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Treachery and Innocence is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The twelveth story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

Ken Richey · Samuel Sullivan · Sullivan Bros. Carnival · Kimiko Nakamura · Microwave emission · Terrakinesis



People are innocent, except in the case where the commit treachery. Treachery is a sin. So what is innocence?

John is just finishing his training as Kaito comes storming into the room. He tells John that he is refusing to renew the contract and he wants all of the UNC to be put in jail. He wants John to go after the UNC and guard Tokyo, letting no one out. Kaito introduces John to his partner, Ken Richey. John asks if he has an ability and Ken says that he does, but he doesn't like to use it on innocent people.

At Lake Ontario, Jamie has come to tell Seasion that Kaito refuses to sign the contract and that he will send people to capture them and their kids. Seasion says that they need to find a safe place to hide. A man appears and says that he knows the perfect place to go.

Ken, John, and Kaito are now in an airplane flying to Tokyo. Kaito says that Ken and John have to stand on roofs of buildings and guard over the Sea of Japan. Kaito will look at places around the town. Kaito looks away with the face that says that he has just lied.

Jamie and Seasion pick up Sakamito and Denise and the two kids smile and introduce themselves. The man makes them appear at a carnival. They see the same man in a different spot talking to a gorwn adult. Jamie looks at this man, and looks at the other one. She watches what this guy does. He sees the grown adult stop a little kid from spilling her slushie on a young girl. Another little kid walks up and the grown adult takes a picture of them. Seasion's jaw drops and says that those are Kaito's kids. Seasion and Jamie look around for Kaito. Sure enough, he was right there. The founders run with their kids and the man.

John and Ken are talking by walking talkies, saying that they haven't found anyone yet. Kaito calls Ken and tells them that he knows where they are and that they know what to do.

Jamie and Seasion are rushing through the carnival rides' lines, trying to get Sakamito and Denise to safety. They turn a corner and see John and Ken. Jamie puts the kids behind her back and Seaion prepares to fight Ken. Ken uses his ability flashing red waves at Seasion's chest. Seasion spins in the air and lands on the ground on his back. He struggles to his feet, but Ken steps on Seasion's chest.

By now, Jamie was running away with the kids. John is chasing after them and Kaito sprints to help John. As Kaito reaches Jamie, the man walks over saying that he remembers him. Samuel knocks Kaito out and drags him away.

John has now stopped Jamie and has tackled her to the floor. Ken grabs Denise and throws her; Jamie runs up to get her, but John trips her and she falls face first into the dirt, scraping her face. The man runs and streches out a tree to catch Denise.

Kaito, now free of the man's grasp, comes and grabs all of the five and makes them unconcious. The three remaining take all five to the Company and bag and tag them. The Haitian comes and wipes their memories clean of the whole "not renewing" nonsense. They are returned to their spots and once Jamie is back in Kaito's office, he renews it one..more..time.

But has he ever refused before? Or in the future? Who would know? Or remember?

End of Novel Two.

Charatcer Appearances

Scrcrambled Eggs Nominations

  • Simone Deveaux is this story's Scrambled Egg. Simone Deveaux gets this award because she is fought over by Isaac and Peter, like what happens to Denise.


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