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Baking Lessons, Session 2 is a vignette about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The fourth vignette in the Gulp-Ninja Series)

What did Billy see?


Story Development

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"After class, we walked outside," Steve was finishing his story to T.J. "But when we walked outside, we got mugged."

Billy was beaten up very badly. Steve just turned invisible. Billy was shoved into a trunk of a car and Steve climbed in as the mugger shut the door. He turned visible again.

"Billy, what did you see in the closet?" Steve asked.

" turned invisible!"

"Billy, you must understand that I've never done that before!"

"Then how were you se good at it now?!" They had heated up and were practically yelling at each other now.

Steve calmed down and said, "I don't know...I just wanted it to happen...and it did." Billy just looked at him. "I know this freaks you out. It freaks me out too!"

After about five hours, the car stopped. Steve turned invisible and the truck door opened. Steve hopped out as Billy was pulled out. They were at a mansion.

"The Gonzos' will love seeing you in pain!" The mugger said. They saw a man talking to another without a shirt on. As they turned down an empty hallway, Steve kicked the mugger in the face and caught Billy when the mugger dropped him.

Steve and Billy ran but Steve accidentally ran into the shirtless man. He was thrown down without any scrapes or bruises. The man thought Billy moved him through telekinesis and he threw a punch towards Billy. But Steve turns visible and moves the man, but his hand still touches Billy. The shirtless man stands up, but Steve and Billy are gone. Billy realizes that he can turn invisible too. But somehow, he knew that the man did that to him.

Steve finishes his story and T.J. starts to tell him about his manifestion.

The End.

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