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Sawyer Gonzo
Portrayed by Steven Van Zandt (Yoshi n1)
In-story stats
Known ability Evolving touch
Age 47 (2010)
Date of birth 1963
Home Midland, Texas
Residence Gonzo Mansion (former)
Occupations Paper salesman at Primatech(current), leader of the Gonzo crime family(former)
Parents Leonardo Gonzo (Father, Deceased)

Sawyer Gonzo is the son of dead godfather, Leonardo Gonzo. Since his father died, Saywer has become the new leader of the Gonzo crime family, but quit his job after his ability manifested.


Sawyer lived in Los Angeles and is a former underboss of the Gonzo crime family but when his dad got shot to dead by the rival gang, Sawyer has taken the leader seat. One day Sawyer walked in the park and saw a fish jump out of the water, he picked the fish up and throws it back in the river. The eusthenenopteron fish transformed in a panderichthys fish, Sawyer is confused about what he has seen and thought he was going crazy. Back in his home, somebody knocks at the door and Sawyer opens. A man called Vincent Thomas says to Sawyer that he has an ability. Sawyer is confused and Vincent says that he knows that he can evolve things. Saywer asks how he knows that but Vincent doesn't answer the question. Vincent asks if he can come in and Sawyer lets him come in and Vincent says that he needs to control his ability, Saywer is still confused. They go outside and Sawyer shows Vincent what he can do by touching a little bird, it slowly turned into a bigger bird. Each day Vincent would come in his house to teach Sawyer to get more control over his ability. After the training he got more control over his ability and sees the meaning of life: It's not about money or power, it's about being happy with who you are. Sawyer stopped his job as the leader of the Gonzo crime family and left everything behind. He moved to Midland, Texas where he found a job as an paper salesman at Primatech.

Character History

Vignette:Baking Lessons, Session 2

After Steve and Billy got mugged, they got out of the car and they saw Sawyer and Vincent talking to each other. After the mugger dropped Billy, Steve and Billy began to run but ran into Sawyer and Vincent again and Sawyer threw a punch towards Billy, Steve tries to move Sawyer but he still touched Billy, giving him the ability to turn invisible

Evolved Human Abilities

Sawyer has the ability of evolving touch. He made a eusthenenopteron fish who turned in panderichthys fish after touching it. He also displayed this ability on a little bird, it transformed in a bigger bird. Sawyer later was able to give Billy the ability of invisibility.

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