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King Rosko
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance Safety
In-story stats
Known ability Mortal Detection
Nickname Little Man
Occupation LCK Founder
Sibling Seasion Caramine

King Rosko is the brother of Seasion and wants revenge.

Character History

Throughout his life, Rosko has always been shunned away, while his perfect brother showed off and got all the attention. One day, he just has enough and decides to start a company (the Living Company Killers, or LCK) determined to destroy anything that Seasion has managed to get hold of.


King Rosko is in the LCK warehouse with many members of the LCK and many members of the UNC team. But the UNC team members are unconcious. When he notices that Gulp becomes unconcious, he sends his "army" after him. When the team gets defeated, he makes the skeleton alive with his ability, and they fight. When its just Seasion and him left, they communicate like brothers and he explains why he had to destroy the UNC. King Rosko escapes while transporting the living members of his team away.


While recruiting Steve Orwall back to the LCK, he asks Candace and T.J. if they want to join also, but they say that they aren't sure. He sends Steve away and pretends to go away too, but instead spies on Candace and T.J.

Time We Share

When T.J. and Candace go back to 1973 and learn that Rosko was cursed to only speak in third person. They see how Seasion gets popular by making fun of Rosko until he runs away swearing that he will destroy everything that his brother gets his hands on.

The Future is Set

Agent 147 returns to the New Jersey warehouse and tells King Rosko that he lost Robert. King Rosko collapses to the floor and Agent 147 lies him on a bed. Rosko tells him that he is dying and just before he dies, he says "I" because his curse was gone. A tear rolls down Agent 147's face and it lands on a parch of paper. He picked it up and began to read it.

Evolved Human Abilities

Mortal Detection~With Mortal Detection at stage four, King Rosko can detect live or concious organisims. He can detect a change in concious to unconcious or vice versa. A sparkling ray can come from his fingers and he can transport organisms places or make dead organisms come back to life.


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