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Seasion Caramine
Fumio Fukazawa.jpg
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
In-story stats
Known ability Excelerated Jump
Formal name Seasion Caramine
Aliases Seasion, Pappy
Nickname Seasion
Age 49 (2010)
Date of birth 1961
Place of birth Japan
Date of death 2016
Home Sea of Japan; Lake Ontario
Residence Sea of Japan; Lake Ontario
Occupation Owner of Pizza Mejor; formerly Underwater Ninja for The UNC
Grandchild Sakamito Caramine
Sibling King Rosko

Seasion Caramine was a founder of the UNC.

Character History

In high school, Seasion met a Jamie Black and they quickly became best friends. Both of them and five others created an organization. Seasion recruited his grandson into the company in 2000. In 2004, the organization was about to sink and blow up when Seasion and Gulp High Jumped out of the organization and saw it explode. Currently, he lives in Lake Ontario at his grandson's underwater house and never leaves. As prophecized by a prophet, Seasion is going to die 1 year after Gulp-Ninja. The prophet told Gulp-Ninja (without his grandfather hearing) that he will die by a freezing of Lake Ontario in 2015.


Seasion is seen telling Jamie that two more recruitees came and that he can't train them today becuase he has to renew the contract with Kaito. Jamie says that she will train them and two children of age 17 and 24 come in. Seasion says that the 17 year old is Gomer A and that the 24 year old refuses to have a "trainee" name so he said they named him Agent 147 and that he still is a trainee, but with an agent name. After a long day of training and not listening, Jamie then calls Seasion to see how its going. Seasion answers and says that he just got in the building and is heading up to Kaito's office.

Seasion walks into Kaito's office and see's Kaito strapped to a chair with a rag in his mouth. Seasion hurries over and releases him. Kaito tells him two men he didn't know did this. And that they were looking for something important. When Seasion asked what it was, Kaito replies that its a formula that he was meant to hold. And Kaito goes on to describe that luckily, they didn't find the where-abouts of it. They decide to go after the two bandits because Kaito had misled them to a warehouse downtown.

Seasion and Kaito arrived at the warehouse and looked around. Two people came out of the darkness. Kaito told Seasion that they were the one's who tied him up. Kaito and Seasion went two opposite ways running to escape them. One followed each and the one chasing Kaito had a gun. The one chasing Seasion had a chain saw. Kaito turned around and ninja-kicked the gun right out of the guys hand and punched him, rendering him unconcious. Kaito jumped behind the other hoolagin and ninja-kicked his back flinging him onto a pile of boxes.

Kaito and Seasion called the cops and made a new contract for 5 years now, instead of two, and that they can use it whenever they need. Seasion told Kaito thank you and they parted because Kaito said that he had to talk to his son.

The Mirror

The story opens with Seasion reading a letter. The letter says that the UNC is in trouble and to shut down any further progress until it is safe. Seasion goes to talk to Jamie. He shows her the letter and she says that she must go undercover and see what they are planing to do. She transforms into a different person and runs down the hall to the exit of the cave. Seasion wishes her luck.

Seasion goes to Gulp's room and tells him that they are going to shut down the organization and let nothing in or out. Gulp tries to get his grandfather to let him escape before the door closes, but his grandfather says that these people are too dangerous. Seasion leaves to shut the doors and make an announcement.

Seasion is having trouble corralling the protesting members of the UNC. He yells at them that there are agents working on fixing the problem and that it should be resolved soon. They all yell louder and Seasion takes a run for the control room, as do the other agents.

Seasion reaches the control room and locks the door behind him, letting no one in. He gets a call saying that it is safe to unlock the doors. The caller says that she won't be home, for she got into a sticky situation.

Meanwhile, in a jail house, the female crew member hangs up the phone after calling someone. She gets shoved back in her cell and she lays down on the bed. She transforms into Jamie Black. She says to herself "Yes Seasion, I got myself into a very stick situation."


Seasion is first seen taking Sakamito away from Denise and recruits him into the UNC. He has to deal with both Denise crying and Jamie. Seasion is later shown taking Sakamito to training class. He introduces him to a boss at the UNC, Wind 3-P. Wind 3-P gives Sakamito the name Sakamito B. The two go to class without Seasion. He goes and talks to one of the other founders, Maxwell Wakes, when Jamie walks in. She tells Seasion to speak to him in private. She says she's sorry for the way she acted, but a man who is prophesized about in Sakamito's life, is in trouble. Seasion's eyes are widened and asks if its the geek and she says yes. He says he'll be back. He takes off and leaves. He lands at an old warehouse, walks in knocks a man down and jumps into a jail cell. He has a maniachal look on his face and says "Lighter!"

Lighter looks at Seasion and says "Seasion, its so nice to see you again. Too bad you'll be in flames!" A battle goes on and the Lighter is then seen beaten up.

Seasion grabs Carl, turns to the Lighter, and says "Don't mess with my grandson's life." He jumps up with his ability and lands in Los Angeles. He tells Carl to stay out of trouble and to train to be a cop at this place. He goes back to the UNC and talks to Sakamito about why he had to take him away from Denise.


Seasion is seen at a pizza shop selling pizza. He looks at the TV (which is on the news) and he sees that three ninjas have been spotted, two escaped prisoners, a bank robbery with two cops on the case. They say that a ninja popped a bus' tires and hit the same bank that had been robbed, and it killed one of the cops on the case. They show the dead body, and Seasion is relieved to see that it wasn't Carl, it was some guy named Colton. Two people come in and go to Seasion's cash register. He looks at them and recognizes them. One is the Lighter and the other is Robert Booth. He asks them what they want and they look at each other and smile. They bag Seasion and hold up guns yelling that the place is on lockdown. Gulp later sees this hostage taking place and he goes there. But gets there soon after Crew Member Two takes him to the LCK warehouse.

When they awaken, Seasion looks down and squats a bit and them jumps kind of off the air, frees himself, but hits his head on the ground. He unties Gulp and they say that they need to untie the others before the LCK reaches them to fight. Seasion fights five of the unknown people. Seasion and Carl take care of everyone else and King Rosko claps.

He looks around and sees all of his people either dead or unconcious and he sees Gulp and Lilly. "So, you took 13 lives and mine took none? Wow. I'm going to have to do better!" He shoots a sparkling ray at the skeleton and it comes alive. He says to the rest, "It's all part of Mortal Detection!" He jumps off the stage and they battle. Lilly wakes up and crawls to a corner, where she escapes. She runs away to the underwater cave in Lake Ontario. Seasion and Carl break the skeleton into pieces and they fight King Rosko. They knock him down and render him unconcious. They look at each other and Carl says that he will go tell Martin about catching the bank robbers. He leaves and Seasion wakes King Rosko up. He says to him, "What have you done, brother?" Rosko replies with making an organization to kill organization that are corrupt. Seasion asks why the UNC was corrupt. Rosko replied with, "It was run by my brother." King Rosko jumps up, uses his sparkely ray at The Lighter, Agent 147, and Robert Booth's bodies and they disappear. King Rosko moves through a window and escapes.

When Seasion takes Gulp to the doctor, because he wouldn't wake up, he went to a doctor that Kaito told him about at The Company, Dr. Livitz. Dr. Livitz says that Gulp strained out his ability and made it go to a Level 3, but he will need a month to recover. Gulp stays in the hospital while Seasion goes to tell Carl and Lilly what happened.


The story starts with Seasion and Maxwell Wakes talking about how there might be traitors in the UNC and later, they look at a picture that shows people who might know the traitors. So they go to the New Jersey warehouse and Seasion gets a gun shoved into his face. They go to a jail and frees Jamie. He tells her to transform into something intimidating while they interrogate a man. When they barge into the room, the man turns invisible and Maxwell stops him from escaping. Seasion takes Jamie back to the UNC and Seasion and Maxwell interrogate Agent 147. After the interrogation, they take the man into the jail cave below the UNC.

The Dance of Death

Gulp recalls back to his "stalkers" and notes that Seasion is one of them. But he is okay with him stalking him.

Cold Rain

Gulp says in his death note that it was his grandfather's fault that his life is screwed up. Seasion is reading this note and then talks to his apprentice. He says that an appocalypse is starting. He grabs his knife, stabs himself, and then chases Gomer around with it.


Steve says that Seasion put him in the Cave Below.

Time We Share

When T.J. and Candace go back to 1978, they see that Seasion becomes popular by making fun of his brother.


Seasion meets with Teiresias and learns of Sakamito's future. He tries to take notes, but Teiresias makes it burst into flames. When Teiresias asks for Sakamito, Seasion goes back onto Earth and sends Sakamito into the Underworld. Seasion does as prophecy foretold and brought Sakamito's parents to the OKC Bombing.

After that, Seasoin is telling Jamie the prophecy when he catches on fire. Jamie puts him out by transforming her hand into water. Teiresias and the Haitian walk over to their table and he says that he wasn't supposed to tell anyone. The Haitian wipes their minds.

Two months later, Seasion finds a notebook full of the prophecy he was told and his memory is restored.

Knock Out

Seasion and Maxwell head to England after getting word that the Lighter was there. Once there, they see a motel on fire. Seasion jumps up to the top floor where he sees the Lighter pouring kerosene everywhere and lighting it on fire. They fight a bit until Maxwell tackles Andy through an adjacent wall. Seasion and Andy then fight until the Lighter throws Maxwell out of the window. Seasion knocks them out and goes to retrieve Maxwell before he hits ground. When they return, Andy is gone. So they take the Lighter to prison and returns back to the UNC. Seasion releases Lilly out of the Cave Below and hands her back the map that he had originally gave her. He tells Jamie that he gave it to her because she will need it in her future.

Treachery and Innocence

Jamie comes to tell Seasion that Kaito refuses to renew the contract for the UNC. They decide that they have to go into hiding because Kaito will send assassins. A man offers them to join his carnival. They go and grab Sakamito and Denise. When they are at the carnival, Seasion spots Kaito and they run.

When they run into John and Ken, Seasion prepares to fight Ken, but Ken makes Seasion fall to the ground. He goes and stands on Seasion. Kaito, John, and Ken then bag and tag Samuel, Seasion, Sakamito, Jamie, and Denise. Then the Haitian wipes their memory and they are placed back in their normal spots. Kaito renews the contract.

Vignette:Deal With the Devil

Last the Lighter remembers, is Seasion beating him up. He has flashbacks of Seasion's fist hitting his face.

A Solitary Journey

Evergreen yells to Seasion to find a decent army for a fair match at the Grand Canyon. After he leaves, Seasion and Gulp discuss people for their army. Seasion steps up to be the king and they part ways to get more people. Seasion goes to Kaito to see if he knows of any possible helpers.

Evolved Human Abilities

Excelerated Jump~High Jump is almost like flight, but you have to concentrate real hard before you can jump.

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