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90lbs is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The first story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

Gulp Ninja · The UNC · Carl Acking · Water Slicing Manipulation · Seasion Caramine · Jamie Black · Kaito Nakamura · Gomer A · Agent 147 · Yamagato Industries · Denise Black · Accelerated probability · The Company · Hiro Nakamura · Lake Ontario



The story opens with Gulp leaving the UNC because Carl called him in for a robbery. When Carl and Gulp meet up, they talk about life. Carl then proceeds to tell him that a 90lb semi was stollen. Gulp kneels down and Carl swings onto Gulp's back as if he were riding a saddle. They fly off together to the robbery scene.

Back at the UNC, Seasion is seen telling Jamie that two more recruitees came and that he can't train them today becuase he has to renew the contract with Kaito. Jamie says that she will train them and two children of age 17 and 24 come in. Seasion says that the 17 year old is Gomer A and that the 24 year old refuses to have a "trainee" name so he said they named him Agent 147 and that he still is a trainee, but with an agent name.

Carl and Gulp arrive at the scene to see a semi driving at 90 mph on an interstate with cop cars chasing after it. They are on a mountain ridge and they talk about what to do. Carl suggests blocking the road with cop cars farther down the road. Gulp agrees but says that he will try to stop them before they get to the block. So they take off again, dropping Carl off at a police station and then taking off after the semi.

Jamie tries to train the two trainees. Gomer A was working well with tasks, and Agent 147 was too, but he was taking things too far. He wasn't listening to directions at all. After a long day of training and not listening, Jamie then calls Seasion to see how it's going. Seasion answers and says that he just got in the building and is heading up to Kaito's office.

Seasion walks into Kaito's office and see's Kaito strapped to a chair with a rag in his mouth. Seasion hurries over and releases him. Kaito tells him two men he didn't know did this. And that they were looking for something important. When Seasion asked what it was, Kaito replies that its a formula that he was meant to hold. And Kaito goes on to describe that luckily, they didn't find the where-abouts of it. They decide to go after the two bandits because Kaito had misled them to a warehouse downtown.

As Gulp sits and waits on that ledge on the mountain, he looks up at the stars. He remembers that night when he and Denise shared their first kiss. He thought of how it was on a tree branch looking up at the stars and how he felt the magic spark when he kissed her. Just the other day he had found out that she was cheating on him. Thinking about this kiss, a tear rolled down his face. He sits up and hears the squeals of the truck below him making a curve. He jumps down and lands on the semi with a thud. He saw two people in the semi and one got out and was shooting at Gulp.

Seasion and Kaito arrived at the warehouse and looked around. Two people came out of the darkness. Kaito told Seasion that they were the one's who tied him up. Kaito and Seasion went two opposite ways running to escape them. One followed each and the one chasing Kaito had a gun. The one chasing Seasion had a chain saw.

Gulp dodged them and shot him with his water, making him unconcious. Kaito turned around and ninja-kicked the gun right out of the guys hand and punched him, rendering him unconcious. The semi swerved around a corner, knocking Gulp off the semi and free falling at least 30 yards until he hit the ground and started rolling down; he was unconcious. Kaito jumped behind the other hoolagin and ninja-kicked his back flinging him onto a pile of boxes.

Jamie noticed that Agent 147 had accelerated probability and thats why he was so fast. Jamie told Gomer A to go to his quarters because he needed to talk to Agent 147. She told him that he wasn't following directions. She said that she now knows why. Agent 147 was shocked when he heard he had an ability. She said that there's a company that helps keep this place running that can help him control his ability. She handed him a Primatech Company card.

Carl had the police at the police station block the road way. He knew it wouldn't stop them, so he drove another to a cliff and wired it to work like a remote control. When he saw the semi come around the corner, he made the car go forward and crash into the semi; stopping it and leaving the second robber dead, while the first had fallen out of the window (due to Gulp) and that he's only unconcious.

Kaito and Seasion called the cops and made a new contract for 5 years now, instead of two, and that they can use it whenever they need. Seasion told Kaito thank you and they parted because Kaito said that he had to talk to his son.

Carl got Gulp and woke him up. They went back to the crash and saw the cops there. They asked the cops what was in the back of the semi, and the cop replied with escaped prisoners. They looked puzzled, but accepted it and flew back to Lake Ontario. They said goodbye and parted their seperate ways.

The End.

Charatcer Appearances

  • Robber One (1)
  • Bandit One (1)
  • Bandit Two (1)
  • Robber Two (1)

Scrcrambled Eggs Nominations

  • Peter Petrelli is this story's Scrambled Egg. Peter Petrelli gets this award for being a great hero and fighting crime much like Carl, Seasion, Kaito, and Gulp did.

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