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The Future is Set is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The fourteenth story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

Elizabeth Delcad · Self-Replication · Coma · Wind's Organization · Rogue Pawn


THE YEAR IS 2006, March.

The Lighter hears sirens and feels a jerk as the car he is in swerves in goes around a corner. He sees a bright light and he opens his eyes. The shock that surged through him shocked him so much that he didn't know where he was. He sees the people standing around him burst into ashes as their ashes are on fire. The car just stops in the middle of the road. Everything is very dark.

Agent 147 runs inside the New Jersey warehouse and finds King Rosko. "I lost him," the agent says.

"King Rosko can't believe Robert would leave him like that," he said.

They were walking in the hall, talking; not even knowing what would happen next. One minute they lose Robert. The next, Rosko collapses.

Wind is sitting in a dark room. He is on a laptop searching through a long list of names. He sees Gomer A's name and address. He turns off the laptop, shoves it in his back, puts on the backpack, and heads out the door.

On the deserted island, Denise is collecting coconuts. She sees her mother chopping down a tree. She stares at the tree for a second, analyzing at the way she holding it, where is it going to fall? She sees straight on her mother. She ran to try to push her out of the way as it wa collapsing. She jumped and now both were under the target.

"Be quiet or they will find you!" The man who shut the door told her. Lilly looks at him confused. "The name's Bromwin." He sticks out his hand and Lilly shakes it.

"My name is Lilly. Who are these people?"

"These people are people that will haunt you down until you die. Even if you change your name, they will find you."

"But I didn't do anything."

"Correction. You broke into their casino. You ran from them. And you are here on a top secret mission with Homeland Security to kill the man in charge of them."

"How do you know that? No one knows that! Who are you?"

"I told you, the name is Bromwin." He smiles and she is still confused.

Elsewhere, a woman is standing in a hallway. She takes one step and it make a creak. She looks at surrounding doors. Nothing. She replicates herself two steps away. She transfers her body to that one and the one she is was in disappears. A door opens and she replicates one more person. A guy stands there, "You two have my wallet."

The prime duplicate says, "Shh! And I told you that we charge fifty dollars for sex per twenty minutes. We had sex for three hours in total. You only handed us two hundred dollars. You were cheating us out of two hundred and fifty dollars!"

"So you take my whole wallet?"


"You are a theif!" His voice starts to raise. She makes duplicates to hold every door closed. And one to knock him out. She runs outside and the copies start to disappear.

Agent 147 had lain Rosko on a bed, worried about what could happen to him. Rosko opens his eyes and holds Agent 147's hand.

"King Rosko is dying," he tells him.

"What do you mean?" the agent wonders.

"I am dying. That is what I mean."

"But how do you know for sure?"

"The bullet went straight through my leg."

"Well you never-" Agent 147 quit talking because he realized that King Rosko just now died. "Your curse was gone in the last few seconds of your life." He started to cry. One tear fell off the end of his nose and it landed on a parch of paper. He picked it up and began to read it.

Evergreen is outside in the hot sun. He is washing his horses when one whines. "Don't worry Pumpernickle, Snowflake will be home soon!" He gets done rubbing Pumpernickle and moves over to the other one. "Your turn Rye!" And he starts to wash Rye.

Denise pushed Jamie out of the way of the tree and Jamie pulled Denise out from the middle of it now and they both roll down the hill. They stand up bruised and then climb up the hill. They start to chop up the tree. "This boat is going to be awesome, mom!" Denise told her mother as Jamie smiled.

Elizabeth keeps running until she exits the doors of the college. Her half-prime appears next to her. "I hate it when guys cheap us out of our money. Are we not satisfying enough?" She asks her half-prime.

"Well at least we always get our money. I never knew that being a prostitute meant so much money!" her half-prime told her.

"Well I'm just worried about what people are gonna say when we see someone whom we have had sex with comes and sees us again." The two girls talk and walk away from the campus and head off to new adventures.

Wind arrives at a light blue house in Los Angeles. He knocks on the door and Gomer answers. Wind barges in and Gomer asks him how he has been. "I have been in the midst of making a new UNC. Not entirely the exact same way but just an organization for a group of 'specials.' Against them."

"I'd be most interested. Tell me what I'd be doing," Gomer tells him.

"Very well." Wind tells him all the knows.

Andy is rushing through the streets. He sees a bright light flash and then all electricity was out. He kept running until he saw an ambulence. He saw many piles of ash around it. He opens the back door of the ambulence and sees the Lighter there unconcious. He tells the Lighter that he is here and the electricity comes back on. Andy closes the door and drives the car to the hospital. He waited two hours for the doctor to come out and said that the Lighter was in a coma.

Evergreen is now dusting the inside of his and Snowflake's rook. He hears the door bell ringing and rushes downstairs hoping that it is Snowlake. He opens the door to a man with a blue lining to him. Evergreen realizes that it is the Rogue Pawn that wants to kill him. The Rogue Pawn holds up a knife, "I'm going to kill you now."

To be continued...

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