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"Wind 3-P"
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance Lighters
In-story stats
Known ability Silencing touch
Alias Wind 3-P
Occupation Ninja for the UNC

"Wind 3-P" is a boss and teacher at The UNC.

Character History


Seasion introduces Sakamito to Wind 3-P and then he teaches Sakamito and Lilly-Ninja.

Knock Out

Jamie tells Wind that Lilly is a traitor of the UNC and is planning an attack against them. They abduct Lilly and go through her room to find suspicious things. They find a map that tells all of the secret exits inside the UNC. Lilly escapes and Wind chases her with his gun loaded. When she slows down, Wind shoots her and Jamie and Wind take her to the Cave Below. Seasion then frees her and says that there are more suspocious people in the UNC than Lilly, who is loyal.

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