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Knock Out is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The eleventh story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

England · Hank Gordman · Probability Manipulation · Enhanced hearing · Andy Lewis · The Map of Wonders


THE YEAR IS 2003. (Respectively 3 months after Interrogation)

Carl awaits for Gulp and Jordan in pitch black underneath a tree. Jordan finally comes out of the woods running. Gulp then lands down next to them. Carl points to a building and says that ten kindergarteners are being held hostage inside that school. They climb to the roof of the building while trying not to have the kidnappers hear them.

In England, Seasion and Maxwell are looking for the Lighter. They had gotten word that he was there and that he was causing trouble.

In the UNC, Jamie awaits in a room very impatiently. She is pacing back and forth, constantly looking at her watch, and taps her pencil on her desk as she walks by. Finally, a man walks in. She confronts him and asks where he has been. She then calls him Wind 3-P. Jamie shares her information that a fellow UNC ninja knows secrets about the UNC that she shouldn't. Like how she can get out of the UNC, even when it is closed. Wind says that when faced with this type of situation, he was taught to search the suspect's belongings.

Coming through the roof, Carl helps Jordan down. Gulp is already in the classroom. He comments that it is darker in here than outside. He tries the light switch but it doesn't work. They step out into the school hallway. They think that the coast is clear until a guard comes walking up in a hallway intersection. Out of instinct, Gulp paralyzes the guard and they proceed.

Walking along the alleys of England, Seasion and Maxwell pass by a motel. They hear screams from an open window and then hear fire alarms. They split up and Seasion jumps into the window while Maxwell runs in the entrance. He runs and helps people out of the motel and starts to head up to the top floor, where Seasion went to.

At Pizza Mejor, a kitchen employee stays behind after the others leave. His name is Hank Gordman and he wonders back into the kitchen and notices a wallet on the ground. He picks it up and opens it to see the owner's face. The owner is none other than Seasion Caramine. Hank looks at Seasion's driver's license. He notices that on the other side is a card key, like for a motel. But this one was for an orgnization. He hears someone outside the shop and he goes to look. There is a peep hole that is the only place to see in or out when the restaurant is closed. He looks through it; and sees an eye.

Seasion finds the Lighter in the open window pouring kerosene and moving his hands to light the kerosene behind him on fire. Seasion surprises him and goes to upper cut his chin and slam his head through to the roof. But as he was about to, he hit the Lighter's forehead. He aimed again, and hit the forehead again. By now, the Lighter has caught on and punches Seasion in the guts. Seasion prepares his hands to chop the Lighter in half (figuratively) and swings his hand downward in that position, but unknowingly turns his hand into a fist and punches him in the forehead. The battle continued and no matter how many times he tried, he always punched the Lighter in the forehead. When the Lighter had beaten Seasion up to the point where he was on the ground, the Lighter says, "That's for earlier."

Jamie and Wind are now at Lilly's room. They knock on the door and she answers while they barge in. She asks them what they want and once they get done shuffling, they turn to her and Wind puts her in a bag, where they carry her somewhere.

When Gulp, Carl, and Jordan get to the cafeteria, they see in the office ten little kids with tape over their mouths and rope tied around their back. They see no guards, so they sneak over there. As they enter the room, Gulp tells Jordan to stay their and listen to see if anybody is coming. Carl and Gulp start to free the kids and tell them to shush. As they were freeing the sixth and seventh child, Jordan says that they are coming because he heard them.

As Hank freaks out about the eye, he backs up and the eye starts to come out at him. It pops through the hole and he grabs a chair to throw at the eye. Once sense kicks in, he detects how many people there are and the result that comes to his mind, is none. Hank is the only person there.

Maxwell, saving the lives in the motel, is now on the top floor where Seasion and the Lighter are. He barges into a room, where there is a man with fire all around him, but he is focused at the wall. Maxwell determines that there is either a hole in the wall, or he likes his face pressed against walls. A string of fire is about to get the man, and Maxwell tackles him and the wall crumbles into the next room, where they see Seasion and the Lighter. Once the man had lost focus, Seasion finally punched the Lighter in the guts and he fell into a pool of kerosene. "Ha! If you try to use your ability, you will set yourself on fire!" Seasion bragged. The man goes to help the Lighter up and asks if he's okay.

"Yeah, I'm okay, Andy. But I want to kill this man!" The Lighter said and points to Seasion who is helping Maxwell out of the wall's remains.

When Lilly wakes up, she is tied to a chair. They are in her room and Jamie and Wind are shuffling through her stuff for remains of treason. Lilly asks why they are doing this and Wind says that an agent told Jamie that Lilly was working against the UNC. Jamie pulls out a map from underneath Lilly’s bed. She looks at it and it is a map of the UNC and the secret passageways and stuff. By now, Lilly had freed herself from the rope and runs away through the halls. Jamie and Wind chases her and Wind pulls out his gun to shoot at Lilly.

Carl rushes the kids into a closet for safety as Gulp tries to hit one of the guys and Jordan punches the other guy as the other punches back.

Seasion is fighting Andy, making sure he doesn’t use his ability until he finally knocks him out. The Lighter pushes Maxwell out of the window to fall to his death. The Lighter punches Seasion and he tries to wake Andy up. As Seasion comes back, the Lighter swings to punch Seasion out cold, but he had just had enough and dodges the Lighter’s throw. He then punches the Lighter in the gut, making him pass out. Seasion jumps out of the window and down to the ground in time to catch Maxwell.

As Lilly begins to slow down, Wind gets a good shot and she is then taken down to the Cave Below. As they are going by the jail bars, a man is watching her. She is put into the cell next to this man and he tells her that his name is T.J.

Carl tranquilizes the two guys at the same time, and by then, cops arrive at the scene. They let the kindergarteners out and Jordan says that he has to go before the cops find him. Carl chuckles a tad bit and then shakes his head like what Jordan said was odd. Gulp says that he must go too because of the UNC.

When Seasion brings Maxwell back up to the top, Andy is now gone. They wonder where he went but are thankful that the Lighter is still there. Maxwell grabs his body, and they leave. Andy steps out from behind the blazing wall. The floors start to crack and some tumble down and Andy runs through the window onto the neighboring rooftop where he runs away in the sunset.

Seasion and Maxwell drop the Lighter off at a prison and as the guards carry him to his cell, the Lighter regains consciousness. He can barely see out of his blurry eyes the man Seasion knows as Robert Booth. When they return to the UNC, Seasion frees Lilly. He says that she is loyal and there are more suspicious people than her that aren’t in the Cave Below. He gives her back the map and tells Jamie that he had given her that map. She says thank you and returns to her room, which is now a mess. Seasion tells Jamie that that map is special and for her future, she needs it.

Hank now opens his eyes after blinking and sees that he is still in the kitchen with the UNC card in his hand still. He realizes that it was just a dream sees that the sun is now up and says to himself, “Wow. I was knocked out.”

The End.

Charatcer Appearances

Scrcrambled Eggs Nominations

  • D.L. Hawkins is this story's Scrambled Egg. D.L. Hawkins gets this award because in his first appearance (Hiros) he hid behind a wall from Niki, similar to this, Andy's first appearance hiding in the burning building.

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