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Safety is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The fourth story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

Pizza Mejor · New Jersey Warehouse · King Rosko · The LCK · Mortal Detection



The story opens in jail. Two people sit in jail. One says to the other that they need to get out and the other agrees. The first one sees an electrical box and says that he can free them. He zaps the box and the power goes out freeing the prisoners. They escape, and guards show up shooting them. The second one says "No one fires at Robert Booth." He kills all the guards and the two run away.

At Lake Ontario, Carl and Gulp talk about a bank robbery and how Martin and Colton have it under control. They hop on a bus and ride around town. Carl asks about Seasion and Gulp says that he is ok and that he is in the pizza business. They see some ninja-outfit person jumping from a building, on to the bus, and then on to another rooftop. They look at each other and laugh. They see a woman chasing after him in a ninja outfit. Gulp stands up and says that the woman was Lilly Ninja. He uses his ability to melt a hole in the roof of the bus, he flies out of the bus puting holes in the ground. But one water drop hits the bus tire, pops it, the bus swings out of control, and crashes into a bank.

Seasion is seen at a pizza shop selling pizza. He looks at the TV (which is on the news) and he sees that three ninjas have been spotted, two escaped prisoners, a bank robbery with two cops on the case. They say that a ninja popped a bus' tires and hit the same bank that had been robbed, and it killed one of the cops on the case. They show the dead body, and Seasion is relieved to see that it wasn't Carl, it was some guy named Colton. Two people come in and go to Seasion's cash register. He looks at them and recognizes them. One is the Lighter and the other is Robert Booth. He asks them what they want and they look at each other and smile. They bag Seasion and hold up guns yelling that the place is on lockdown. Lighter zaps the lightning and kills all electronical equipment in the pizza shop including cell phones. Robert says that he's going to gather everybody up and tells the Lighter to stay here with them.

Carl tries to calm down the people around the bus crash scene and get rid of the news people. He turns to Martin, and asks if he can control it while he goes after the ninjas. Martin nods and Carl runs away only to be stopped by someone. Crew Member Two. He says to him, "I remember you. And my boss will be so proud of me." He punches Carl and Carl falls to the ground.

Gulp catches up with Lilly and he stops her. She says that she has to catch him, and she turns around and he's gone. They catch up and she says that she works for Homeland Security now. He says that he is still an underwater ninja. Just not for the UNC. She asks what he's based out of and he flies her away and shows her. They swim down to the cave underneath Lake Ontario and she says that it's really neat! They walk into the Information Room and he sees four signals flashing red. One labeled Carl, another Seasion, another for the town, and the last for the pizza shop. He looks at the pizza shop first and sees Robert Booth and some other guy holding the place hostage with Seasion in it. Lilly points out that the one is Robert and Gulp presses ignore on the Sesaion alarm. He looks at the Carl alarm and sees that he is being dragged into an alley by a person they both remember but the memory is faded. He looks at the city and sees the bus crashed into a bank, Colton dead, and Martin being harassed by the news. He realizes that he needs to go, but first he opens a droor and pulls out a needle and a label. He puts the label by another flasher and puts down "Lilly." He stabs her with the needle and he says "Ok! Let's go!"

They jump down in front of Martin and tell everybody to move away and that they will cover everything. They say that six people are to be caught and no one needs to get in their way. That the news needs to only have one station and question half the time they already do. They say that everything will be ok and to go home. They conclude by saying that Martin will shoot anybody who tries to get back in the safe zone that Martin will put up. He hands Martin a gun and tape line as they jump on top of a building. People are even louder now and crowding in more. Gulp motiones to Lilly and she fires a gun to the sky as Gulp shoots a person unconcious. They are all quiet and start to back up. Gulp jumps down to Martin and says that the man is ok and that he is only unconcious. He tells him to tell other cops to go after the two robbers and another ninja.

Later, at the pizza shop, Seasion is hanging upside down while the others shiver in fear. The Lighter and Robert talk about how Gulp should be here any minute and that the boss will be anxious to see him. Crew Member Two shows up and says that he captured one target and he sees Seasion and says that he'll take him to the boss too. After he leaves, Gulp and Lilly prepare to invade. One of the bank robbers creep up behind them. When Gulp says let's go, he jumps down and Lilly starts to before she is grabbed and bagged. Robert Booth smiles and says welcome to Gulp. He asks how he escaped prison and Robert smiles, points behind Gulp, and says "Him." Gulp turns around sees the Lighter and gets zapped, rendering him unconcious.

When he awakes, he is in a prison cell with Carl, Lilly, Seasion, and some skeleton; hanging upside down on a wall. He looks out of the door and sees Agent 147, Robert, The Lighter, Crew Member Two, the two bank robbers, and ten other people bowing down to a man in a throne. He closes his eyes and says that a prisoner is awake. Gulp realized that the man has Mortal Detection. He says to his minions, "King Rosko orders you to kill the awake one. Seasion whispers to Gulp that they need to get out and they hear King Rosko shout, "Two up now!" Seasion looks down and squats a bit and then jumps kind of off the air, frees himself, but hits his head on the ground. He unties Gulp and they say that they need to untie the others. They quickly hurry while they see the others run to them. Everyone is freed except Carl and Agent 147 speeds up to Gulp and says good bye. They fight by Agent 147 dodging water from Gulp. Lilly grabs a pipe and starts to beat Robert with it. They fight with her reflecting the water he tosses at her and she purposly makes him move into a zap ray made by The Lighter, who was tring to hit Gulp. Robert feints and Lilly kicks him into a trash can in the corner.

Seasion fights the five of the unknown people while Agent 147 finally gets hit by Gulp. Gulp jumps up behind the Lighter, who is remembering Carl while standing over him and Gulp uses all ten fingers and shoots water at Lighter. Lighter falls to the floor while Gulp goes to free Carl. He notices he has a headache. But he frees Carl and Carl shoots three of the unknown with his gun. Lilly is shot by the bank robber who captured her and she falls. Gulp sees this and he shoots the bank robber, killing him. He looks at his hands because blood had splurt everywhere. The other bank robber kicks him and he falls to the ground. Seasion and Carl take care of everyone else and King Rosko claps.

He looks around and sees all of his people either dead or unconcious and he sees Gulp and Lilly. "So, you took 13 lives and mine took none? Wow. I'm going to have to do better!" He shoots a sparkling ray at the skeleton and it comes alive. He says to the rest, "It's all part of Mortal Detection!" He jumps off the stage and they battle. Lilly wakes up and crawls to a corner, where she escapes. She runs away to the underwater cave in Lake Ontario. Seasion and Carl break the skeleton into pieces and they fight King Rosko. They knock him down and render him unconcious. They look at each other and Carl says that he will go tell Martin about catching the bank robbers. He leaves and Seasion wakes King Rosko up. He says to him, "What have you done, brother?" Rosko replies with making an organization to kill organizations that are corrupt. Seasion asks why the UNC was corrupt. Rosko replied with, "It was run by my brother." King Rosko jumps up, uses his sparkely ray at the Lighter, Agent 147, and Robert Booth's bodies and they disappear. King Rosko moves through a window and escapes.

When Seasion takes Gulp to the doctor, because he wouldn't wake up, he went to a doctor that Kaito told him about at the Company, Dr. Livitz. Dr. Livitz says that Gulp strained out his ability and made it go to a Level 3, but he will need a month to recover. Gulp stays in the hospital while Seasion goes to tell Carl and Lilly what happened.

The End.

Charatcer Appearances

  • Lilly (3)
  • Seasion (4)
  • Colton (1)
  • Martin (1)
  • Crew Member Two (2)

Scrcrambled Eggs Nominations

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