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Perry Adams
Ewan m.png
Portrayed by Catalyst
In-story stats
Known ability X-ray vision
Age 22
Residences Formerly a medical facility,
Formerly a jail
Occupation Construction worker
Parent Perry's Dad

Perry Adams was a former construction worker, turned prisoner, turned man in search of help.



Perry loved his job. He loved to use his hands and work with tools. This is why he became a construction worker. Everyday, he would get up and get to a construction site to do his job. He made friends on his jobs. Cracking jokes and drinking beer. One day on the job, middle of the day, Perry was drilling in some screws, fifteen feet in the air. Something had caught his eye. the floor beneath him was fading. He could see a skeleton moving around and walking up to some walls. He saw that the skeleton was placing bombs in them.

Perry yelled out what he was doing. A co-worker went to the floor beneath them but saw nobody. Perry kept yelling in horror. He almost fell off the support beam as he could not calm down. His workers brought him to the ground and called the police to check out the building. They found nothing. The police came to the conclusion Perry was seeing things, so they took him to a medical facility to get some help. He stayed over night for three days. On the fourth day he had heard on the news that the building he had previously been working on had blown up. Perry's eyes grew large in shock. In a few hours the police came into his room and arrested him for, thinking he planted the bombs since he knew about it.

What Are You In For?

Now in jail, Perry meets all of his inmates. He has requested a lawyer to help him out. His second day in jail his "lawyer" came to get him out. As he was filling out the paper work to free him, with his back toward Perry, Perry saw that the layer had a gun holster strapped on him, and bullet proof wear clothing him under his trench coat. Sudden;y frightened he decided to play along. Once out of the jail Perry stepped into his car. Perry punched him in the face took his gun out of bis jacket. The "lawyer" said to him that X-ray vision is a pretty useful power to have, and that he was the one setting the bombs, just to kill him. He said it's what he does. Perry shot him in the arm, got out of the car and ran. The "lawyer", a bit shocked about what just happened, started ripping his coat with a knife to bandage up his arm. Perry about a block away from the "lawyer" and his car, x-rayed the him. Perry was thought it was weird that his vision zoomed in. But he saw that the "lawyer" was heading to bomb some body of water in Japan. Perry decided to keep running, now that he was sprung from jail, and free from his "lawyer".

Character History

A Solitary Journey

Perry is running from the cops. He turned down an alley and looks through a building. He sees them drive by and then sees a sign that says that he is wanted for making a bomb. He goes into a bar and the news is on. It talks about how he is wanted, however, he just looks through her shirt. The waitress calls the cops because she recognizes Perry. As they come he starts to run again, escaping.

A Relinquishing Passage

Seasion goes to Kaito for help. He needs someone to build two rooks and that he needs men for the Grand Canyon battle against Evergreen. Kaito suggests Perry because he is a construction worker who might be able to be a man to help fight.

Evolved Human Abilities

Perry has the ability to see through solid matter. Perry has little control over the ability. But he has shown he could see people from floors beneath him, and through a desired amount of clothes. Though everytime the person appears as a skeleton. Perry was also able to zoom in his vision, but only when using the actual power.

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