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Lilly Ninja
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance The Mirror
In-story stats
Formal name Emma Meyer
Alias Emma D
Occupation Ninja
Parent Ms. Meyer
Sibling Bromwin Meyer

Lilly Ninja was a ninja for the UNC. She currently works for Homeland Security.

Character History

The Mirror

Lilly is seen trying to help Gulp escape the UNC while it was in lockdown. Then she saves him and Carl from Robert Booth.


Emma D and Sakamito are in the same trainee class and study together while at the UNC. She then upgrades and they don't talk as often.


Lilly is first seen chasing another ninja working for Homeland Security. But when Gulp stops her, they go to the underwater cave in Lake Ontario and see that Seasion is being abducted. They go to his pizza shop and then Lilly is abducted. Later at the LCK warehouse, Lilly grabs a pipe and starts to beat Robert with it. They fight with her reflecting the water he tosses at her and she purposly makes him move into a zap ray made by The Lighter, who was tring to hit Gulp. Robert feints and Lilly kicks him into a trash can in the corner. Lilly is shot by the bank robber who captured her and she falls. Lilly wakes up and crawls to a corner, where she escapes.

The Dance of Death

Gulp thought back to how she was around every corner while working for the UNC.

Knock Out

Lilly is arrested by Jamie and Wind for treason against the UNC. They go through her stuff and find a map that shows all of the secret exits in the UNC. Lilly escapes and runs, but Wind chases her with a gun loaded. When she slows down, Wind shoots her and both Wind and Jamie take her to the Cave Below. T.J. introduces himself to her and then Seasion comes and frees her. He tells Jamie and Wind that there are more suspicious people in the UNC, rather than loyal Lilly. He hands her back the map he had once given her and as she walks away, Seasion tells Jamie tha she will need it in her future.

A Solitary Journey

Lilly is stranded in a casino. Men with guns are chasing her. She hides in a closet and gets out her map. It shows twelve different secret exits. She finds where she's at and the closest exit. While going there, a huge man grabs her and puts a gun to her head. She kicks him throwing him down and heads to the exit. She enters the door into a room. A man shuts the door behind her and introduces himself as Bromwin.


  • As a trainee, she was called Emma D.
  • It was discovered in A Family's Past that she has a fraternal brother (Brom Meyer) and that her last name is Meyer.
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