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John Millard
Portrayed by Hugh Jackman (Danko)
First appearance Charmed
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name John Millard
Age 36 (2009)
Date of birth 17/5/1973
Home Newark, NJ
Occupation Company Agent
Significant other Suzan Hayes
Other relatives Brother-In-Law: Jordan Hayes

John Millard is an elite Company agent who does not have an ability but is a profficient marksman and fighter. Though John has many friends within the Company such as Noah, the mission always comes first and John has no problem with moral ambiguity.

Character History

John was born into an American family who trained until they became the best, and went out as mercenaries. This usually meant their life-span was short, but sometimes and in John's case it didn't, he became both very wealthy and successful.

Recruited as an mercenary by Kaito on a very hard and dangerous mission for the Company, John succeeded and instead of being mind-wiped of the incident, became a rookie agent. However his potential within the Company soon became apparent and he rose thanks to Kaito through the ranks, under the wing of his good friend Noah Bennet to become a top Company agent.

Several years later, he is one of their best human agents; his skills with fire-arms and quick-thinking earning him the respect and admiration of fellow agents.

When Kaito died, much to John's greed, he took orders from Bob Bishop and when his friend Noah turned against the Company, John was ordered to spy on them in Costa Verde. In the trade off between Noah and Bob's daughters, John was on an adjacent building with a sniper rifle aimed at Noah's head, though he was shot by someone else.


Kaito sends people out to catch the Trio, and John is one that is sent. He makes a rude comment to Candace about her ability and then chases the Trio shooting at them. He accidentally kills an innocent civilian and then T.J throws a guy on top of John, making him loose them.

Time We Share

On a deserted island, Denise says to her mother that John came to their house and made it look like the house burnt down and put her on that island. Candace and T.J. act surprised after hearing this and tell their captive person to take them to a time in John's life. He takes them to his wedding to Jordan's sister, Suzan. After the wedding, Company agents come to take Jordan because of his ability, and so Jordan flees to an unknown location. They take John instead and recruit him into the Company.

Treachery and Innocence

After finishing his training for the Company, Kaito assigns him a company partner, Ken Richey. Kaito tells them that he wants to capture all of the UNC people and tells them to go to Tokyo with him. Once there, he sends Ken and John to the rooftops and to overlook the Sea of Japan.

After Kaito found Jamie, Seasion, Sakamito, Samuel Sullivan, and Denise at a carnival, he sends John and Ken to help. Ken brings down Seasion as the others run away. John tackles Jamie, and then after Ken throws Denise, Jamie goes to catch her but John trips her. After all are out cold, John, Ken, and Kaito bring all five back to the Company.

Vignette:The Heard

Jordan says that he trusted no other men in Suzan's life besides himself and John. He says that John is now protecting Jordan from the Company.


  • John is considered one of the Company's top and best-paid agents and his loyalty is unquestioned.
  • John was entered into the first ever G-N contest by Danko and got second place!
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