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Map of Wonders
G-N Map of Wonders.jpg
One version of the Map of Wonders

First mentioned: Knock Out
Owned by: formerly Seasion Caramine
Current status: Lilly Ninja

The Map of Wonders is a map that when opened tells all of the secrets of how to get out of someplace. All of the secret escape routes and everything that one would need to know about the layout of the place.


Knock Out

When Wind and Jamie kidnap Lilly for treason against the UNC, they search her room for any suspicious things. They find the Map of Wonders and take it from her. When Seasion frees Lilly for no treason whatsoever, he hands Lilly back the map that he had once given to her. As Lilly walks away, Seasion tells Jamie that Lilly will need it in her near future.

A Solitary Journey

Lilly, stranded in the back rooms of a casino, uses the map to get out of the building. She hides in a closet from the men chasing her and the map shows her twelve different secret exits. She finds where she's at and the closest one to her. She goes there and it is a room, where she meets Brom.


  • This map did survive the explosion at the UNC.
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