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Excelerated Jump
Nathan (Flight).jpg
Held by: Seasion Caramine
Ability to: Jump at extreme heights

Exelerated Jump is the ability to jump at extreme heights by focusing really hard.

Ability development

There are very few ways to develop this ability. When you first realize that you have the ability, you can't jump very high; but with practice and concentration you learn to jump higher. The best way to concentrate is to bend down, close your eyes, and then jump up with your feet. Gravity plays a big role in this ability, ways that you can go against the rules of gravity, but there are ways that you can not.


Some people mistake this for flight. It is not, infact. You can acheive the essence of flying through arcs (mentioned below), but it is not technically flight. Some say that evolved humans with flight, also have Excelerated Jump, but it is unknown if this is true or not.


Arcs is a way that people might mistake this ability with flight. For when you practice more, you will be able to force yourself over and actually almost fly, but with flight you can fly however long you want, but with Excelerated Jump you can't because of Gravity.


Landing people would think would be tough. Actually, it is not! It's like you are immune to the effects of pain in your feet! But only your feet, and not so much that if you break it, it will grow back instantly. Some experienced users can jump up and land on clouds that will drift them to where they want.

Ability extension

There isn't a way to extend the ability, except to be hugging some one while concentrating and jumping the whole way through to the landing. This will hurt the other person's feet though.

Ability immunity

Immunity can't play a role considering that this ability can't do damage to one's self except extension with another person. And the immunity only plays a role in feet.

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