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Kaito Nakamura/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Kaito Nakamura during Season Three.

For more about Kaito Nakamura, see the main article.

For Kaito Nakamura's Season One history, see here.

For Kaito Nakamura's Season Two history, see here.

Character History

The Second Coming

A video message from Kaito is delivered to his office for Hiro. Hiro and Ando watch the video, which features Kaito addressing Hiro regarding a valuable secret stored in Kaito's safe, which Hiro must never open. Hiro opens the safe and finds part of a formula, accompanied by another video of Kaito. He warns his son to keep the formula safe.

It's Coming

Both Arthur and Angela mention Kaito knows who the catalyst is, and he was the only one.

The Eclipse, Part 2

While looking through a 9th Wonders! comic Hiro flips past a depiction of Kaito's murder scene. Later Hiro asks why he should bother being a hero if Kaito is dead. While looking through a different 9th Wonders! comic Frack finds a panel that shows Kaito giving baby Claire to Noah, they realize that Hiro needs to take Claire to that moment to change things. Claire and Hiro travel to the past. They see Kaito giving a baby Claire to Noah, ordering him to take care of her and not to get too close. A young Hiro sits in the background playing, oblivious to what is going on in front of him.

Our Father

Hiro and Claire watch from the greenhouse on the Deveaux rooftop as Kaito entrusts baby Claire to Noah Bennet. He warns Noah not to get too close, then calls the ten-year-old Hiro to follow him to see his mother. Kaito and his wife Ishi have a conversation (in English so the young Hiro cannot understand them). Ishi tells him she thinks she will die that night. She wants to transfer the catalyst to Hiro to keep it in the family, but Kaito dismisses the idea saying Hiro cannot be trusted with such an important burden. Kaito later catches older Hiro in the hallway, and mistaking him for the new chef, sends him to the kitchen to prepare his wife's breakfast.

Graphic Novel:Truths

As Arthur reflects on his life, a photo of the Company founders shows up and Kaito is in that photo. Later, Angela says that Arthur is acting like Nakamura because he is doubting his weak child as Kaito doubted his.


Sixteen years in the past, Kaito discovers Hiro opening his safe. Believing that Hiro is a spy and a thief, Kaito demands to know who he really is. Kaito draws a katana and slashes repeatedly at his son. Hiro tries to defend himself with a large breadstick without appreciable success. Hiro tells Kaito he must destroy the formula but Kaito insists he is the guardian. He tries to kill Hiro, who tears the formula in half before he is rescued by Daphne and Ando at the last moment due to Ando supercharging Daphne with his new power, allowing her travel through time. Kaito assembles the two torn pieces of the formula.

A Clear and Present Danger

Hiro mentions that the password to his computer is the name of someone important to him. Later, Ando enters "Kaito" as one of the passwords in an unsuccessful attempt to access his computer.

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