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Gonzo Mansion
Gonzo mansion.jpg
The Gonzo mansion
Location: Los Angeles
Purpose: Protect members of the Gonzo crime family.

The Gonzo masion is the home of every high ranked mobster from the Gonzo family.

Notable Employees

  • Billy's mugger
  • Low ranked mobsters

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


The Gonzo mansion was built to protect high ranked members of the Gonzo crime family. The mansion is protected by low ranked mobsters.

After Sawyer thinks he is going crazy, he returns to the Gonzo mansion. Later, Vincent knocks on the door and Sawyer opens. Sawyer lets Vincent in the Gonzo mansion.

Vincent came by to train Sawyer every day untill he got full control over his ability.

Sawyer moved to Midland, Texas after he saw the meaning of life.

Vignette:Baking Lessons, Session 2

A mugger take Billy and Steve to the mansion, where they engage in a battle between them, Sawyer and Vincent. The battle results with both Billy and Steve running away invisible thanks to Sawyer's ability.

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