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Hank Gordman
Los Angeles citizen.jpg
In-story stats
Known ability Mortal Detection
Formal name Hank Gordman
Nickname Hank
Age 32 (2009)
Date of birth September 6, 1977
Place of birth Louisianna
Home Lake Ontario
Residence Pizza Mejor
Occupation Pizza Mejor

Hank Gordman is just your average pizza maker until someone else comes along.


Hank was making pizza one day, when the DHS came into the shop. They arrested the owner and Hank just hid. They came around the counter looking for people. He wandered how many there were. The number 9 popped into his head. He counted them; 9 of them. When they left, the place was boarded up and no one else was there. This was a year ago and since no one came back, Hank just stayed there. Lived there. Until he saw a man. Not just any man; the destructive kind of man. He looked at his hands and saw them glowing with a silver spark. The man looked over, saw the spark, and jumped in the window. He saw Hank using these sparks and told him all about Pinehearst. He told Hank that his name was Mark. Hank Gordman joined Pinehearst and learned of its methods. He recruited people alot and now, his body lays in the halls of Pinehearst being used everyday for the leader's selfish needs.


Hank never knew his family but was left alone underneath a bridge after one month of birth. A homeless person found him and raised him. He was raised as a homeless person too. He never got an education, never had enough to eat, all of his clothes were torn up, and often they had to move. Until he got the job at the pizza shop. He left his guardian and stayed to work at the pizza shop. The owner took him in and from that point on, he got his own apartment and became fairly wealthy; enough to get by on! But he thanked the owner alot for taking him in and helping him build up his life even though he knew he didn't look well.


Hank never fell in love. He liked some school girls he would see when he was younger, but they always were with boys. The homeless man would tell him stories of how he had met the mother of his child. Oh how Hank wanted a child but he never could find someone he liked. His dreams haven't been fulfilled yet, but he still hopes he can find the right one.

Attack by Sylar

On Chandra Suresh's evolved human list, Hank's name appears on it. Sylar had come to the pizza shop looking for Hank. He broke in and healed his wounds while Hank hid in the kitchen in the back. Sylar turned off the power and Hank knew he had to escape. But when he moved, Sylar was right there. He screamed and used his spark from his power to temporarily blind Sylar while Hank made a run for it. Sylar stopped him and propped him up against the wall. Sylar walked closer, gaining his eyesight back. Hank heard someone barge in and Sylar made a run for it, dropping Hank to the ground making him unconcious. When Hank awoke two days later under a bridge, he was confused on how he got there and why he had blacked out for that long.


Growing up in high school, kids would make fun of him for two reasons. He had no parents and he was poor. Even some teachers picked on him. There was one kid imparticular that made fun of Hank, Lawrence. They hated each other. When Hank finally had enough, he had punched Lawrence. Hank got suspended and was even more angrier. When he wsa allowed back into the school, he had noticed that Lawrence was going to the bathroom. Hank grabbed his packpack and followed him. He took an oil can out of his bag and spread it around everywhere. When Lawrence came out of the stall, Hank surprised him, and tied him up. He put gasoline on him, lit a match and touched it to the fire. He grabbed a gun a shot Lawrence in the head making his brains gush out every where. Hank laughed and said "Don't mess with me." The firefighters broke in and saw them. Hank got put in juvy for two years and then was free. That was the tale of Hank's only far!

Escape from Death

Barely escaping the explosion at Pinehearst, Hank ran away. He ran fast until he met a woman. He now lives in sewers, helping evolved humans in the Ellen group. He has a warehouse underground where he sleeps and rarely comes out unless there is a task to be completed.

Gulp-Ninja Series Character History

Knock Out

After work one day at Pizza Mejor, Hank sees that Seasion left his wallet. He opens it up and finds a company card for the UNC. The card makes him dream that an eye is trying to break into the shop. When he wakes up, it is morning and he is right wjre he was with the card in his hand.

Evolved Human Abilities

Hank has Mortal Detection at a stage two which means he can detect live beings counciousness and can spark a little silver spark that can help him see in the dark.


  • Hank Gordman is not married but would like to someday.
  • Hank Gordman works at Pizza Mejor
  • This was my character for the first ever competition of Heroes Legends and he got third place!
Gulp Ninja Series edit
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