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The Mirror is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The second story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

Transforming · Lilly Ninja · Robert Booth · Robert's team · Crew Member Two


THE YEAR IS 2002. (Respectively after the date of 90lbs.)

The story opens with Seasion reading a letter. The letter says that the UNC is in trouble and to shut down any further progress until it is safe. Seasion goes to talk to Jamie. He shows her the letter and she says that she must go undercover and see what they are planing to do. She transforms into a different person and runs down the hall to the exit of the cave. Seasion wishes her luck.

Seasion goes to Gulp's room and tells him that they are going to shut down the organization and let nothing in or out. Gulp tries to get his grandfather to let him escape before the door closes, but his grandfather says that these people are too dangerous. Seasion leaves to shut the doors and make an announcement.

Seasion leaves and Gulp grabbes two sets of clothes and heads out the door. A female ninja is there waiting for him outside his door. Her name is Lilly Ninja. She has a crush on Gulp and she tells him that if he doesn't make it out before his grandpa closes the gates, she can get him out.

Meanwhile, Carl is seen in his cop car strolling around. His radio sounds saying that there has been a robbery. Carl drives off sounding his alarm.

Gulp makes it out the door before it closes and he swims to the surface. He looks around and see people running and screaming. He stops someone and asks her whats going on. She replies and says that America has been bombed and that they're headed for North Korea now! Gulp jumps into the air and zooms off to America.

Carl is racing to the scene when someone jumps in front of him. He swerves to the side. Carl accidentaly goes into a park and crashes into a tree. He yells at the guy and asks him why he jumped right in front of him. The man's crew of four comes out and the man motions to one and that one ties Carl to a tree. Carl looks around helplessly and sees five more cop cars coming. Each car has two men. They start firing at the five people and the man moves his nose from side to side and hits every cop dead in a circle with water. He turns to Carl and says "Nobody fires at Robert Booth."

Gulp sees this little fight and flies down in front of Robert. Gulp asks them what they're doing. Robert replies with "Preparing to bomb America, then North Korea, then Japan, and then finally, Canada." Gulp tells him that he won't let it happen. One of the crew member's eyes get wide and she starts to back off. She gets ten feet away and starts to run. Gulp looks over and sees her. He shoots the runaway member and she falls to the ground. Robert says to him "Nice little power you've got there. But mine's a Level 3." Robert fires at Gulp and he dodges it.

A masked figure comes around the tree and frees Carl. She tells him to stay back and that she has called back up. The masked figure jumps up and karate kicks Robert's face and knocks him to the ground. She punches the other three crew members and they feint. She takes off her mask and walks over to Gulp. She says to him "I thought you would need help!" It is Lilly Ninja.

Seasion is having trouble corralling the protesting members of the UNC. He yells at them that there are agents working on fixing the problem and that it should be resolved soon. They all yell louder and Seasion takes a run for the control room, as do the other agents.

Lilly, Gulp, and Carl all talk while watching the cops put the crew members in their cars. The cars drive off, splitting up. They see the car with Robert and the second crew member flip upside down and the two figures jump out making a landing on top of a building. Robert motions that the crew member needs to go away. He runs into an alley. Carl says that he will go after the crew member. Lilly and Gulp prepare for a fight.

Seasion reaches the control room and locks the door behind him, letting no one in. He gets a call saying that it is safe to unlock the doors. The caller says that she won't be home, for she got into a sticky situation.

Gulp and Booth have a huge fight with their abilities while Lilly creeps behind him only to kick the back of his head, making him unconcious and blood runs out of his nose as his head hits the concrete ground face down. Cops return and they drug Robert making him unconcious for a while. Carl comes back and says that he couldn't find the crew member. That he escaped for good.

Lilly recieves a text from someone at the UNC saying that the doors are opened once again. Gulp and Lilly say farewell to Carl and they part ways.

Meanwhile, in a jail house, the female crew member hangs up the phone after calling someone. She gets shoved back in her cell and she lays down on the bed. She transforms into Jamie Black. She says to herself "Yes Seasion, I got myself into a very sticky situation."


Character Appearances

  • Crew Member Two (1)
  • Crew Member Three (1)

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