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A new villain trio is formed while a new evolved human hunter comes into the story line in the epic new story in the Glup-Ninja Series!

Charmed is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The eighth story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


  • A member is returned to the LCK.
  • Gulp and Kaito makes orders to catch the Trio, which is formed by the only three prisoners in the history of the UNC escape.

Story Development

T.J. Luther · Telekinesis · The Trio · John Millard


THE YEAR IS 2004. (Respectively 2 months before the UNC explosion.)

"Shh! Be quiet. They could hear us!" Said someone. They are in pitch black and cait see anything. Keys rattle and four bodies move. The first one shows them the way somewhere. The other three then can see. They were in a cave and this guy just freed them.

"Thank you for freeing us. I've been in there for ten years," said one of the two guys.

"No problem! But I have got to go!" said the escapist and raced away as if he had to be somewhere fast.

"Okay. Well, my name is T.J.; T.J. Luther." said the ten-year person. "And I want the UNC to pay for putting me down there."

"Oh, well me name is Candace. And I know exactly who will die. Every one of those ninjas. I've been in there for two years," said the only girl.

"My name is Steve Orwall. Let's go make them pay. Agent 147 did enough to free us. Now we have to give them what they deserve. DEATH!" said the last one. He swam towards the cave above and the others followed. They got in the cave and hid a second. They see some ninjas getting out of class. Steve touches Candace and T.J. and they disappear. They walk over two young ninjas. T.J. throws some kid through a flag pole and blood splurts every where while Candace freezes a different kid. Alarms sound and some older ninjas come out. Gulp Ninja even comes out and sees them. He paralyzes Candace. Steve catches her, coming into view. T.J. tosses Gulp aside. They all back into a closet and unknowing teleport into a building closet. T.J. destroys the teleporting device and they ask Candace if she is okay.

They stay in that closet for a little bit and talk. Candace swears she will kill Gulp for doing this to her. Steve says that Gulp was actually interrogating him when he was taken to the jail by Seasion. After letting Candace catch up her breath, they exit the closet. They realize that they are in Yamagato buildings. Some guy comes up and hand cuffs Steve, but T.J. throws him away and they run. Sounds alarm there too, and they murder two more people. Steve makes them invisible until they get out in the streets. They then walk into a restaurant and sit. By now it is around 11:00 A.M.

Meanwhile, Gulp has ordered a team to get the Trio. He had ordered Agent 147 to help get them but he refuses. Gulp is about to yell at him, when Agent 147 charms him using a spell to make him forget about it. They swam up to the surface and have split up. Kaito has also sent out people to catch the Trio. In the restautrant, one of Kaito's men decides to look in there. There are two tables with two boys and one girl, so he chooses the ones that looks out of breath. He walks over and says, "Hello, my name is John Millard. Is there anyway you can help my friend outside?" They follow John outside and they see a man having trouble with his car. "It over heated. Is there any way you could cool it down," he pointed at Candace and took out his gun. Steve touches the two and they turn invisible. They start to run but Steve looses contact with T.J. and John sees him. He runs after T.J.

Gulp sees them running and then sees Candace appear. He jumps over a crowd of people after Candace. Steve jumps up and grabs Candace. He glides over and tackles T.J. into an alley. "There is a man waiting for me three blocks from here. He is the leader of the group against the UNC, the LCK. If you want to come you can, but we need to get there and meet him. By this time, John has turned down the alley. The three run and then turn onto another street. John fires his gun and they jump, some other lady gets shot. When the three come back down to the ground, T.J. has to throw someone against the wall so he stays invisible. That man gets thrown into a railing on the second floor of a building and falls down on John, making him loose the Trio.

In the alley, the leader waits for them. They turn the corner and turn visible. They stop running at the leader's feet. Steve stands behind the leader and the leader says, "King Rosko wants to know who these people are."

"This is T.J. Luther and Candace Blaine. They hate the UNC too but don't know if they want to join the LCK." Steve replies.

"It's nothing against you, I just have some unfinished business to take care of with T.J. and then we might join. We don't know yet." Candace said in a very polite manner.

"King Rosko understands. Here is the LCK's card if you want to join." King Rosko says. He uses his sparkely ray to make Steve disappear, and the King jumps up over the building. T.J. and Candace talk about how they don't know what to do now. They say they know of one thing they can do. They walk towards the Sea of Japan. King Rosko is then shown watching them from on top of the building.

The End.

Charatcer Appearances

Scrcrambled Eggs Nominations

  • Flint Gordon, Jr. is this story's Scrambled Egg. Flint Gordon, Jr. gets this award because he was an escapee of the Company, much like this new trio.


  • When this story came out, a special announcement was used to advertise the series. It can be seen in the first blue box at the top of the page.

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