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The Lindhawksurbenpetreman
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Matt reads Bennet's mind.

The Lindhawksurbenpetreman is a combination of the seven most powerful characters (The Haitian, Daniel Linderman, D.L. Hawkins, Mohinder Suresh, Noah Bennet, Nathan Petrelli, and Matt Parkman).



Mohinder enters Chandra Suresh's apartment and finds a file named "Genesis". He looks at the map, and his father's research, when he hears Bennet answer his cell phone and talk to his boss. Mohinder quickly takes a few pictures and escapes, knowing that danger is lurking around the corner.

Peter enters the campaign headquarters. Nathan notices him, and hastily ends his conversation with Linderman.

Mohinder drives his cab and, when Peter climbs out, Bennet gets into the vehicle. Bennet asks about his second name, Suresh, and judges him on the spot. He then talks about Chandra and his research. Mohinder stops his cab, climbs out, and jets off. Bennet has a certain sense of smugness as he gets out of the car.

Graphic Novel:Monsters

As Mohinder gets a job at the Chelsea Cab Company, Bennet takes photographs of him for later usage.

Don't Look Back

Mohinder returns to his apartment with Eden, when he plays his father's answering machine. A message from Nathan plays, requesting Chandra's vote to help him secure a place in Congress, telling him to "Vote Petrelli".

One Giant Leap

Matt spends his time at a bar drinking away his sorrows, when he hears the thoughts of other patrons. When he zones in on a man from Haiti, an absence of sound occurs, and Matt stops his power. Suddenly, he falls unconscious.


Matt wakes up in a medical facility attached to a table. Bennet walks in and talks to him, and Matt demands to know who has him - the FBI or the CIA. Bennet tells him that there is no abbreviation for his organisation, when he notices that Matt is trying to read his mind. Bennet points out that the Haitian is nearby, and he stops abilities. However, Matt overcomes the Haitian - he asks who "Claire" is. Bennet orders the Haitian to erase his memory.

Nathan is climbing into his car when Mohinder runs up to meet with him. Mohinder claims that someone is targetting him. Nathan calmly states that there are many people opposing him who like to threaten his life, and asks if any of the claims are viable. Mohinder mentions Sylar's name, and asks about Nathan's potential ability. Nathan tells his bodyguards to keep an eye on Mohinder, and gets into his car with a smile on his face.

As Nathan sleeps in a hotel bed with Niki, Bennet and the Haitian finds the two after their sex-filled night. Bennet tells the Haitian to take one of them, as he moves towards Nathan's side of the bed.


Bennet and the Haitian drag Nathan through a parking lot, as Nathan struggles to break loose. Bennet's phone rings, and Nathan takes this opportunity to elbow Bennet in the face, shake off the Haitian, and run away from the pair. Bennet points his gun at Nathan, but fails to keep aim and chases after him. Nathan comes across a fence which he is unable to climb, and warns both of them that he has seen what they look like. He then threatens to return and kill them both. Bennet calls this unlikely, and orders the Haitian to "put him down". Nathan gives them the benefit of the doubt, however, and flies away from them.

Bennet tells Brody in a hospital that he should kill him for trying to rape his daughter. However, Bennet offers him a second chance - a new life. He pulls back the curtain, revealing the Haitian. Bennet tells him to take everything.

Nathan, now back in the Montecito Casino, talks with Miss Sakamoto about the tape that was made. Nathan increases Linderman's bribe to a total of $4,000,000, claiming that he will continue to follow Linderman's lead into his term at Congress. He secures the new total.

Better Halves

D.L. returns to Niki, and talks about his involvement in the supposed money he stole - he backed out of the job, because he knew that Linderman's wrath would ruin his life. He continues, saying that he was framed for the job by a woman, and that he is going to find out why.

D.L. finds out that it was Niki who took the money, and consequently it was her who framed him. They fight over the money, and D.L. eventually wins by phasing his hand through her chest in order to strangle her. She falls unconscious, and D.L. takes Micah.

Nothing to Hide

Angela expresses disgust at Nathan for spending $4 million on postcards. He believes this to be useful, as Linderman's money means nothing to him.

Nathan is later questionned about his involvement with Linderman's schemes by Oliver Dennison. While Nathan tries to secure himself the correct answers, Peter comes to his aide, and helps him out.

After the brunch, Nathan is phoned by Niki - she tells him that D.L. has taken her son. Nathan refuses to get involved.

Nathan gives Linderman a call, and tells him about the painting that his brother wants, saying that they have built up an emotional bond. Linderman agrees to send the painting over to Isaac's loft later, and Nathan thanks him for this. Nathan puts the phone down as he gets a knock on the door.

Six Months Ago

Nathan, during a party to celebrate Peter's graduation from nursing school, explains that the district attorney wants him to prosecute Linderman. He says that he must do this in order to remove all black marks from their family name. Before he can finish, Heidi asks for him to dance.

In Primatech, Bennet takes off Eden's tape around her mouth, and gets spat in the glasses. Eden tries convincing Bennet to let her go, but the Haitian is stood near - her power is useless. Bennet tells her that there is finally someone who can say "no" to her.

Nathan and Heidi are driving, talking about Peter's hopes and dreams, when a van drives up behind them. The van consistently rams into the back of their car, causing Nathan to struggle with controlling the car. He suddenly flies out, and Heidi crashes into a set of barrels. Nathan falls to the ground.


Bennet exits Sylar's cell and, after a discussion with Eden about Sylar's fate, notices the Haitian waiting at the end of the corridor. Eden complains, saying that if the Haitian could speak, he would agree that killing Sylar is the right choice. Bennet does not respond to her, being focused on meeting with the Haitian.

Bennet is brought to the Odessa Sheriff's Department with Claire, and Audrey interviews the two about the incident at Union Wells High School. While this is happening, Matt is stood behind a set of windows, trying to listen to Claire's thoughts - however, he grows agitated when he cannot hear the two think. Audrey ends the interview when she notices Matt's frustration, and Claire's refusal to answer any more questions. Outside the room, Matt appears, and tells Bennet that they will work hard to find the killer. He introduces himself to Bennet, as he tries again to get a thought from Claire's head. Once they leave, Matt complains to Audrey, saying that there was a white noise each time. They walk off, and the Haitian is revealed to be stood around the corner, protecting Claire and Bennet.

Outside Primatech Paper Co., Matt and Audrey wait in a car, when they notice Bennet and the Haitian leaving the organisation. Matt realises that the Haitian is the man who was there the night he lost a day. He attempts to read their minds, and eventually succeeds, although he gets a nosebleed. He tells Audrey one word - Sylar.

Later, Peter and Nathan leave the Department, when Peter falls increasingly ill, and eventually unconscious. He dreams that he is in an empty New York. As he walks through the streets, he sees Mohinder exit his taxi and run away, then sees Matt trying to protect D.L. and his family. Nathan leaves his campaign headquarters to confront Peter. Eventually, Peter explodes.

Graphic Novel:Fathers and Daughters


Matt and Audrey raid Primatech Paper Co. with the FBI. A SWAT officer tells them that there is nothing there - only paper. Matt grows annoyed when he sees Bennet, and shouts at him, demanding to know Sylar's location. Bennet calmly says that he does not know what he is talking about. Matt, again, tries reading Bennet's thoughts, yet gets another absence of sound, as the Haitian is stood nearby. As Audrey makes a sarcastic remark, Bennet smirks, saying "oops".

D.L. answers the door to a man called Aron Malsky, who asks for Linderman's money back. D.L. hands him the suitcase, and asks if Linderman will leave him and his family alone. Malsky claims that Linderman will contact him with further details regarding the subject, saying that it is within Linderman's rights to get something from D.L. for taking something that belonged to him. Malsky leaves, and D.L. punches the wall.

Bennet hands a surveillance tape to Elisa Thayer, showing Matt and Audrey in their car outside Primatech for two weeks. Bennet manages to destroy the entire investigation. As Audrey and Thayer leave, Matt walks over to Bennet, and slams him into a stack of papers. Pointing at him, Matt vows to find out how Bennet is pulling off his double life. Bennet wishes him good luck, and straightens his suit.

Mohinder returns back to his apartment and wonders how to feed his lizard. Bennet tells him that they eat crickets. Mohinder turns around, and Bennet explains that he let himself in. Mohinder asks if Bennet is there to kill him, and Bennet says that he wants to talk about Eden. Mohinder points out that her real name is Sarah Ellis, and Bennet states that she gave up that name a while back. Bennet refuses to reveal what Eden's ability was. Bennet requests that Mohinder help out himself and the Company, citing his knowledge of Chandra's list. He warns that some evolved humans have no control over their abilities, and that they could help them out. Mohinder refuses, saying that he will warn them about Bennet and his Company instead. Bennet, unphased, hands Mohinder a business card, and exits the apartment.

The Fix

Nathan shows up at Mohinder's apartment, and reminds him of their last conversation. Mohinder realises that he must have looked like a crazed lunatic, and Nathan enters the apartment. Both find out that they are each looking for Peter; Nathan is searching for him because he left the hospital, and Mohinder wants to try and help Peter with his ability. Nathan tells Mohinder about Peter's attempt to save the cheerleader in Odessa, Texas. Mohinder explains that his father made a list, and that Peter and Nathan are both on it. Mohinder says that he might be able to find an inhibitor with Peter's help. Nathan refuses to allow Mohinder near Peter, but is swayed when Mohinder says that he might be able to "help" every single evolved human.

They enter Peter's apartment as Peter packs his belongings. Nathan asks Peter if he is leaving town, and Mohinder tells him that he might be able to help Peter from losing control of his ability. Peter refuses to listen to either, until Nathan says that he could lie and have his "mentally ill brother" detained. Although initially willing to co-operate, Peter escapes from their clutches. Nathan runs out the door after Peter and tries shutting it, forcing Mohinder to open it again. Seeing an open window, Nathan and Mohinder conclude that Peter has flown away.


Bennet and the Haitian return to the Bennets' home, where they catch Sylar about to kill Sandra. Bennet shoots Sylar multiple times, and orders the Haitian to capture Sylar, with a search and destroy order. The Haitian gives chase, but Sylar has already escaped. Bennet comforts his wife, as she talks about Sylar's telekinesis, and Bennet introduces her to the Haitian, saying that he will help her "again". Although Sandra is confused, Bennet tells her to hold his hand, and the Haitian erases Sandra's memory.


Matt becomes Malsky's bodyguard, and takes him to Ridgway Jewelry, where he overhears a man think that Linderman's assassin will be here soon. Matt drags Malsky out of the store with the diamonds, and demands to know his involvement with Linderman. Hearing his thoughts about him stealing the money from Linderman, he angrily tells him his knowledge. Malsky tries bribing Matt with a diamond, when he hears Jessica's thoughts about killing them both.

Graphic Novel:Road Kill

Bennet and the Haitian shoot at Sylar.


Janice tells Matt that Mohinder tried to call him the day before about his DNA. Matt grows worried, and makes sure that Janice did not tell Mohinder anything.

As Peter and Claude talk about Charles Darwin, Bennet and the Haitian manage to sneak up on the invisible pair using thermal vision goggles. Bennet fires a taser at Claude and incapacitates him. The Haitian tries to take down Peter, but is stopped by his multitude of abilities. Peter and Claude escape via flight, and Bennet and the Haitian are left on the rooftop. Bennet receives a phone call, and hears about his wife. He tells the Haitian that Claude will have to wait.

After visiting his wife at the hospital, Bennet returns home with his family. He has an argument with Claire, when Ted reveals himself. Bennet orders Lyle to get his mother out of the house - but Matt stops them, aiming his gun at them. Matt says that they have questions.

Company Man

Matt and Ted argue about how they will get their answers, when Ted notices the Bennets arriving at the driveway. Matt worries that they will harm the family, but Ted calls the family a motivator. Matt reluctantly gets his gun out, and walks into the hallway, preventing Bennet and his family from escaping. Bennet introduces Matt as an officer, but Matt angrily corrects him, saying he is now formerly of the LAPD, thanks to Bennet. Bennet states he has no idea what Matt is talking about, and Ted grows angry. Matt warns Bennet that he needs to keep Ted under control to keep his family safe.

Matt tells Bennet's family that Bennet is responsible for multiple accounts of bagging and tagging, showing off his mark and claiming that he makes people forget. Matt hears Claire think about the Haitian, and says it outloud. He and Ted continue pressing Bennet for information, causing Ted to radiate his hands. Matt tries calming Ted down, and Claire reveals that Bennet is not a paper salesman.

After interrogating Claire, Matt and Ted talk about what they should do with the family - Matt wants to release them and keep Bennet, but Ted wants the family to stay in the house. Ted orders Matt to enter Bennet's head, which he does, but Bennet thinks in Japanese. He tells Ted that he is thinking in Japanese, and then hears him think that there is a safe in the bookcase, which Ted checks out. Bennet grabs a concealed gun, and Matt punches Bennet, knocking him down. Ted returns and kicks Bennet but, not wanting to cause more harm, Matt pulls Ted away.

Ted, however, points a gun at Sandra. Bennet uses his logic, and thinks to Matt, telling him that he needs to shoot Claire, because she can heal. Matt grows worried, as he hears both Bennet and Claire think to shoot her. Eventually, Matt comes to his senses, and blasts Claire in the gut. Claire dies, and Bennet fakes anger by punching Matt with a right hook. Bennet thinks to Matt again, telling him to move the body before she heals. Matt convinces Ted to move the body.

Carrying her to her room, Bennet and Matt lay Claire on her bed. Matt tells Bennet that he heard Ted pull the trigger in his mind. Bennet thanks Matt for shooting first, when Claire heals and regurgitates the bullet. Matt looks at the bullet in awe. Bennet tells Matt to do what he thinks. As they return downstairs, Matt explains to Ted that Bennet is going to take him to the paper company. Matt offers to stay with the family, but Ted decides to stay with the family as he can do more damage. Matt leaves with Bennet, and Ted gives them a one hour time limit.

Fourteen years ago, Thompson introduces Bennet to the Haitian. Bennet leads the Haitian into his house, and tells him that his wife is upstairs. The Haitian, without saying a word, passes Bennet, and walks up the stairs to erase the memory of Sandra.

Bennet and Matt enter a secure room at Primatech, and Bennet tells Matt that they are going to give Ted a tranquiliser, as he wants revenge rather than the truth. Matt demands to know what will happen to him - Bennet says that Matt is someone he can trust. Bennet tells Matt that he will now be honest to him completely, if Matt is honest to him. They agree, and Bennet reveals that he called for the Haitian.

The Haitian, after a cool entrance, meets with Bennet and Matt. Bennet grabs the Haitian and slams him into a wall, telling the Haitian that he knows that he can speak. He demands to know who else knows about Claire - the Haitian claims that only he and Bennet know, but states that it will change. Bennet questions the Haitian's motives for not erasing Claire's mind. The Haitian states that there is someone in Claire's life who is trying to protect her, and outranks him.

As the Haitian and Bennet argue over Claire's fate, Matt reminds them that there is an angry man waiting at the Bennets' household. The Haitian believes that Bennet will soon be unable to keep Claire's ability away from the Company, and Bennet states that they need to keep this contained. Matt says that no-one will be safe, unless they get some answers for Ted.

Matt and Bennet return to the home, without the Haitian, and Bennet offers Ted his file. Matt tries convincing Ted that they can now leave, since they have what they want. Bennet warns Ted that the people he works for will kill him if they found out about his betrayal. The Haitian enters through the backdoor, and rescues Sandra and Claire from captivity. Bennet states to Ted that there is no cure for his powers. Suddenly, Thompson shoots Ted.

Losing control of his power, Ted starts exploding. Matt quickly escapes, although he tries convincing Bennet to leave the house as well. Bennet stays behind to try and give Ted a sedative. Matt exits the house, and tells Claire that her father is still inside. He returns into the building shortly afterwards, and gets Bennet out of the exploding building. A few moments later, the front doors fall off their hinges, and the radiation comes to an end - Claire leaves; injured, but healing. Matt and the Haitian look at the family.

Afterwards, Bennet, Thompson and Candice look over Matt's unconscious body in the medical facility. Thompson offers to let Matt become Bennet's next partner, as he can read minds.

Finally, Bennet and Claire arrive at the bridge, where the Haitian is waiting. Claire walks away, as the Haitian readies his gun. He shoots Bennet below his ribcage. Bennet falls to the ground in pain, and demands that the Haitian "go deep" and take everything related to Claire.

Graphic Novel:Family Man


Bennet talks to Thompson about Claire, saying that he does not remember any of the events that occured the day before. Thompson exits the facility, and talks to Matt, who is tied to a chair outside. Matt states that Bennet is not lying, and both Candice and Thompson leave Matt alone.

D.L. confronts Jessica when he finds a picture of Nathan on his pillow. He demands to know what her link with the politician is, but she claims that she is simply going to be a dealer at Linderman's casino. D.L. feigns ignorance, but clearly does not believe a word she is saying.

Nathan enters the kitchens of the Corinthian Casino, where he meets with the elusive Linderman. Linderman talks to Nathan about cookery and vegetables, then asks if Nathan is happy with his life. He says that he is not, and Linderman apologises. He then rants and raves about happiness, with brief mentions of pot pie, then claims that there are two choices in a man's life - a life of happiness and a life of meaning. Although Nathan wants both, Linderman states that this cannot be done. Nathan pulls a gun on Linderman, and the mobster offers the politician information. He tells Nathan that he knows about Nathan's ability, Peter's small problem, and even knows about his daughter. He then offers Nathan the chance to be in the White House within two years of fluke circumstances. Nathan lowers his gun.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 5

Linderman visits the Petrelli mansion while Nathan plays with his toys.


Nathan and Linderman stand in his archives talking about art, when Linderman states that when he dies, he wants to be remembered as a humanitarian - someone who wanted to heal the world. Nathan balks at this statement, questionning how he could know anything about healing. Linderman smiles, and heals a wiltering plant. He tells Nathan that he knows "a few things".

Matt slowly wakes up in his cell, when he hears Bennet's thoughts. Bennet warns Matt that they are waiting for the order to kill Matt and him, and that if he trusts him, he should bang on the pipe. He also thinks that it is lucky that it is a one way conversation, causing Matt to remark how he hates Bennet. Matt grabs his lunch tray, and bangs on the pipe. Bennet smirks.

Nathan examines a painting of Hiro, and tells Linderman that he knows that man. Linderman demands that Nathan tell Hiro to return the sword. They look through the archives, stopping at Isaac's painting of the explosion. Linderman explains that he once worked with an earlier generation of evolved humans who wanted to save the world, and then says that saving one person at a time grew tiresome. Nathan complains about Linderman's plan, saying that it will wipe out half of New York. Linderman says that half of New York is only .07% of the world's population. Nathan grows disgusted with Linderman's plot, when Linderman reveals a painting of Nathan in the White House. Nathan reminds him that Peter is the exploding man, but Linderman calmly replies that everybody has a role to play. Nathan leaves in disgust.

Bennet tells Matt that the banging has alerted the guards, and orders him to grab a rusted pipe. Matt manages to pull a pipe off the wall, and knocks out the guard. Bennet hears this, and smiles to himself.

D.L. witnesses Linderman's guards arrive at their house to collect Jessica. D.L. tells Jessica that they need to get Linderman out of their lives, and says that he is taking Micah because of it.

Bennet guides Matt into getting a Primatech jacket. He then tells him to use the pass to release Ted from his cell, which he does. The alarms go off, as Thompson realises that Matt has escaped.

Bennet continues relaying information to Matt, who tells Ted what to do. With Bennet's guidance, Ted releases an electromagnetic pulse, and wipes out the electricity in the prisons. Matt takes Ted to Bennet's cell. Bennet believes that it went better than expected, grabs his blazer, and leaves his cell.

Now at the Burnt Toast Diner, Matt, Ted and Bennet talk about their next plans, but not before Bennet can recommend a cherry pie. Bennet tells them about New York and the tracking system, and that they should destroy it. Matt asks if this is where Linderman is. Matt realises that Bennet is middle-management, and did not know about Linderman's involvement in the Company. They agree to go to New York.

Five Years Gone

The Haitian breaks into Isaac's apartment and seizes Hiro. Matt follows shortly afterwards, and revels in the fact that they have finally caught Hiro Nakamura. He decides to take the time traveller into the Department of Homeland Security himself, dragging him away.

As the Haitian sits in silence, blocking Hiro's ability, Matt explains Hiro's prison breaks, and the names of his parents. Hiro claims not to be a killer, and Matt reads Hiro's mind, searching for memories. Matt realises that Hiro has no memory of the past five years. He tries again, but finds nothing.

Matt continues punching Hiro, after receiving permission from Nathan, and continually reads his mind. Hiro asks why he wants to hurt other special people, when Matt gets a phone call. He exits the room with Hiro's sword, and tells the Haitian to watch over Hiro.

Future Hiro tells Bennet that he needs help breaking into Homeland Security, and wants three specific people; D.L. is mentioned as one of them.

Matt meets with Mohinder in Isaac's apartment, as Mohinder looks at the string web. Matt asks Mohinder why a terrorist would be interested in changing the past. Mohinder theorises that Hiro can fold time and space, allowing him to time travel. Matt refuses to believe this, when Mohinder finds a date on the string web - October 4, 2006, the day he received his father's ashes. Mohinder frantically explains that Peter saw a man that day who stopped time and delivered a message. As Mohinder leaves, Matt demands to know what the message was. Mohinder stops, and tells him, "save the cheerleader, save the world."

Afterwards, at Primatech Paper Co., Bennet meets with Matt after his failed attempt to capture Future Hiro. Bennet and Matt talk about their respective children, as Matt flaunts his knowledge of who Claire's father really is. Bennet tells Matt that she is getting married. Matt asks about Janice, and Bennet gives him a picture from Matt's son. Matt thanks him for everything he has done. Soon, Bennet sees his partner, Hana, killed, and Matt grabs Bennet, throwing him onto the table and aiming a gun in his face. Bennet demands to know what is going on, and Matt complains that he failed to capture the second Hiro, and needs to return to the President with something. He searches Bennet's mind for Claire's location, and finds it out. Bennet says a defeated "no", as Matt shows a maniac smile on his face. A gun shot is heard, and Bennet is killed.

Mohinder interrogates Hiro with the Haitian nearby, telling him information regarding the message, and the last issue of 9th Wonders!. Mohinder points out to Hiro that a certain part of the comic has not happened, as Sylar was never stabbed by Hiro. Mohinder realises that Hiro is trying to change history.

Matt walks in on Nathan talking to Mohinder in Isaac's apartment, when he tells the President that there are two Hiros. He requests permission to end the life of the present Hiro. Nathan refuses, and grants the permission to Mohinder instead. Matt then tells Nathan that he found Claire in Midland, Texas.

Matt prepares his last line of defence against Future Hiro and Peter, telling his officer that the Haitian is with them, so they are powerless.

Mohinder prepares a syringe with the Haitian's inspection, and moves closer to Hiro, who is now growing more and more frightened of the pair. Mohinder apologises, and stabs the Haitian, lethally injecting him with a fatal dosage. The Haitian dies.

Later, when Future Hiro, Peter and Ando meet with Mohinder and Hiro, Mohinder demands that Hiro returns to his own time. As Future Hiro offers to help Hiro out, Matt appears and shoots Future Hiro in the back twice. He is killed, and Peter closes the door to prevent further attack.

Matt phones Nathan, and tells him that the Haitian is down.

The Hard Part

Matt, Bennet and Ted stop off at a used car lot, and Matt decides to phone his wife. Bennet ends his call prematurely (before he even starts the call). Bennet reminds Matt that they are taking down the Walker tracking system to protect the ones they love. Matt agrees with him, and Ted hotwires the car. Bennet and Matt walk over.

D.L. immediately figures out that Linderman has taken Micah, and decides to blame Jessica, calling Micah her responsibility. He then vows to get Micah "[his] damn self", collecting his jacket, and storming out of the house.

At the Corinthian Casino, D.L. phases Jessica into the archives, and D.L. finds out that his relationship with Niki has been an experiment conducted by the mobster. D.L. discovers information about Nathan's campaign, and they go to New York.

Outside the Kirby Plaza building, Matt, Bennet and Ted walk onto the scene and meet with Claire and Peter. Matt acknowledges Peter, while Claire hugs Bennet. Suddenly, Peter's hands start to radiate, and Bennet tells Matt and Ted that Peter is absorbing Ted's ability. Matt orders Peter to stop.


Bennet and Matt look onwards as Peter struggles to control his ability. As Claire prepares to shoot him, Peter succeeds, and his nuclear hands cease to exist.

After Bennet talks with Claire, and Matt talks with Ted and Peter, they all meet up. Bennet tells the group that Claire is going to leave with Ted and Peter, much to Matt's concern. However, Bennet says that Claire has a destiny, and Matt accepts this. As they agree to go seperate ways, Sylar hears the entire conversation.

Nathan finds out that he is struggling with the polls, and Linderman laughs, saying that he never listens to polls. Linderman tries exciting Nathan by telling him that he will soon be in Congress, and Nathan states that New York will have to become a wasteland because of it. Linderman tells him that it cannot be changed, and says that Nathan's father would be proud, although Nathan has other ideas. Linderman reveals that Nathan's father was "one of us". Linderman then gives Nathan a gift - he cures Heidi's paralysis. He then leaves the Petrelli mansion.

As Nathan gets in his car after being shouted at by Hiro, D.L. watches onwards, and says that Nathan will never see him coming.

D.L. phases into Nathan's office and confronts him, alongside Jessica. D.L. never reveals his name to Nathan, and instead intimidates him, demanding to know where Linderman is so that they can find Micah. Although Nathan thinks that Linderman would never stoop that low, D.L. still manages to get the information he needs, and tells Nathan that Linderman will pay back in full for what he has done.

Matt and Bennet enter the Kirby Plaza building and Matt asks Bennet if there is another way of ending the tracking system - Bennet berates him for even thinking this, and says that he only brought Matt along because he can get to the elevators without making a ruckus. Matt makes a joke, and hears about Stanley. Walking over to him, Matt convinces Stanley that they met in a restaurant, and that he knows about Stanley's pornography. Matt and Bennet sneak in, when they stop at the elevator. Matt sees an angry D.L., who decides to search every single floor for Micah, and warns Bennet about them. Bennet convinces D.L. to use his ability to allow them to sneak past all the security doors.

Inside the elevator, D.L. and Bennet stand at the front without saying a word. Matt looks nervous.

Bennet and Matt reach their destination, and Matt wishes good luck to D.L.. They walk through the hallways, when Matt hears Thompson's thoughts. He pulls Bennet back, saving his life. Bennet leaves Matt, as the former police officer looks around for Thompson. He sneaks up on Matt, coming out with a one-liner, but Bennet says a better one-liner and ends Thompson's life. They walk towards the main door, and they use Thompson's keycard to sneak inside. They find a little girl, and Matt berates Bennet for even thinking of wanting to kill a little girl. Suddenly, Mohinder grabs a fire extinguisher and slams it over Matt's head, knocking him unconscious. Mohinder pulls a gun on Bennet, and Bennet aims his gun at the girl.

D.L. enters Linderman's office and surprises him. Demanding to know where Micah is, D.L. watches Linderman get thrown across the room. D.L. grabs Linderman and slams him against the wall, saying that having money does not make him better than he is. D.L. tells him that his destiny is to reveal Micah's location. Linderman, still remaining calm, states that Micah is on the 42nd floor. D.L. decides to remain with Linderman, when he tries bribery. It fails, and Linderman shoots D.L. as a result. However, D.L., clearly annoyed by this twist of fate, phases his hand into the back of Linderman's brain, ending the millionaire's life.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Matt wakes up, and recognises the little girl. He stands up, and ends the standoff between Mohinder and Bennet without using violence at any point. Matt rubs the back of his head in pain.

Mohinder and Bennet move Thompson's body into a biohazard container, while making small talk about Primatech and the Company. Mohinder realises that Bennet no longer works with the Company, and Bennet tells him that he is more concerned about protecting his daughter. Mohinder is called away by Matt, who says the little girl is in trouble.

Bennet urges Mohinder to convince the girl to use her ability in order to find Sylar. She finds Sylar on Reed Street, which Bennet recognises to be Isaac's loft. Mohinder finds this strange, and asks "Isaac Mendez? The painter?", while Matt has no idea who they are talking about. After calling Claire, Matt reloads his gun and prepares to fight with Sylar. Bennet warns him that they need Petrelli, and Matt says that they do not need Petrelli - he has a gun, he's a cop, and he will not be killed by some punk serial killer. Matt leaves.

Mohinder escapes the facility, when he notices a sleeping D.L. in the corridor. Mohinder decides to help him out, and uses his first aid skills to tend to D.L.'s gun shot wound. Mohinder realises that the elevators have been shut down.

Soon, they are joined by D.L.'s wife and son, and Mohinder hears the guards arriving. They manage to enter the elevator, and escape from the clutches of Linderman's guards.

D.L. and Mohinder retreat from the building, when Mohinder notices that Matt has been injured. He rushes over to help him out. Bennet, Mohinder, Matt and D.L. stick around in Kirby Plaza, when Hiro finally stabs Sylar. Suddenly, Nathan flies in, and stops Claire from shooting Peter. Nathan vows not to harm anybody at the Plaza - specifically Matt, D.L., Bennet and Mohinder. He grabs Peter, and drags him into the sky, where he explodes out of harm's way. The four wonder what has happened to Nathan.

Mohinder visits Matt as he is being carted away by the ambulances.

Four Months Later...

Matt returns back to Mohinder's apartment, and gets grief from the little girl, saying that she likes Mohinder's cooking. Matt betters Mohinder by getting a pizza.

Mohinder gives Bennet a call from Cairo, Egypt, and tells him that he is now involved with the Company. Bennet smiles, and says that they will finally be able to take the Company down from within.


Mohinder travels to Port-au-Prince, Haiti and enters a hut, where he finds the Haitian having a nap. Mohinder and the Haitian talk in French, and Mohinder explains that he is there to cure the virus. The Haitian says that he does not need curing (possibly because he is invincible), and says that Mohinder should leave. Mohinder claims that his blood will be able to cure any possible symptoms he might have, and give the Haitian the use of his ability. Mohinder then says that he is a godsend.

The Haitian is cured of his virus, and Mohinder tells him that he is glad the cure worked, as it means that the virus could become more widespread after time. Mohinder warns the Haitian that he will bring them into the Company that he works for. The Haitian immediately recognises that Mohinder works for the Company, and erases his memory.

Matt has a chat with Nathan in the police station about their meeting in Odessa, Texas. Nathan claims that his mother does not want to see him, and Matt apologises for Nathan's brother's fate. Suddenly, screaming is heard, and Nathan and Matt run to the rescue. Barging into another cell, Matt grabs ahold of a chair, and throws it through a window. They save Nathan's mother.

Mohinder catches Matt taking a nap. Matt is asleep in a chair, proving that chairs are more comfortable than beds.

Noah and the Haitian meet each other in Copy Kingdom.

Graphic Novel:The Crossroads


Matt hears a noise, and immediately pulls out his gun. He enters the kitchen, and aims it at Mohinder, ready to kill. Mohinder catches Matt, and persuades him to put the gun away. Matt tells Mohinder that it's dangerous for him to even be around, and then tells Mohinder that he is no James Bond. Mohinder laughs this off, and gets a hug from a little girl.

Mohinder gives Bennet another call, this time finding a picture of Bennet with a gun shot in his glasses. He takes a picture, and makes a witty comment about Bennet and his fate, while sending the picture to Bennet's laptop. Bennet looks at it, and realises what his future holds. He then hangs up on Mohinder, possibly offending him.

The Kindness of Strangers

Matt and Mohinder hear screaming, and attend to the little girl. Matt runs off to get a glass of water, and Mohinder follows him. They have a conversation, and Mohinder and Matt both insinuate that they are both less than intelligent to figure out a simple nightmare. Mohinder leaves Matt alone, and sings a lullaby. Matt watches onwards - he has forgotten the glass of water.

Nathan barges in, asking Matt why he is questionning Nathan's mother. Matt reveals to Nathan that he can read minds and knows that Nathan can fly. Nathan clocks on that Matt is reading his mind at that very second. Matt shows Nathan some drawings, and asks him about the symbol and the death threats. Matt also realises that every single character, their abilities, and the plot line are all connected. Nathan and Matt agree to work together.

Matt and Nathan chill out in Peter's apartment, as Nathan searches for a picture. Matt talks about his former wife and his son. Nathan does not care, and shows him the picture of the group of twelve. Matt worries, as his father is on the picture.

Matt tells Mohinder he needs to talk to him - they need to find Matt's father. Mohinder accepts this, and they work together, easily discovering that Matt's father is, in fact, the nightmare man.

Matt insists that they must find the nightmare man, and Mohinder says that it is out of the question. He claims that finding the man would be extremely dangerous, yet Matt states that he has to find out. They have an argument about their respective fathers.

Finally, they discover that Matt's father is in Philadelphia in an apartment building - room 9.

Fight or Flight

Matt and Mohinder watch over the little girl and Matt insists that they take her to a hospital - Mohinder lies and says that there is no hospital out there to care for the little girl's ills. Mohinder orders Matt to confront his father, and Matt leaves the apartment to question Nathan's mother.

Matt leaves the interrogation, and Nathan berates him for not doing his job properly. Matt tells Nathan that he is doing his job - he is going to Philadelphia, PA to hunt down his father. Nathan says that is going to go as well, and Matt tells Nathan that he can fly him there.

Outside the apartment, Matt and Nathan argue over ethics, and Matt reveals to Nathan part of his history. Nathan tells Matt to get out his gun, and then knocks on the door for Matt because he is too afraid. Matt bursts through the door, and his father points a shotgun at him. Nathan takes cover, and Matt assaults his father in a moment of confusion, disarming him immediately.

Nathan asks why Matt's father was armed, and he shows off a death threat. Matt releases his handcuffs and Maury starts explaining that he felt he was connected to the group of twelve. Nathan weilds the shotgun while listening to Maury's story, when Matt finds out that Maury can read minds. Maury offers to show Matt items, and Matt follows him into the back room - and into a nightmare. Nathan is quick to follow.

Mohinder calls Noah on his cell phone, while Noah and the Haitian chill out in Moscow, Russia. Mohinder tells Noah that he is taking the little girl into the Company for her own good. Noah tells Mohinder that he is wrong - Mohinder believes that he is right, and hangs up.

Nathan and Matt experience nightmares - one is on the rooftop, and the other is in a prison, respectively. Soon, they start fighting each other, just to see who is the better gladiator. Ultimately, Matt figures out that they are in a nightmare, and sends a thought into Nathan's head, blanking out Maury's influence and saving the day.

Now back in the apartment, Nathan and Matt quickly search the area, when Nathan finds the death threat for Bob. Nathan states that Bob does not have any more time left - they are coming for him.

Graphic Novel:Molly's Dream

The Line

Mohinder calls Noah once more, who is with the Haitian in Odessa, Ukraine. Mohinder explains that he does not want to spread the virus; Noah says that he has no choice in the matter, and realises that Mohinder has brought the little girl into the Company. Noah says that they have to do bad things.

Noah and the Haitian break into a home and find Ivan. Noah knocks him out, then calls him an "old friend".

Noah and the Haitian handcuff Ivan to a chair, and Noah demands to know about the series of eight. Ivan claims that the Haitian cannot get the information from him - the Haitian responds by stealing Ivan's memories of his wedding day. Noah gives Ivan a pop quiz about his wife, and receives no answers. Ivan offers Bennet and the Haitian protection from the Company; both decline the offer.

Noah and the Haitian continue interrogating Ivan, when Noah threatens to have the Haitian remove Ivan's memories of his deceased daughter. Finally, Ivan succumbs to the deadly duo's demands. Unfortunately for him, they do not care whether he lives or dies, and Noah shoots him in the head, killing him off.

They raid a warehouse where they find the series of eight, and they look at the paintings - two which stand out in Noah's mind are Mohinder firing a gun, and his own death.

Out of Time

Noah and the Haitian take photographs of the series of eight and Noah calls Mohinder, asking him if he has a gun. Noah tells Mohinder that he is going to forward the pictures, but Mohinder stops him, claiming that the Company is watching him in case he does anything out of line. Mohinder hangs up. Noah and the Haitian set fire to the paintings.

Matt and Nathan bust into the Company's facility, causing everybody to evacuate the area. Mohinder is shocked to see Matt there. Matt and Nathan warn Bob that he is going to die.

Matt, Nathan and Mohinder discuss what their plans should be. Matt and Mohinder realise that they have duties to accomplish - Matt must battle his father, and Mohinder must inject Matt's father with the virus.

D.L. escapes from sight when Mohinder arrives.

D.L. then convinces his wife that she should kill everybody in the Company. Niki starts by attacking Mohinder.

Four Months Ago...

Noah watches Nathan fly up into the atmosphere.

Cautionary Tales

Noah calls Mohinder and tells him to find West, and then thanks him for his help.

Mohinder phones Noah afterwards, and tells him that he has found West - he is at the corner of Verbena and Palm, which Noah knows is completely wrong. However, in order to respect Mohinder's attempt to trick Noah, he goes along with it and says that he will be there soon.

Noah arrives at the corner, and Mohinder jumps into his car, ordering him to hand over Claire so that he can take her blood. Noah calls Mohinder "native" and says that he will never get to his daughter. In response, Mohinder pulls out a gun and aims it at Noah's head, asking him to drive.

They stop at a high school and Noah asks who Mohinder's partner is. Seeing Elle appear, he simply stands around and waits, when Elle is taken down by West. Knowing that Elle would fail, Mohinder takes matters into his own hands and points the gun at Noah's head - he dodges the bullet and incapacitates Mohinder, then kicks him in the chest.

Noah and Mohinder stand at either side of a beach as Claire and Elle pass each other to return to their respective parties. Things go haywire, and Claire and West are defeated by Elle, causing Noah to shoot Elle in response. He prepares to kill Bob, when Mohinder steps in and shoots Noah in the eye, ending his life.

Truth and Consequences

Noah returns to life - since death cannot stop him - and sees Mohinder, who has revived him with his superior knowledge. Mohinder tells Noah that they took Claire's blood without his permission. Mohinder explains that he can save someone with Claire's blood, and Noah tells him that the Company made the virus. Mohinder does not care, and leaves the room while Noah is talking, slamming the door shut.


Nathan and Matt demand to know where the virus is stored, and Angela tells them that it is at Odessa, TX in Primatech Paper Co.. Nathan berates Angela during this, and they leave her alone while they deal with the real problem.

Nathan and Matt land outside Primatech Paper Co., ready to deliver unholy justice upon the building. Matt asks if Peter is strong enough to even match Matt's own strength, and Nathan says that he will take care of Peter. Matt tells Nathan about Angela's thoughts, and Nathan berates them, saying that his own ideas are better and more useful. Suddenly, a man shouts "Flying Man!", and Matt asks Nathan who he is.

Matt and Nathan confront Peter about his actions, saying that they are on the right side and he is not. Nathan convinces Peter that he should believe in MAN, and Peter runs off to save the world. Nathan and Matt quickly follow, and they stop the virus vial from shattering.

Matt looks at the items in the vault while Nathan decides that they need to expose the Company for what it is. Matt agrees to help Nathan with his press conference by forcing everybody to listen to Nathan.

Matt uses his telepathy to get everybody to listen to Nathan, and stands next to him during the conference. Nathan gives an amazing speech which wows audiences and is a sell-out, but he is suddenly shot by an unknown assassin. Matt wastes no time and looks out into the crowd, seeing a man walk away.

Graphic Novel:Special

Bennet and the Haitian abduct some kid in order to conduct tests on him. When the boy tries to escape from their clutches, the Haitian finds him again and wipes his mind clean. Bennet and the Haitian resume to their ordinary lives afterwards.

Graphic Novel:Elle's First Assignment, Part 2

Bennet and the Haitian, still a powerful combination, knock out Elle and confront Zach in his own home, demanding to know where the tape is. They then erase his memory. The Haitian also erases Elle's memory.

Graphic Novel:Blindsided

Graphic Novel:Different and the Same

Memorable Quotes

"Two million dollars makes me a candidate in your pocket. Four million makes me a congressman."

- Nathan (Hiros)

"Just you and I, but that will change."

- The Haitian (to Noah) (Company Man)

"The Haitian is down! The Haitian is down!"

- Future Matt (to Future Nathan) (Five Years Gone)


"Oh, for God's sake."


"Quiet down, you'll wake Molly."

"What are you doing home? I thought you were in Cairo."

"Haiti, actually. My plane got in a couple hours ago. I'll be working here in the city from now on."

"I thought you were in the field."

"They're setting me up in a place downtown, which means that I'll be around to help with Molly!"

"Which means you're gonna be doing your spy work in our own back yard. Great."

"Someone's grouchy when they don't get their sleep."

"Molly's struggling. Nightmares. Problems at school. I can't babysit her and you at the same time!"

"And why would I need babysitting?"

"You're in over your head."

"Thank you. But, I am sure-"

"They abducted me! Kept me prisoner! I know you think you can beat them at their own game, but... Mohinder, no offense - you're a professor, you're not 007!"

"I told myself to do whatever it took to take down the Company - that's how I can help Molly!"

"You wanna help Molly? Don't die on her."

- Matt, Mohinder (Kindred)

"What the hell is going on?"

- Mohinder (Fight or Flight)

"Have they given you a gun?"

"What are you talking about?"

"... A gun."

- Noah, Mohinder (Out of Time)

"You lie to me! Betray me! You come after my daughter! How did you think it was gonna end?"

- Noah (to Mohinder) (Cautionary Tales)

"Get back here you son of a bitch!"

- Noah (to Mohinder) (Truth & Consequences)


  • The current statuses of the seven most powerful characters are;
    • Noah Bennet: Alive. In league with the Haitian, as they toured the world once. In league with Mohinder, as they work together in the Company.
    • The Haitian: Alive. In league with Bennet, as they toured the world once.
    • D.L. Hawkins: Deceased. Did not die when skanky guy shot him, instead killed by unknown means. Possibly in 1671, stalking Adam Monroe; would make D.L. over 400 years old.
    • Daniel Linderman: Deceased. Killed by D.L. Hawkins, proving that only powerful evolved humans can kill other powerful evolved humans.
    • Matt Parkman: Alive. In league with Mohinder, as they protect the little girl. In league with Nathan, as they save the world.
    • Nathan Petrelli: Alive. In league with Matt, as they save the world.
    • Mohinder Suresh: Alive. In league with Bennet, as they work together in the Company. In league with Matt, as they protect the little girl.

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