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User:Gulp-Ninja Series/Vignette/The Heard

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The Heard is a vignette about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The first vignette in the Gulp-Ninja Series)

Is Jordan ever heard?


Story Development

Vincent Thomas · Friction diminishment


THE YEAR IS 2003. (Respectively before the date of the story, Interrogation)

My name is Jordan Hayes.
When I was really little, my twin sister always comforted me. Suzan was my best friend. She would tell me everything; women problems, guy troubles, bad grades, it didn't matter. We were never apart.

There was only one guy in her life besides me that I approved of. John. I wish I could see her again. I love my sister, I hope she thinks about me, or tries to find me.

But she can't because I'm down here. Hiding under ground. I'm hiding from these companies trying to recruit me. The UNC, Primatech, the LCK, Pinehearst. John is protecting me from Primatech. And Vincent.

Vincent is teaching me to protect myself from these groups. He is teaching me to control my ability. Vincent Thomas. I'm going to him right now. I'm on a subway and some guy just sat down next to me.

This guy has introduced himself to me as...Gulp? I don't know. That is a weird name. I hear the subway engineer calling "STOP!" really loud.

"We're gonna crash!" I yelled and jumped up. Gulp pulled me back down and told me to quit joking. The subway jolted to a stop and five minutes later we were moving again. I didn't speak until we stopped at the station. Gulp was just looking at me weird. When I got off, Gulp came up behind me and asked how I knew that. I walked away fast; but he just ran up in front of me.

"Look!" he said. He tossed a drop of water at a wall. "I have an ability too!" I looked at him weird and he handed me a card. He then walked away and I looked at the card.

I am now running to Vincent becuase that card was a UNC card. When I reached him, he said "Your ability is manifesting rapidly and others can notice. You need to learn how to fight faster. Take me down." I punched him. He flew back and scraped his bare chest, face, arms, and legs across the ground. I asked him why he never has scrapes or bruises.

Slowly, he staggered to his feet and said, "My ability of friction diminishment." I looked at his chest, nothing but his six pack. His face was perfectly bruiseless, not a scratch on his legs nor arms. "Now try and take me again. These companies are after you strong."

The End.

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