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A body of water in the world. Now imagine, being underwater.
Location: Sea of Japan
Purpose: To learn the ways of a Ninja
First appearance 90lbs
Known leader: Seasion Caramine; Jamie Black; Maxwell Wakes; 5 others
Known members: Gulp Ninja, Agent 147, Gomer A, Lilly Ninja, Wind 3-P
Equipment used: Swords, Ninja-Suits

The UNC stands for the Underwater Ninja Corporation. There are seven founders and only two remain alive. One will die in 2016 and the other is stranded on an island. The UNC was a secret base for ninja learning. The only "building" it had, was a cave underneath the Sea of Japan.


In 1985, the UNC was born. All of the founders were excelent scubadivers and found it convenient to scubadive down to the cave and start to build walls that could hold air and unless broke, no water could come in. After these were completed they wanted furniture. They made a deal with a man named Kaito Nakamura to hide a teleportation device in the Yamagato Industries building in Tokyo. But he said that they had to find their own hiding spot and find the money to get it themselves. They found a place in a closet, but they still needed to get the other one down there. So, they took apart the other one, took the pieces down themselves and put it together.

Later, when they got threats from people, each member decided that they had to live in six different places in the world and not make contact with each other outside of work to keep each other safe.

In 2004, the destruction took way. An agent under the code name of Agent 147 went and killed 4 of the founders. One had died from scubadiving one evening. He was about to kill the other two, but a ninja stopped him. He dodged every punch at him. And one even paralyzed one other founder, Jamie Black. Agent 147 then laughed and flew out of the cave, bursting a whole in it. The ninja was going to fix it, but appaently Agent 147 had placed bombs in the cave and it was blowing up. The other founder, Seasion Caramine grabbed the ninja and they jumped onto clouds above the Sea of Japan leaving Jamie Black behind, which the water and bombs then got to him.


The story opens with Gulp leaving The UNC because Carl called him in for a robbery. Back at the UNC, Seasion is seen telling Jamie that two more recruitees came and that he can't train them today becuase he has to renew the contract with Kaito. Jamie says that she will train them and two children of age 17 and 24 come in. Seasion says that the 17 year old is Gomer A and that the 24 year old refuses to have a "trainee" name so he said they named him Agent 147 and that he still is a trainee, but with an agent name.

Jamie tries to train the two trainees. Gomer A was working well with tasks, and Agent 147 was too, but he was taking things too far. He wasn't listening to directions at all. After a long day of training and not listening, Jamie then calls Seasion to see how its going. Seasion answers and says that he just got in the building and is heading up to Kaito's office.

Jamie noticed that Agent 147 had Accelerated probability and thats why he was so fast. Jamie told Gomer A to go to his quarters because he needed to talk to Agent 147. She told him that he wasn't following directions. She said that she now knows why. Agent 147 was shocked when he heard he had an ability. She said that there's a company that helps keep this place running that can help him control his ability. She handed him a Primatech Company card.

The Mirror

When Seasion recieves a letter to shut down the UNC for it is not safe, he informs Jamie and she leaves on a mission to keep the UNC safe. He does however inform Gulp that he will shut it down and that he needs to stay there, when Seasion leaves the room, Gulp packs his things and starts to leave. Lilly Ninja is outside his door and she tells him that if he can't make it out before Seasion closes the gates, she can get him out. However, he does make it out, but she doesn't. She sneaks out the way she told him. When Seasion closes the gates, a riot makes way and Seasion has to lock himself in the control room to keep anything from getting hurt. He soon gets a call from Jamie saying that the UNC is safe, but she isn't.


At the UNC, Jamie is talking to someone who is very upset and crying alot. They say goodbye and they hang up. She turns around and sees Seasion. She asks, did you have to break Denise's heart? He replies saying that his grandson's ability was manifesting and didn't want her to get hurt, or possibly die. She says that this hurt her more. They part ways as a tear rolls down Jamie's face.

Seasion is later shown taking Sakamito to training class. He introduces him to a boss at the UNC, Wind 3-P. Wind 3-P gives Sakamito the name Sakamito B. The two go to class without Seasion and Sakamito goes and sits down in a desk. A girl turns around and says "Hi, my name is Emma D! What's yours?" They converse while not paying attention to Wind. Emma and Sakamito became somewhat good friends and studied together, until Emma passed the class (because she had been in the class a year before Sakamito). They still talked but she went on to become Lilly Ninja and he was still Sakamito B.

Seasion talks to one of the other founders, Maxwell Wakes, when Jamie walks in. She tells Seasion to speak to him in private. She says she's sorry for the way she acted, but a man who is prophesized about in Sakamito's life, is in trouble. Seasion's eyes are widened and asks if its the geek and she says yes. He says he'll be back. He takes off and leaves. When Seasion returns, he goes and talks to Sakamito about why he had to take him away from Denise.


Seasion learns why his brother destroyes the UNC; that the LCK destroys corrupt organization. Seasion asks why the UNC was destroyed and King Rosko said "Because my brother ran it."


Seasion and Maxwell are in a bar and they talk about how there are traitors in the UNC. Later, they are at the UNC looking at a picture of Maxwell and two criminals that might know if there are any traitors. They leave to go find the men and come back with one of the men and Jamie. They question Agent 147 and then take the man down to the cave below jail cells.

The Dance of Death

Gulp recalls how Lilly was around every corner in the UNC.

Cold Rain

Gulp remembers of how his grandfather forced him to join the UNC and that it was his fault his life was screwed up. He then thinks that maybe things happen for a reason. That his grandfather and Denise's mother making an organization together was not just a coincidence.


In the Cave Below, Agent 147 frees the Trio from the jail and they swim up to the UNC. Two of them kill two young ninjas and a fight happens. Gulp even helps by paralyzing Candace. The Trio soon flees through the telepotation device and then destroys it. Later, Gulp is assigning people to go get the Trio. He tells Agent 147 to do something, but he just charms Gulp with an amnesiac potion and Gulp forgets about it.

Time We Share

After seeing Seasion make fun of Rosko because of his accident, Candace and T.J. call all UNC people jerks and wonder if they were ever kind, or ever realized that what they did to evolved humans was wrong. They ask their captive person to take them to a time if this ever happened. They go to a deserted island, where Denise and Jamie talk about the UNC explosion and the events in it. They also say that if it weren't for the UNC, their lives wouldn't be this way.


Teiresias tells Seasion that Sakamito will be recruited into the UNC in 2000.

Knock Out

Jamie talks to Wind about arresting Lilly for treason, due to a report of it by an agent. They go to her room and bag her. They search her room and find a map. She then tries to escape, but Wind shoots her in the hall. They take her down to the Cave Below, where she meets T.J..

Gulp parts from Jordan and Carl to go back to the UNC.

After putting the Lighter in jail, Maxwell and Seasion go back to the UNC, where Seasion frees Lilly. He also gives her back her map and tells Jamie that she will need it.

Treachery and Innocence

Kaito refuses to renew the contract, and Seasion and Jamie get scared. They flee to join a carnival, but Kaito sends people to get them and bag and tag them. The Haitian erases their memory and sends them back to where they were before the mess. But this time, Kaito renewed the contract.

Vignette:The Heard

Jordan is worries about the UNC catching him and Vincent is helping him fight against them. However, when Gulp runs into Jordan on a subway, he hands Jordan a UNC card and Jordan freaks out.

The Future is Set

Wind goes to Gomer's house and tells him that he is working on creating a new UNC. Not exactly the same but it is for 'specials'; against them.


In this organization, everyone got a code name. The new recruitees (called trainees) were always given their first name and a letter. For example, Josh C. (C being the third Josh in the organization, and not the last name.) One step up, an actual agent, was the word, Agent, and a number. For example, Agent 37. An agent can only do missions in Japan and the Koreas. One step higher, a ninja able to do missions around the world, was given a nature-related word and then the word Ninja. For example, Ember-Ninja. One step higher was a boss. A Boss got a combination of all 3. For exmple, Ember 37-C. And then the highest spot, a founder, got their name. For example, Seasion Caramine. As a trainee or an agent, you fought with a sword. As anything else, you could use whatever you needed to use. Some may even keep their sword also.

The Cave Below

In 1994, the founders were scubadiving and they noticed another cave below the one the UNC uses. It was completely visible all the way through and there were strange holes periodically on the walls. They thought that since they had been there for 10 years, what were the cahnces of anyone else finding it? They decided to put a jail down there where prisoners stayed. Scientists have found that after the explosion, only one body is missing. They are still searching the whole premisis, but one body is still unfound.

Known Members



  • Gomer A-(in the UNC from 2002-2004)






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