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A Relinquishing Passage is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The fifteenth story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

Sawyer Gonzo · Gonzo Mansion · Vincent Thomas · The Pans · Snowflake · evolving touch · Jordan's apartment · Mediumship · Red lightning


THE YEAR IS 2006, March.

A man may fulfill the object of existence by asking a question he cannot answer, and attempting a task he cannot achieve.
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

John was at his Company office reading through a file. Ken walkes in and tells him that Kaito would like to see them. "We have an assignment." he said. When they arrive at Kaito's office, Kaito is talking to someone. They wait outside and Ken stares at John. John wonders why but just lets it slide. When Kaito was finished, they walked in.

"Good afternoon boys, I have an assignment for you. This man has been on the run for a while now; living underground and getting help from others like us. From an inside source, we have tracked his location." He hands Ken the man's folder. As he opened it, John saw the picture. "His name is Jordan Hayes." John's eyes widened and Kaito lead them out of the office.

In Los Angeles, a man with his shirt off was lifting weights. He had on a bright gold necklace. Behind him was a mansion. A woman walked out of the mansion and walked right by the man. He quit lifting weights and kissed the woman. they were right next to a pool. She stripped into a bikini and got in. Inside the water, she motioned for him to get in as she slipped her top piece off. He got in and they kissed in the pool.

After the Grand Canyon meeting, Gulp was headed to see Jordan. He stopped to catch his breath and thought about recent events in his life. And wondered what had happened in his life. Meanwhile, at Primatech John and Ken were packing preparing for Jordan's "visit." They get in the car and Ken drives. Throughout the long drive, neither said a thing. John kept a gun below the seat, pointed at Ken's head the whole way there. Ken had no idea about John and Jordan's relationship and didn't even know John had a gun in his hand. Tension was building and sweat dropped from John's head and hands.

Vincent, walking alone in the desert, has a mad face. His heart is racing and he is determined to get where ever he is going. He sits and waits for something to happen but knows it won't without him.

Seasion arrives at the Company and heads to Kaito's office. "Oh well hello Mr. Caramine! Have a seat."

"Kaito, I am here for an army."

"Well you are in the wrong spot."

"There is a man; unlike all men I have seen before. He claims his father was the same way. But I need certain things for my fight. I need someone to build me two houses. I need to horses and alot of men."

"Does this man have anything pertaining to the Pans?"

"I don't believe so."

"Well then this outta be easy. I can give you someone who can build and will probably be one of your men. However, he has come into contact with the rogue ninja that blew up your organization."

"Are they close?"

"No, just a brief period of time."

"Then he will do. What's his information?"

"His name is Perry Adams, a construction worker. Here is his folder." Kaito handed him the folder.

A lonely traveler, on the waves of society. Surrounded by mist in the middle of the night. The glow of the full moon shines brightly on the lake the traveler steps into. She looks back and sees blue lights. She walks onward into the water.

The boat that Jamie had built was finally ready. She went and found Denise and told her that they are ready to go. They put all their stuff on the boat and shoved it out into the water. They hopped on and floated on the boat out into the distance.

The man in the pool layed his hand on the water edge and it evolved into acid. The woman with him quickly died and he screamed for her. He jumped out and screamed, yelling at his hands. "How many times have I told you, Sawyer? Don't get emotionally involved. Emotions screw with your head and your ability."

Sawyer turned around and saw Vincent walking towards him. "Vincent, I thought you were gone for a couple months?"

"I was but then I realized something; why are we here? In the center of attention? When all of us evolved ones could live in our own country fully knowledged and involved with one another."

"So what are you saying?"

"I want to start this country. And I need your help."

John and Ken have arrived at Jordan's appartment. Ken turned off the car and reached for the door handle. John locked the doors. "Why did you do that?" Ken asked and John put the gun to Ken's head.

"Jordan Hayes is my brother. I have been protecting him for all these years. And I'm not prepared to see it all fall apart now." John said.

Ken shocked John and got out of the car. John followed him but Ken threw him against the hood of the car. As John rolled on the hood, he pulled Ken onto the top of the car. Jordan heard the racquet and looked out his window. They stood up and John aimed the gun at Ken. "Why are you so protecive of him?" Ken asked.

"Because he did nothing wrong!"

"He has! He has an ability and deserves to be bagged and tagged!"

"Then so do you!!" John fired, but Ken used his ability to zoom the bullet back at John. It hit him in the arm and knocked him onto the pavement. Ken got in the trunk and got out rope. He tied John up and shoved him in the back seat. John managed to grab a knife and threw it at Ken. It stabbed him in the arm. Ken tried to tug it out but it was stuck in his arm really well. But he finally got it out, dropped the knife, and headed up the stairs to Jordan's apartment. He knocked and Jordan answered. Ken smiled a maniachal smile.

The woman wakled into the water until against her naked feet she felt a body. She lifted it up and noticed its head was missing. She squeezed the body against her body. She closed her eyes and in a second the body turned blue; a blue lining to him. He took a breath and his head floated to the top of the water with a blue tint also. He went after it and positioned it on his neck. "My name is Snowflake. I have resurected you to help us fight."

"Who is we? And who are we fighting?"

"We are Chess. And we are fighting the Caramine family."

The man mumbled in his breath, "...Gulp...Ninja..."

"We know you have had a bad history with them and would be willing to kill them, correct?"

"Yes." It was easy to tell that this man was deep with revenge. He slaped the water and red sparks flew from his hands. He looked at them weirdly.

"That is your ability."

"I have an ability?"

"Yes and now we shall go tell our family that you, Carl Acking, has joined our family." Snowflake and Carl walked out of the water.

In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.
-Eric Hoffer

To be continued...

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