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King Rosko's Will is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The seventeenth story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

King Rosko's Will · Phasing · Robert's Mom's labratory · Peru


THE YEAR IS 2006, March.

Agent 147 picked up the piece of paper and began to read it right next to Rosko's deceased body. He began to read:

"My name is Rosko Caramine and this is my will. As you may have noticed, I am recently deceased and would like only certain people to know. Considering I have no items besides my organization, I will have no items to give away. However, I do leave my organization in the hands of my best agent, Agent 147." ...

Robert walked into his mother's house feeling baffled. "Why did I get a letter saying you were dead?" he asked her.

"Because your dad couldn't find me. I was where no one could see me."

"What do you mean? Where were you?"

"I used to work for someone. I helped capture specials like you. Which is why I moved out here. I have a base stationed here where only their elite agents know about."

"Mom, you are scaring me."

"Come with me." She grabbed his hand and pulled him into the living room. She shoved him by the blank wall with only photographs of Robert as a child. She touched the wall with her hand and concentrated really hard.

"What are you trying to--" He started but was amazed at what he saw. They went throught the wall and into a room full of machines.

Perry ran into an alley again. "They have already checked my apartment, they wouldn't expect me to be there again would they?" Perry walked up the stairs on the side of the buidling and climbed into an open window. He walked into the kitchen there and grabbed a snack. He went to go watch television and walked back into the living room. Five cops were there waiting for him.

"Put your hands up, Terrorist!!" One copper yelled.

He dropped his bowl of cereal and put his hands up. He looked through the wall and saw a shimmering spark flying to him. He thought an airplane was going to crash into him.

"How do you know when its the right time to start this country?" Sawyer asked Vincent.

"I was thinking about a country kind of out of the news for the time being. A vulnerable country that wouldn't see it coming."

"Well that's not any country."

"I know....I'm still trying to think about that."

"Well I will help you with whatever."

"Good, then take this ticket. Our plane leaves for Peru in two weeks."

"Peru?! That country isn't vulnerable though!"

"But they won't see it coming, and that's why I chose there. With our skills, we can start there and spread our wrath through out all of South America!!" Vincent laughed a maniachal laugh and then noticed Sawyer wasn't laughing with him. "Are you scared of what might happen?"

"What might happen??"

"Death." Vincent stared at Sawyer as he gulped.

"My loved ones I would like to know that I have been deceased would include: my brother, my huge enemy whom I have loved every second of disappointment from him; Robert Booth, the man whom stands alone, never stays with a group very long because he is so strong and brave; the Lighter, zapping personality whom lets nothing get in his way and only makes a deal with the devil; my fifth grade teacher, the woman whom inspired me to have a lifelong hatred of my brother; my aunt Jackie," ...

Perry looked through the wall and put his arms down. "Hey! I said put your hands up!" The shiney metal landed on the metal staircase outside and walked through the window. and bullets attacked all five coppers. They flew back crushing Perry's apartment. The smoke started to clear and the form of a body came through the distance.

"Are you Perry Adams?" it asked.

"Yes, who is this?" he asked a little scared.

"My name is Seasion Caramine. I believe that you didn't plant a bomb anywhere. And would like your help."

" help?" he stuttered.

"Yes. I know how much you love construction work and need two buildings built."

The coppers started to stand up. "Fine, I will help." Seasion grabbed Perry and jumped them off to the Grand Canyon.

"What is this place?" Robert asked. He looked around the room, computers and files scattered about the room. The room had a blue light shining on the room.

"This is where I was when no one could find me. A couple years ago, the man I worked for quit his job but I haven't quit what I do best." She took him into a room with tubes everywhere. There were millions of people in the tubes filled with water looking completely lifeless. Their lungs had wires running from them, keeping them alive.

"What are you doing to these people?!"

"They are my prisoners. They create harm but I am not harming them in any way."

"And you have an ability too?!"

"Yes, I know that you have manifested your ability and want you to know that I am now giving my labratory to you. Once I grow old and die, it is in your hands. Please keep good care of it."

"But we will need supplies in order to keep us alive" Vincent reassured Sawyer. They left the Gonzo mansion and headed to a utility store. They walked in and heard a small screech coming from a woman.

To be continued...

Charatcer Appearances

  • Robert's Mother (2)
  • Perry (2)
  • Copper (1)

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