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Jordan Hayes
Keanu reeves neo matrix movie.jpg
Jordan hears agents talking about him.
Portrayed by Keanu Reeves (Catalyst)
First appearance Cold Rain
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced hearing
Formal name Jordan Hayes
Age 36 (2009)
Occupation Former office supply firm salesman
Guardian Vincent Thomas
Sibling Suzan Hayes
Other relatives Brother-In-Law: John Millard

Jordan Hayes is an evolved human.


Ordinary Life

Jordan was simply a salesman at an office supply firm. He was an average guy, going to a job he hated, and living in an apartment right next to a set of train tracks. He often wore ear plugs to drown out a the noises he hears every night. But for what ever reason it never worked.

Can You Hear That?

One night, he woke up because he heard yelling coming from outside his room. He went into the hallway right outside his room, and knocked on his neighbor's door. He asked what all the yelling is. The neighbor tells him he doesn't hear anything. Jordan says to him he hears a conversation as they speak. His neighbor says he is just hearing things and shuts the street. He can hear them talking, which makes him wonder why, but what really got him curious, was why they were talking about him. He heard them say they were going to get him now. Quickly Jordan got dresses and left through the fire escape.


The Company was coming after him. He realized he can do something extraordinary. He can hear things, at far distances. He knew that they were after him for that. Luckily, he knew how to fight. He thinks to himself that those karate classes he took when he was a kid, might come in handy. He quits his job the next day, and sells his apartment to a homeless man for five hundred dollars (money that the man had stolen). But Jordan went off the grid, living underground.

Character History

Cold Rain

In Gulp Ninja's death note, he remembers Jordan in the cop group of three with Carl. He remembers the nights they talked about weird things happening to Jordan and that they met on a subway.

Time We Share

At John's wedding, Jordan is there to give away his sister, Suzan. After the wedding, Company agents come after Jordan because of his ability. John distracts them long enough for Jordan to go underground, away from civilization.

Knock Out

Jordan, Gulp, and Carl sneak into a school where thugs have kidnapped kids. Using their abilities, they knock the thugs out, keeping all of the children safe. But when the cops come, Jordan says that he has to get going before the cops catch him.

Vignette:The Heard

Jordan talks about how he is being hunted by the UNC, the Company, Pinehearst, and the LCK. He runs into Gulp for the first time at the subway. When Jordan heard the engineer yell that they were going to crash, Jordan shouts it. And then it happens letting everyone know he was in on it.

Once they get off, Gulp comes up to him showing that he has an ability too and hands Jordan a UNC card. Jordan runs to Vincent Thomas, his teacher and protector. Jordan does as he is told and shoves Vincent to the ground astonished.

A Solitary Journey

Seasion says to Gulp if his very well hearing friend would like to become part of their army against Evergreen. Gulp says that he probably would and left to recruit him.

Evolved Human Abilities

  • Enhanced hearing~Jordan has found that he can hear talking from across the street, when the people having the conversation, aren't talking loud.


  • Jordan Hayes was entered into the first G-N contest by Catalyst and won first place!

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