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Purpose: Destroy Companies in Business
First appearance Safety
Known leader: King Rosko (deceased)
Known members: Agent 147,
Robert Booth (formerly),
The Lighter (formerly),
Steve Orwall (formerly)
Affiliated sites: New Jersey warehouse

The Living Company Killers or The LCK is the UNC's worst enemy and the company responsible for making the UNC explode.



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Under King Rosko's orders, Agent 147 frees Candace, T.J., and Steve from the Cave Below at the UNC. They are to meet Rosko later in a dark alley. Once there, Steve goes back with Rosko and T.J. and Candace can't decide whether or not they want to join.

Time We Share

With their captive time turner, Candace and T.J. want to be taken to the first thought of the LCK. They go back to a park, where Seasion is picking on King Rosko. Rosko stomrs away swearing that he will destroy everything that Seasion has.

Once they return to the right time period, Steve comes up to them and tells them that he quit the LCK and they say that they didn't want to join anyways.

Vignette:The Heard

Jordan says that the LCK is trying to recruit him to join them, but Vincent is teaching him to control his ability and fight back.

The Future is Set

Agent 147 returns to the New Jersey warehouse and tells King Rosko that Robert is gone. Soon after, Rosko collapses and Agent 147 puts him on a bed. On that bed, he dies.

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