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Baking Lessons, Session 1 is a vignette about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The third vignette in the Gulp-Ninja Series)

How did Steve manifest?


Story Development

The Trio's fortress · Nevada · Steve's restaurant · Little Billy Joe



"I was a chef." Steve was telling T.J. Candace was out getting groceries for their fortress. They had built a fortress somewhere in Nevada Steve thought back to when he was a chef. Sometime around the time he had manifested. He was teaching a cooking class; how to make brownies with mint flavored icing on top.

"Okay, class...." Steve was telling his class. By the time they were about done, Steve went to grab a spatula for spreading out of the walk-in-pantry. Little Billy Joe went with him, but in that pantry , Billy's teacher disappeared. He screamed and ran out of the pantry. Steve looked around to see what Billy was scared of. When he walked out, everyone could see him.

Billy looked confused. "Please see me after class Billy; I need to know what you saw in there."

To be continued...

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