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Interrogation is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The fifth story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

The Cave Below · Steve Orwall · Invisibility



The story opens in a bar. Two guys are conversing. The first man stands up and says that the organization will never be destroyed. The other stands up and turns around; it is Seasion. He yells back to the man as the man walks out, "There are traiters in our mists, Max!" The light outside is very dark and Seasion looks up at the moon.

The story then shows two people sitting on a grassy hill in a very sunny setting. The girl leans over and kisses the guy. She motions her away and feels his phone buzzing. He got it out and saw on the screen "CARL." She tells him to stay and he says, "I can't Denise, I've got work calling me." He walks away and then flies to meet his friend Carl. Carl says that there is a man they need to question.

The scene then shows Maxwell and Seasion at the UNC. They are looking at a picture. It shows Maxwell, and two unknown people. They say that Maxwell needs to talk to them to find out whom the traitors are. They say that they need to go to a warehouse in New Jersey. Once there, they look in a window and see two men there. One is a someone whom Seasion recognizes. He says that that is someone he helped join the UNC. And that he demanded to have an agent name even as a trainee. They recognize the other one to be one of the people from the picture. Seasion then asks why Maxwell took a picture with them. He replies with, "I was in disguise. Just like Jamie was when she got caught by the cops." They look back and the men are gone. One jumps down from the roof and shoves a gun in Seasion's face. Maxwell says that it's ok and he shows the man the picture. He frees Seasion and Maxwell asks where they can find the other man in the picture. He leans into Maxwell's ear telling him.

Carl and Gulp are in the interrogation room and they ask a man why he is here. The man replies with the answer of drugs. Carl asks who he was selling it to. The man replied with an agent for a government organization. Gulp steps outside and walks down the hallway. Two men walk by and look into the window on the other side, seeing the man and Carl. They walk away and go to the room with the jail cells. They see number 8D and free the prisoner.

Gulp turns off the lights in the interrogation room and renter it. Gulp asks the man if he knew why he turned off the lights. The man replied with, so you couldn't see me escape.

The two men, and prisoner walk fast. The one man, says to the prisoner, "I need you to transform into a demanding threat." They go by the interrogation room, and one of them says he'll be right back.

Carl asks why the man says that, and then the lights come on. Three figures barge into the room, and Gulp says, "Granddad?" Seasion, Maxwell, and the prisoner look at each other. Carl's confused and the man siting in the interrogation room disappears. Carl yells it and the prisoner hurries to close the door. Seasion and Carl are knocked out, and soon so is the prisoner. She morphs back into herself. It is Jamie! Seasion jumps all around the room and Maxwell just grabs the body. The man becomes invisible and he asks what they want. Seasion says "Questioning." Seasion grabs Jamie's body and they go back to the UNC.

At the UNC, They have the man strapped to a chair, and they call Agent 147. They ask what he was doing at the warehouse. He comes clean and says drugs. Seasion asks if they can do a lie detecting test and Agent 147 replies yes. They ask if he knows the man in the chair. Agent 147 says no. They let him go after testing him for the warehouse and then put the man in a jail cell underneath the cave.

Later, when Gulp and Carl wake up, they realize that no one is there and they ponder where they went.

The End.

Charatcer Appearances

  • Gulp (5)
  • Carl (5)
  • Unknown Picture Person One (1)

Scrcrambled Eggs Nominations

  • Matt Parkman, Sr. is this story's Scrambled Egg. Matt Parkman, Sr. gets this award because he is a cop and is used to interrogating people, like the characters all go through.

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