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Steve Orwall
Edward (Destiny).jpg
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance Interrogation
In-story stats
Known ability Invisibility
Formal name Steven Orwall
Occupation member of the Trio; former member of the LCK; former chef

Steve Orwall is a member of the Trio looking for friendship.

Character History


Gulp and Carl interrogate him, when Seasion, Jamie, and Maxwell barge in. He turns invisible, knocks out people in the room, and tries to escape; but, Seasion and Maxwell catch him and take him to the UNC and put him in the Cave Below after asking Agent 147 some questions.


Agent 147 frees Steve and two others from the Cave Below. They form the Trio and attack on both the UNC and Yamagato Industries. Steve helps the Trio get out of sticky situations by making them invsible. Later, Steve returns to the LCK and ask Candace and T.J. to join but they don't know if they want to or not.

Time We Share

Steve comes to Candace and T.J. and asks them if they want to form the Trio again, they say yes and they smile with each other.

Vignette:Baking Lessons, Session 1

Steve tells T.J. about how his ability manifested.

He was a chef and when he asked for one of his students' help, but in the food pantry, he turned invisible. The student, Little Billy Joe, ran out screaming. Steve reappears and tells Billy to talk to him after class.

A Solitary Journey

Steve, Candace, and T.J. are at a hardware store buying supplies for building the fortress when Candace froze a gunman trying to kill TJ. They manage to get him out with no one noticing and throws him in the back of their trunk. When they reach the site of the future fortress, the gunman aims a nail gun at all three asking who wants to die first.

Evolved Human Abilities

Invisibility~He can disappear to the point no one can see him.

Gulp Ninja Series edit
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