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User:Leckie/Bromwin Meyer

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Bromwin Meyer
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Portrayed by Leckie
In-story stats
Known ability Eyesight manipulation
Nicknames Brom, Meyer
Age 24
Date of birth 2 August 1985
Place of birth Bournemouth, England
Occupation Casino Worker
Parent Ms. Meyer
Sibling Lilly Ninja

Bromwin Meyer is an evolved human who has the ability of eyesight manipulation.

Character History

Brom grew up in Bournemouth, England. He was born in 1984 to a family of four, he has one older brother and one older sister. After a terrible incident that killed everyone in his family but him, Brom moved to America where he met a strange man. Brom soon discovered that he was able to manipulate his own eyesight, and after becoming close friends with Robert, he told him about his ability. Robert then told Brom about how he could manipulate the water that comes from your body. Brom is currently working at a vegas casino, where he uses his ability to cheat any gamblers.

Gulp-Ninja Series

A Solitary Journey

Lilly-Ninja is following her map out of the casino she is in. She goes through a door that she finds out isn't the exit. Brom closes the door behind her and tells her to be quiet or they will catch her. They swap names and shake hands.

The Future is Set

Brom tells Lilly to be quiet because they will find her. They swap names and shake hands and he explains who they are. She wonders why and he tells her their reason. She wonders how he knows about her mission, and he just smiles.

Evolved Human Abilities

Brom is able to manipulate his and others eyesight. Brom's eyes turn different shades of green depending on which eye realted ability he chooses to use.


  • Brom manifested after the eclipse.
  • For Brom's assignment tracker, see here.
Gulp Ninja Series edit
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