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The Opposing Side is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The eighteenth story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

John and Jordan's Company cells


THE YEAR IS 2006, March.

"You can't use your voice when I'm in contact, silly girl." Candace's eyes widened knowing she should not have asked Wind for help. She still tries to yell, hoping a miracle will happen. Wind turns around and wistles. "Me and my buddy will take terrible care of you, special."

The Rogue Pawn holds up a knife, "I'm going to kill you now." Evergreen gulped. Evergreen pushed him to the ground and the Rogue Pawn fired at the sky. Evergreen runs and jumps on Pumpernickle. He rides the horse into the woods. The Rogue Pawn jumps on Rye and they follow him.

Gomer A walks up to Candace and Wind. He chuckles and says "You have already started collecting them?"

"Yes now help me get her out of here as not to cause a racket." Gomer agrees and they start to carry Candace outside.

"I told you, the name is Bromwin," he smiles and Lilly is still confused.

"Right, but how do you know all of this about me?"

"I've been here for a while. Working in this boring casino; so I have a lot of time to investigate people."

"But why me? What makes me different?"

"I don't know. I found this photo of us as kids." He hands her a picture of them. "I have searched and searched why we were together and who you are. I have found nothing."

"So this isn't the first time we've met."

"Well neither is that picture. I wouldn't kiss someone I just met on the cheek." She looks at the picture trying to think who this is.

After hearing the screech from a woman, Vincent took Sawyer and made them hide. "There is something giong on at this utility store. We have to hide in case we need to help."

"What do you think is going on?" Sawyer asked.

"I'm not sure, but I don't think its good." They were hiding behind a piece of cardboard. It was a flier for a movie. A movie in Africa. Sawyer bumped against it and the toucan on the cardboard came to life. It made the two boys jump out from behind the flier and ran into three people.

Evergreen turned Pumpernickle around and drew his sword. He took off after the Rogue Pawn. He drew his sword as well. The horses ran right by each other and their swords clanged agianst each other making them fall off the horses. Rye kept galloping until he saw a lot of blue figures and Snowflake. Snowflake got on Rye and rode him back as the blue figures followed.

"You are goign to die today!!" The Rogue Pawn shouted. "You are worthless without your sister here!!" Snowflake galloped through them and accidentally knocked Evergreen's sword out of the way instead of the pawn's. It flew into the air and hit Snowflake. It pinned her to the ground. The Rogue Pawn walked over to Evergreen and threw him to the ground with the sword next to his throught.

Wind, Gomer, and Candace strangled up and looked to see who tackled them. Vincent and Sawyer strangled up as well. "Vincent?" Wind asked.

"Wind! Oh thank goodness you are here! We heard a young lady scream and was hoping another person would help. You know, one with an ab-" Wind knocked out Vincent.

"Hey, stop that!" Sawyer shouted and ran after Wind. Gomer took him and shoved him to the ground. The customers of the utility store started to scream and shout.

"Come on! Gomer, let's get out of here!" Wind threw Candace over his shoulder and him and Gomer began to run. Vincent struggled up and ran after him. He jumped on Wind and grabbed Candace and shoved her on his stomach as his back scraped against the ground. Gomer helped Wind up.

"Forget about her! Come on!" They ran away as Sawyer got to Candace and Vincent. He helped them up.

Candace wonders if she can speak now or not. She cleared her throught. "Pickles."

"Excuse me?" Sawyer asked.

"Oh nothing, I was just seeing if I could talk. Thank you for helping me! Is your back okay? We slid pretty well." She asked Vincent.

"Yes its fine." Vincent turned around and raised his shirt. His whole back was scraped up and bruised.

Evergreen gulped again as Snowflake struggled to get the sword out of her shirt. One of the blue figures came up and pushed the Rogue Pawn out of the way.

"Who are you?!" the Rogue Pawn asked.

"My name is Carl Acking. And I took your spot, bud." Evergreen struggled to his feet, amazed at how this new guy was already defending them. Snowflake got freed finally and saw Carl standing above the guy. "And if there is one thing I have learned about this rebirth, its that they can't hurt us, but we can hurt them and each other." He raised his hands and shot red sparks at the Rogue Pawn. The Rogue Pawn flies into a tree and is knocked out.

"Great job, Carl!" Evergreen said and went to introduce himself.

"Yes, very well played." Snowflake said as she walked over to the Rogue Pawn's body. She layed her hands on him and took the life of of him. They gathered the horses and walked back to their homes.

"And I think the only way to figure out what is going on, is this guy." Browmwin hands Lilly another picture.

"This is King Rosko." Lilly gulped. "This is the enemy. Why are you and I with him? But if that is what it takes to find out some answers, then I will help."

"So you will give up your assignment and help me?" Brom asked.

"Yes." Lilly said and they both smiled at each other. They walked out of the casino hoping to find answers.

Candace started to freak out about Vincent's bruises but saw it slowly fade away with no signs of friction.

"Oh well that's good you aren't hurt. But I really need to get back to T.J.."

"Well you can go, we just wanted to help a fellow special," Vincent told her.

"How did you know I had an ability?" Candace asked.

"I just know things," Vincent said and they departed. Candace ran away into the woods, back to T.J.

John wakes up. He is in a jail cell. There is a window and he looks through it. He sees two Company agents walking. "And this is the rogue agent, John Millard. He was helping this man named [[User:Gulp-Ninja Series/Jordan Hayes|Jordan Hayes. Although I don't see why the Company put their cells right across the hallway from each other."

"Well maybe they expect nothing to happen. Is this John guy a special?"

"No, that's why he isn't drugged. The other guy is heavily drugged." John looked around his cell. He looked at his bed. He looked at a crack in the wall and at the floor.

He says to himself, "How am I ever going to get out of here? I have to save my brother before he dies. Drugs will kill him."

The End.

Charatcer Appearances

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  • John (6)
  • Company Agent I (1)
  • Company Agent II (1)

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