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User:Gulp-Ninja Series/Evergreen

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Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance Deal With the Devil
In-story stats
Known ability Chess configuration
Residence Right Rook
Parent Unnamed father; unnamed mother
Sibling Snowflake; Unnamed twin

Evergreen is the king of the chess-family.

Character History

Vignette:Deal With the Devil

Evergreen comes to Andy's house to kill him. After making Andy and the Lighter play the game and telling them his whole story. The Lighter zaps Evergreen making him fall on the floor. His last move is to move the rook into Andy's row and then the chess board disappears.

A Solitary Journey

Evergreen is in the Grand Canyon shouting to Seasion and Gulp that they have three weeks to build a good enough army to defeat his family.

Evolved Human Abilities

Evergreen has manipulated his ability to the fullest extent, making the full chess board and recruiting others.

Gulp Ninja Series edit
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