and converse that there are traitors in the UNC. Later, at the UNC, Maxwell and Seasion are looking at a photo of Maxwell and two other unknown people. They say that Maxwell needs to talk to them to find out whom the traitors are. They say that they need to go to a warehouse in New Jersey. Once there, they look in a window and see two men there. One is someone whom Seasion recognizes. He says that he is someone he helped join the UNC. And that he demanded to have an agent name even as a trainee. They recognize the other one to be one of the people from the picture. Seasion then asks why Maxwell took a picture with them. He replies with, "I was in disguise. Just like Jamie was when she got caught by the cops." They look back and the men are gone. One jumps down from the roof and shoves a gun in Seasion's face. Maxwell says that it's ok and he shows the man the picture. He frees Seasion and Maxwell asks where they can find the other man in the picture. He leans into Maxwell's ear telling him its at a jail house. When they get to the place, they free Jamie and then they barge into an interrogation room, surprised to meet Gulp and Carl. But when the man in the room tries to get away, Maxwell and Seasion take him back to the UNC. They question Agent 147 and then take the man to a jail cell in the Cave Below the UNC.

Knock Out

Seasion and Maxwell set off for England, hoping to find the Lighter there. When they see a motel burning, they immediately know that the Lighter is the cause of it. Seasion jumps up to the top floor, as Maxwell runs inside to get everyone out of the building. Once on the top floor, Maxwell barges into a room and sees a man standing next to the wall looking through what Maxwell guesses is a peep hole. Soem fire starts to get the man, so Maxwell tackles him through the wall, where they meet Seasion and the Lighter. During the fight, Maxwell gets thrown out of the window, but Seasion saves him and they go back up to take the bodies elsewhere. But when they return only the Lighter's body is there. So they take him to jail and head back to the UNC.


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