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T.J. Luther
SWAT agent.jpg
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance Charmed
In-story stats
Known ability Telekinesis
Formal name Tyler John Luther
Nickname T.J.
Significant other Candace Blaine

Tyler John or T.J. Luther is a member of the Trio who used to be a prisoner of the UNC.

Character History


Agent 147 frees T.J. and two others from the Cave Below. They form the Trio and attack on both the UNC and Yamagato Industries. T.J. kills some people and helps block John Millard from chasing them. They are later asked to join the LCK, but Candace and T.J. say that they will get back to King Rosko on it.

Time We Share

T.J. and Candace travel to many places with a captive time turner and see many things. One is when his ability manifested. He was performing a show and when he called someone to the stage, he accidentaly threw him into the air and killed him. UNC agents soon came in and grabbed him and put him in the Cave Below. After seeing Jamie in a romantic relationship, T.J. and Candace stared into each other's eyes until T.J. leaned over and kissed her. She smiled and they kissed again. After about five kisses, the captive man got errogant. Upon returning to present day time, they kill the captive man as Steve watches. He comes up and gets the Trio back together saying he doesn't like the LCK anymore. Steve then learns that T.J. and Candace are in a relationship.

Knock Out

When Lilly Ninja is arrested at the UNC and is taken to the Cave Below, T.J. can be seen sitting in his cell, right next to Lilly's.

Vignette:Baking Lessons, Session 1

Steve tells T.J. how his ability manifested.

A Solitary Journey

T.J., Candace, and Steve are at a hardware store buying supplies for building the fortress when Candace froze a gunman trying to kill TJ. They manage to get him out with no one noticing and throws him in the back of their trunk. When they reach the site of the future fortress, the gunman aims a nail gun at all three asking who wants to die first.

Evolved Human Abilities

Telekinesis~He can move things without touching them.

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