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For information about Kaito in Heroes, see the mainspace page.
Kaito Nakamura
Portrayed by George Takei (Iheartheroes)
First appearance 90lbs
In actual
Heroes: The Fix
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Nakamura Kaito
Date of birth April 20, 1937
Date of death March 11, 2007
Home Tokyo, Japan; New York, NY
Residence Penthouse apartment at the top of the Deveaux building
Occupations CEO of Yamagato Industries, Company founding member & Official, Contractor with The UNC
Significant others Ishi Nakamura (deceased), formerly Angela Petrelli
Children Hiro Nakamura,
Kimiko Nakamura

Kaito Nakamura was a person who helped keep the UNC up and running.

Character History

Kaito was one of the founding member of The Company who became one of its key officials. Kaito was also a powerful businessman, serving as CEO of Yamagato Industries. He often renewed contracts with the UNC on keeping equipment in Yamagato.


Seasion goes to Kaito to renew the contract with the UNC, but two people are after the formula and Seasion and Kaito defeat them and put them in jail.


Kaito suggests to see Dr. Livitz when Seasion needs an ability-knowledgeable doctor for Gulp.

The Dance of Death

A man plans the death of Kaito, spies on him with his son and a whistler, and then murdering him by tackling Kaito off of a building rooftop in a bloody death, while the man walks away perfectly alive.


After the Trio escapes the UNC, they flee to Yamagato Industries. Kaito comes and hand cuffs Steve, but T.J. throws Kaito away and they flee. Later, Kaito sends people after them to catch them.

Treachery and Innocence

Kaito refuses to renew the contract with the UNC and that he wants all of the UNC to be stopped. He gives John his new company partner, Ken and asks them to guard Tokyo.

In Tokyo, Kaito takes his kids to a carnival, where he runs into Jamie, Seasion, Gulp, and Denise. He tells John and Ken to come to the carnival and catch them.

When they arrive at the carnival, Kaito rushes to help them, but Samuel Sullivan stops him and says that he remembers him. He knocks out Kaito and drags him away. But then Kaito, Ken, and John take all of the other five back to the Company and bag and tag them. The Haitian wipes their minds and they are placed back where they were found, only this time, Kaito renewed the contract.

A Solitary Journey

Seasion asks Gulp what he is supposed to do and he suggests that Kaito might help with knowing who would be good for building a army against Evergreen.

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