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Kaito Nakamura/Season One

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This article archives the history of Kaito Nakamura during Season One.

For more about Kaito Nakamura, see the main article.

For Kaito Nakamura's Season Two history, see here.

For Kaito Nakamura's Season Three history, see here.

Character History

The Fix

After abducting Hiro and Ando, Kaito's assistant opens the door of a sedan and Kaito steps out.


Kaito is adamant that Hiro should return home and work within the family business. He says he will make Hiro executive vice president, and then rips up the painting of Hiro and the dinosaur to show what he thinks of Hiro's own plans. Kaito finally and unwillingly relents after he is convinced that Hiro's sister is much more suited to take over after him.

Company Man

In 1992, Kaito meets with Thompson, Claude Rains, and Mr. Bennet on the rooftop of the Deveaux Building. Seemingly the superior of the three men in the Company, Kaito, cradling an infant, orders Bennet to raise the child as his own. Despite Bennet's wariness of taking the girl, Kaito insists, saying that when she manifests an ability, they will take her. Kaito then leaves with his son, Hiro, who is too young and too interested in his Game Boy to be aware of the importance of the events that just took place.


When Hiro and Ando visit Mr. Claremont's shop to get the sword fixed, Kaito appears. He tells Hiro that he did not return to Japan and instead stayed behind to observe Hiro. He reveals knowledge of Hiro's power and quest to save the world, as well as hinting that he too was once part of a group that worked for that same goal. Believing Hiro to be ready, he teaches Hiro swordfighting skills. While instructing Hiro, Kaito recounts to him how he, Kaito, used to tell Hiro the story of Takezo Kensei and the dragon, further strengthening his son's resolve. Later he praises Hiro for learning quickly. When Hiro realizes Ando has left by himself to kill Sylar, Kaito tells him that Ando will die.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

As Hiro and Kaito run out of Jittetsu Arms, Kaito urges Hiro to forget his friend and continue his mission. Hiro replies he can't and Kaito tells him that he would have already lost. Hiro tells his father that his whole life he has looked down on him with disappointment, but he proclaims that he will not abandon his friend. Kaito tells Hiro not to forget his legacy and gives him his sword; Hiro bows and teleports away.

Graphic Novel:Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 1

After Ando is teleported to Yamagato, Kaito informs him that his position has been filled and that he can take Hiro's old post. When Ando asks about Hiro's return, Kaito says that there is no need to cross a bridge before needed.

Graphic Novel:Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 2

Kaito, brandishing a sword, frightens off Fumio Fukazawa and his biker gang. However, Kaito is impressed with Ando for protecting Kimiko, and wishes that he enjoy his "moment in the sun".

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