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Carl Acking
LVPD detective.jpg
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance 90lbs
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Carl Acking
Date of death 2005
Occupation Cop

Carl Acking was a cop and the partner of Gulp Ninja until Gulp killed him..

Character History

Carl Acking was a normal cop until he met Gulp Ninja. Gulp told him, when asked why his eyes were so bloodshot, "I live hundreds of feet below sea level. The only way to get there easily is to swim as fast as I can. And any true person knows to keep their eyes open in any case; no matter what." Carl was one of the three people who knew Gulp's real name. It's a shame Gulp-Ninja dropped the cop off of the Golden Gate bridge at Twilight one night; cop's head dangling on the sword, the only remaining body parts left of him. Gulp used to work for both the organization and the police, but that cop he said knew too much. That cop was his partner; now he doesn't have one. When asked about his death, Gulp said, "I don't specifically know how he died, but I'm somewhat glad. He knew too much about me and my failures. No one gets close to me and lives to tell the tale." One of the things this cop knew was that one night, there was 8 gangers in Philadelphia, the cop was injured by 3 bullets in the right arm, and chest. Each of the gangers had guns and all shot Gulp down. He now has 8 gun wounds on his chest. Gulp did, however, appear at Carl's death. When Gulp walked up to Carl's coffin, and left a pool of water in his mouth and a flower on his tie..


Carl called Gulp in for a robbery. When Carl and Gulp meet up, they talk about life. Carl then proceeds to tell him that a 90lb semi was stollen. Gulp knees down and Carl swings onto Gulp's back as if he were riding a saddle. They fly off together to the robbery scene.

Carl and Gulp arrive at the scene and see a semi driving at 90 mph on an interstate. They see cop cars chasing after it. They are on a mountain ridge and they talk about what to do. Carl suggests blocking the road with cop cars later down the road. Gulp agrees but says that he will try to stop them before they get to the block. So they take off again, dropping Carl off at a police station and then taking off for the semi.

Carl had the police at the police station block the road way. He knew it wouldn't stop them, so he drove another to a cliff. He wired it to work like a remote control. When he saw the semi come around the corner, he made the car go forward and crash into the semi; stopping it and leaving the second robber dead, while the first had fallen out of the window (due to Gulp) and that he's only unconcios.

Carl got Gulp and woke him up. They went back to the crash and saw the cops there. They asked the cops what was in the back of the semi, and the cop replied with escaped prisoners. They looked puzzled, but accepted it and flew back to Lake Ontario. They said goodbye and parted their seperate ways.

The Mirror

Carl is seen in his cop car strolling around. His radio sounds saying that there has been a robbery. Carl drives off sounding his alarm. Carl is racing to the scene when someone jumps in front of him. He swerves to the side. Carl accidentaly goes into a park and crashes into a tree. He yells at the guy and asks him why he jumped right in front of him. The man's crew of 4 comes out and the man motions to one and that one ties up Carl to a tree. Carl looks around helplessly and sees five more cop cars coming. Each car had two men. They start firing at the five people and the man moves his nose from side to side and hits every cop dead in a circle with water. He turns to Carl and says "Nobody fires at Robert Booth."

Gulp sees this little fight and flies down in front of Robert. Gulp asks them what they're doing. Robert replies with preparing to bomb America, then North Korea, then Japan, and then finally, Canada. Gulp tells him that he won't let it happen. One of the crew members' eyes get wide and she starts to back off. She gets ten feet away and starts to run. Gulp looks over and sees her. He shoots the runaway member and she falls to the ground. Robert says to him "Nice little power you've got there. But mines a Level 3." Robert fires at Gulp and he dodges it.

A masked figure comes around the tree and frees Carl. She tells him to stay back and that she has called back up. The masked figure jumps up and karate kicks Robert's face and knocks him to the ground. She punches the other three crew members and they feint. She takes off her mask and walks over to Gulp. She says to him "I thought you would need help!" It is Lilly Ninja.

Lilly, Gulp, and Carl all talk while watching the cops put the crew members in their cars. The cars drive off, splitting up. They see the car with Robert and the second crew member flip upside down and the two figures jump out making a landing on top of a building. Robert motions that the crew member needs to go away. He runs into an alley. Carl says that he will go after the crew member.

Carl comes back and says that he couldn't find the crew member. That he escaped for good. Lilly recieves a text from someone at the UNC saying that the doors are opened once again. Gulp and Lilly say farewell to Carl and they part ways.


Carl is abducted by a man and thrown into an abandoned jail house cell. There is a man there, The Lighter, who wants to kill Carl. Just as he is about to electricute Carl, Seasion Caramine shows up and beats up the Lighter. He flies Carl to Los Angeles to train to become a cop.


At Lake Ontario, Carl and Gulp talk about a bank robbery and how Martin and Colton have it under control. They hop on a bus and ride around town. Carl asks about Seasion and Gulp says that he is ok and that he is in the pizza business. They see some ninja-outfit person jumping from a building, on to the bus, and then on to another rooftop. They look at each other and laugh. They see a woman chasing after him in a ninja outfit. Gulp stands up and says that the woman was Lilly Ninja. He uses his ability to melt a hole in the roof of the bus, he flies out of the bus puting holes in the ground. But one water drop hits the bus tire, pops it, the bus swings out of control, and crashes into a bank. The same bank that got robbed. The bus runs over and kills Colton. Carl tries to calm down the people around the bus crash scene and get rid of the news people. He turns to Martin, and asks if he can control it while he goes after the ninjas. Martin nods and Carl runs away only to be stopped by someone. Crew Member Two. He says to him, "I remember you. And my boss will be so proud of me." He punches Carl and Carl falls to the ground.

When Gulp and Lilly go to the underwater cave in Lake Ontario, they see that the Carl alarm is singing and they see him being dragged into a dark alley by an unknown man.

Later, Carl is in a prison cell with the UNC team overlooking the LCK team. When the LCK team comes after them, Gulp is about to free Carl, when Agent 147 stops him. The Lighter is about to kill Carl, when Gulp shoots The Lighter, making him unconcious. Gulp then frees Carl as Carl shoots three people with his coppers' gun. After the team is defeated, Carl goes to tell Martin that they caught the bank robbers. Then after Seasion finds out whats wrong with Gulp, he tells Carl.


Carl calls Gulp and says that they need to interrogate a man. When he gets there, the man won't tell them anything. Gulp turns off the light but someone somehow turns it back on. And then when Seasion, Jamie, and Maxwell come in, the man turns invisible and Carl gets knocked out. When he wakes up, he wanders where everything went.

The Dance of Death

Gulp remembers of how Carl had stalked him and devised a plan. He saw that Carl was in San Francisco. When Carl drives to his motel room that evening, Gulp had a guy blow Carl's car off of the Golden Gate Bridge. Gulp catches the car, grabs Carl out of it and flies him to the top of the bridge. They dual with swords and talk about trust, but it ended with Gulp slashing Carl's head off, flinging the body into the water with his head still dangling on the sword. He then shoves the head off the sword and walks away with Carl's blood all over him.

Cold Rain

Gulp admits to killing Carl. He also talks about the three-cop-partnership that Carl, Gulp, and Jordan.


Carl is depicted through fire in Gulp's future that Teiresias and Seasion watch.

Knock Out

Jordan, Gulp, and Carl sneak into a school where thugs have kidnapped kids. Using their abilities, they knock the thugs out, keeping all of the children safe. But when the cops come, Jordan and Gulp leave, letting Carl get all of the credit.

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